The Adventures Of White Buffalo Calf Woman


On August 18, 2004, three prophetesses of God, a minister and a small group of the faithful assembled in South Africa, not through chance, but by design of The Most High God, Jehovah and His Precious Son, Jesus! Those in attendance were brought together for a very special event, but this special event was far beyond the conscious awareness of all, who were present.

For several weeks, prior to my arrival, over sixty members of the Christian clergy, including various so-called prophets, had paid numerous visits to a certain morgue in South Africa, to pray over the body of a dead man, who was named, Paul Mentjkes, Mentkjes meaning ďMy ChildĒ in Afrikaans, which is a Dutch language! Some apparently believed that this man would be raised from the dead, but many mocked this very event, which often made local news in the papers across South Africa and even appeared on other kinds of media. So, this continued trekking of so many to raise a dead man, would be a constant source of derision among many people for many weeks as this dead man lay in the morgue waiting to be buried, but his family was not wanting to bury him as they were waiting for him to be raised from the dead! But, when I arrived in South Africa, I would know nothing of this continued parade to raise this man from the dead and the first that I would know about it would come after I was there for about five days.

It was, in fact, on the night of my fourth day in South Africa, that a prophetess, whose name was Susan, would come by the farm, where I was staying, rather late at night as well, to pick up the finances to make the rather lengthy trip. Dirk Van Vuuren, the owner of this farm and the minister of a church, which was on his farm, would ask me to stay up so that we could all pray for Susan and those with her, as this would be a long trip, and our Father in Heaven had spoken to Susan and had told her to go and pray over the body of this dead man. She admitted that she did not know if the man would be raised from the dead, but she was obedient in doing as she was told to do.

Susan and her small entourage arrived at the morgue the next morning at around 6:00 and from what I understand the mortician was not too pleased to have one more individual show up to raise this man from the dead, but he did allow her in to pray for him after a short wait. It was during this time that she called Dirk at the farm and he relayed the message to all of us that she was there. I was excited about what was happening and did not have a clue as to why, but I felt the Spirit of God moving in this whole thing. Our Father in Heaven spoke to me and told me that we must assemble in the small church, and as she was praying over this man and blowing over him, that we must also blow in the direction of this dead man, not once as a group, but three times. I did not know if this man would be raised from the dead, either, and I did not see anything like this in the Spirit.

But, what I saw in the Spirit was a Spirit descend upon this man and then it rose up and sat on the side of the table with the dead man. This radiant spirit of light took on the shape of a man and shortly after this, I saw a stone rolled away from a tomb, like the tomb in which our Saviour had been buried. After these vision of the spirit descending upon the body, I saw in another vision that this spirit was bound up in rings of steel or iron and I knew that it had to be released from its bondages. I prayed for this release and in the Spirit, saw that these were broken and released.

At around the same time that I saw the stone rolled away from the tomb, I knew that the dead in the House of Israel were about to be resurrected spiritually as well. It was during this prayer that I saw a great giant, who was dressed in white, whom I believe to be our Saviour and he had in his hands, a newborn babe and He was carrying this Babe across a river in only one step. Our Father said to mark this day as the awakening and resurrection of the House of Israel, but also from the vision of the baby, the birth of a baby, which we would later understand to be the birthing of His Kingdom on the Earth! All of this understanding would not come to us at first, but only as we were obedient to our Lord and God did the pieces of the puzzle come together.

It was very strange indeed, that I would later find out that a young prophet, the brother of the third female prophetess, would see this same thing regarding the stone being rolled away from the tomb, near the same time that I saw it. I believe that he told me that he was out travelling on the road at that time, as he was a trucker. But, this confirmation of the stone, which was rolled away from the tomb, did not come to me until a few months after all that took place on the morning of August 18, 2004. So, we were seeing on that day, both a birth and a rebirth! It is strange how we only got the full effect of what took place in bits and pieces as we were all going on faith and obedience not really knowing exactly to expect until it happened.

It was at some point that some came to understand that this was Revelation Chapter 12, and most thought that Susan was the Mother of Revelation 12. I did not know and did not really even care as I was only interested in doing what my Father told me to do from day to day; and I had been through so much trauma that I only wanted to live for my Father and do as He said; and this was all. I saw a most beautiful vision shortly after I got to Dirkís farm and in this vision, Susan and I were linked at the shoulders by two gold rings and we were supposed to do a very special work for our Father.

Almost immediately, Dirk understood that there had been this spiritual birth/rebirth and being very familiar with the Scriptures, He told us that we must go on a eight day cleansing period, but on the seventh day, a very beautiful and spiritual man on this farm had visions, which showed us that people had unrepentant sin and that if this sin was not dealt with, it would taint the anointings, which our Saviour had for this whole group. So, on the eighth day, we all fasted, even the animals and every person on that farm, even the little children, came in for confession, prayer, healing and deliverance, when and if it was warranted. I was the only one at that time, who could see in the Spirit and who could do this great amount of work. When night came I was still there seeing people as they were lined up outside of the church, waiting their turn. By the next morning, most all had been seen except for one or two; and we all felt very glad for what we had worked together so very hard to do.

This work brought a spiritual unity to this group and our Saviour was very pleased in these efforts. He appeared to me so many times and told me of the beautiful work that He had for this Daughter of Zion group, but that He demanded obedience and cleanliness. He showed me this group as a beautiful diamond in His hands and day by day, I could see more and more that He was cutting off this diamond until there was a little left at the top to cut off and then the cutting and cleansing of this diamond would be complete. But, He also warned them that if they would not obey Him and that if they continue to backbite, gossip, drink alcohol, smoke, lie, etc, that He stop this work and that He would scatter them until few were left. But, this latter part, they seemed to miss and these very things would bring an end to these works!

I am sorry to say that Susan never appeared during this great cleansing, which was going on and she never helped out with it. She would however come to church on the Sabbath and reveal what our Father in Heaven had shown her during the week, but I did not understand a word of it, as she always spoke in Afrikaans. Most people in South Africa understand English very well and most all speak it very well also, so I was feeling shunned and left out of what was taking place, but this did not seem to bother others, so I just went on and did as I was told to do my Father.

However, I must say that over the 45 days that I was on the farm, I spent very little time with Susan, as she was just not to be found. And, this very thing would later create great controversy in this birthing that she had initially been a very important part of. Later on, our Father would tell me in a prophetic message one morning that He was taking Susanís calling as a prophetess. Oh, how I dreaded to tell Dirk Van Vuuren and the others what He had said, but I had to, as Susan continued to reject work for which she was greatly needed at this church.

I needed someone to help me with the great influx of people, who were coming from all over South Africa, so I asked Madelene, the young prophetess if she would sit in with me when these came, and pray with me over them. But, she could not see in the Spirit and did not readily get many sudden prophetic words, but on occasion she did and I was always so glad to see our Father working in her life. But, she had only begun to hear our Father speaking to her about three months earlier, so she was truly a baby prophetess.

The seven days of cleansing went and the eighth day, the day of circumcision, in which the sins were to be cut off the people, passed, and this period of cleansing was extended to a total of 40 days. And, this cleansing extended to all, who came there, to receive prophecies, deliverance or healings.

This was very hard and draining work and I was often scheduled more people than I could comfortably see, and so by night I was really tired and ready for some rest, but there was really little rest as even on the Sabbaths, there were also many, who wanted to be seen. Yet, there was no Susan, as she just seemed to disappear from all of this enormous work. Madelene was faithful, but as I said, was unable to see in the Spirit and could not see demons or things, which needed to be broken off the people, who came in for help.

The government antigravity machines, which had surrounded this house in Arkansas every day and night for well over a year had followed me to South Africa and we all gathered outside at night to watch them. At first, there was only one ďsaucerĒ but then two, and as time went on, there were as many as eight in just one part of the sky. There were many trees so it was impossible to determine exactly how many government antigravity machines there were in the sky from night to night, but one thing was sure. As time went on, there were more and more of them.

From what you have read previously in these writings, you know that I have often spoke of the abductions, waking up with needle marks on me, even in my head and my husband once had four very large needle marks at the top of his spine. So, I was not surprised in the least that these evil ones followed me, but I was often so concerned about what they would do to those in this group. And, my deepest concerns would come true, as I would hear about needle marks, first on this one and then on that one on the farm. I saw two needle marks on one of the translators with my very own eyes and I knew that they had taken him.

My Dear Ones, this is the worst kind of evil, kidnapping others against their will, drugging them and mind controlling them. And, these evil ones in this very government, the Nazi leftovers, the high-level Satanists, are doing this worldwide; and who can stand up to them and do a thing, except our Father in Heaven?

This work was really escalating as so many people came to be a part of it and many were now making plans to move onto this manís farm and I was glad to see this great outpouring of the Spirit of God! Our Father in Heaven made it clear to me as days went by that this very event in South Africa marked the birthing of His Kingdom on the Earth. This was the little baby that I saw in the arms of our Saviour. One morning in prayer, our Saviour came to me and gave me ten rows of spiritual gold keys and told me that these keys were for the establishment of His Kingdom on Earth. When others would come, I would often see one or more of these keys, suddenly move from the rows of keys around me waist and appear on the personís waist.

Some were also coming there to raise money to buy land so that our Fatherís people would have a place of refuge a place for the actual beginning of our Saviourís Kingdom for the faithful. The word was getting out quickly about what was happening in that small group and the Satanists and those in various governments, including the US government, the British government and the South African government were determined to stop this event!

A South African spy had been in this group and sat each Sabbath on the front row, taking it all in; and our Father in Heaven showed me this man in a dream and had made me see that he was a spy. He also showed me that He would send two destroying angels to take this man to the pits of hell one day; and from the dream, I saw that his death would appear in the papers.

I knew that this man was there to destroy these works and I was so very angry with him. I told Dirk and his wife about this man and I also told our Father that if His Spirit moved on me to do so when I spoke that Sabbath in the church, that I would confront this man; and the next Sabbath, this man turned to look at me as I walked into the church; and I felt the promptings of the Spirit of God. I knew that fur would fly that day and in front of the whole church, I confronted this man about the evil that he was doing, that he was a communist spy, etc. Dirk would throw him out of the church, but within days, this manís couriers would be back, either with deals or threats for Dirk Van Vuuren, or both, but things would rapidly change on the farm within one week. And, within one week of my confronting this man, Dirk, His wife and a few others, had had enough of our Fatherís work and had had enough of me! I never saw such a radical change in a group of people!

Dirk Van Vuuren changed as fast as a bolt of lightening, even though, He told me to my face about three days before I left that he could find nothing wrong with my work and had told others the same thing! But, suddenly there was hell to pay on this farm. One woman sent a dream about a plane exploding over the farm and turning into a bus, which landed on the farm, and this bus had South African colors on it. Another man dreamed of a box with blue hammers in it, like those, which are used by the judges in South Africa; and these blue hammers were taken from the box and given to various people. These things did come to pass as the South African Government did hit this farm with a bang and within days, some, who were just spiritual babies were telling me that they were going to judge these works and judge they all did!

As I look back on all that happened, I can see how Satan came in and so artfully destroyed what our Father had for South Africa, but it would not have been so if they had done as our Father in Heaven asked. Still, one must ask what kind of deal did Dirk cut with the South African Government to profit, or to save his own hide? It is quite obvious that there was a deal! It is rumoured that he suddenly wound up with three homeless shelter, when he complained of not having enough money to buy food for the people on the farm!

Yes, Dirk Van Vuuren, his wife, and others would rise up in revolt against these works and Dirkís wife would accuse me openly of stealing her husband! This, she did in the church in the last prayer session that I ever attended there. Now, this is really laughable as they both slept together at night and I seldom spent time alone with this man. I stayed busy most of the time, and when I was not busy, I was exhausted. But, when I confronted her about it, she changed her tune and said the he was a changed man and that I had done it to him. Obviously, she was indicating that he was changed in a way that she did not like! The venom that came out of that woman that morning was unreal and there were others, who lashed out at me at the same time! I looked around at them all and I remembered things that I had told them all when they came confess their sins and to repent! One of the boldest accusers that morning was a man, whom I had counselled against pride! Another one also had some gross sins, which he was really struggling with!

Before the day was over, I was hearing bold-faced lies, which were being directed at me from certain ones on that farm! I mean, absolute lies! So, there was now unbelievable backbiting, judging the spreading of vicious lies! All that our Saviour had warned them to repent of, came back in full force; and on the 40th day after the cleansing began, I left this manís farm and his church. All of the work to help these people become the diamond in our Saviourís hand was for naught! Word later came to me that the very night that I left this manís farm, they all gathered and pitched a big drunk and one man, one of the big judges of me, was knee-walking drunk!

There is more to this story, and I will be expounding on these things later in the book, which I am writing, but what is important to know is that Satan got into this group, stirred it up, divided it and separated it. I left this group as they became foul and venomous, but now I know that they did not do this all by themselves. Many of them were taken night after night and they were mind controlled and this was later verified by a young prophet, who fled with me along with his wife and son.

He remembered what was done to him and he remembered seeing those from this farm, from this church, up in the saucer and they were hooked to devices, which were monitoring their minds and hearts. A very excellent seer and visionary, he lost his prophetic dreams after this and seldom had visions after they took him.

I know now that this is because they probably implanted tiny chips all around his eyes and at other locations so that they would disturb his REM sleep (dream sleep). They rammed a screw of spirit in his heart and caused him great pain; and from this one abduction, He lost the Spirit of God. On his head, were concentric, black rings of energy, from where they had mind controlled him. This young man was in a terrible state and if our Father in Heaven had not shown me what they had done to him, he would most likely still be in a mess today. But, our Father in Heaven did show me; and the Spirit of God backed this screw out of his heart, and a finger of light went into this hole in his heart and healed him immediately. The sore place on his back, where they had rammed this spiritual screw in his back, was healed; and our Saviour came and ministered to him that day. He was once more filled with the Spirit of God and was made whole by this very Spirit, but this event would change this man! Those of us in that prayer group that day were all amazed and deeply humbled by what we saw and heard!

Now, Dear Ones, since that time, I have become all the more aware of the kinds of things that these other worldly creatures and those in this very government are doing to enslave people, to destroy the prophets, the seers and the light bearers, and to stop the coming of the Kingdom of our Saviour. These evil ones have gone after those, who have helped with these works; and they have caused many of them to turn on me and these works. I have been able to reach some of them through prayer and to remove some of the mind control, but when the heart is not right, these evil ones can go back and put in on again, and it will stick.

Dirk Van Vuuren and his group turned against me and this work with unbelievable venom. He ordered me to leave South Africa and then devised a scheme to defraud me of a camper, which I bought from Madeleneís husband. I would give this camper back to Dirk, knowing well that this was fraud and that he was stealing it, but I let it go as I no longer wanted any dealings with them. Unfortunately, Madeleneís husband, who sold me the camper and received my money for it, would die a terrible death on Dirkís farm only a few weeks after they took this camper! I left money in Dirkís office, but he refused to give any of it back, claiming that I did not have any there.

In spite of the fact that Dirk had told me about three days before I left the farm that he could find no fault with my work, he now saw huge numbers of faults. In fact, he conjured up faults, printed bold-faced lies, and spread vicious rumors about me to the whole world! He joined forces with my estranged husband, Dennis, to make the whole world believe that I was insane! This was a great Satanic ploy to discredit me, as the Bushes and their evil Satanic counterparts, who had raped and sodomized me on the morning of May 23, 2004, wanted me discredited and out of the way.

Oh, they had lots of reasons to make me out as insane and they elevated their fight to the hilt! Where there was no fault, Dirk Van Vuuren manufactured bold-faced lies and he scattered them far and wide. He took over a copy of website in South Africa and smeared my name on it, calling me a false prophetess. When I told him to take it down, he refused, thereby stealing copyrited material and slandering my name all over the world! I had to threaten him with a $20,000,000 libel and slander lawsuit and with theft of property before he would take it down! I still may sue this man for what he has done to me and to these works, as he has done many criminal things!

He called certain prophetic messages lies, which he could not have even fully understood, as I did not; and there is no way to understand these prophecies unless the Spirit of God gives the interpretation. Many of them are in symbols and cannot be seen as black and white! What appears to be a certain translation of a prophetic word from our Father in Heaven may be absolutely incorrect and I have shown that this is true over the years in these conversations with my Father and Saviour.

Yet, Dirk Van Vuuren and his people suddenly fully understood all of these prophetic works, and they worked feverishly to smear these works. Dirk Van Vuuren then contacted my known enemies in the states, those who had been involved in Satanism in America; and together they all worked very hard to smear and destroy these works. Dirk Van Vuuren said that there would never be another person in South Africa, who would follow these works and that he would make sure of that.

My Father gave me a dream and in this dream, He showed me that Dirk and two other men had not only been mind controlled to do what they did, but had been paid also. Rumors began to float in that Dirk Van Vuuren had suddenly wound up with three homeless shelters and we can only imagine how he came by them, if in fact he did, when he had trouble paying for food, or so he claimed!

Dirk would convince Madelene Strampe that she was the Mother of Revelation 12 and she would go back to the farm and to his church to be this mother. Madelene would write me a letter telling me such bold-faced lies, among them that she had been a prophetess of God for sixteen years! Yet, she had written me only about three months prior with messages that she was receiving in the Spirit, wondering if our Father in Heaven were speaking to her, or who it was! I told her then that these messages were definitely coming from our Father in Heaven.

My husband Dennis would shut me out of the website at, telling all, who would listen that I am insane, and he refused to give me the password for this website, so I could not post on it for seven months. It was not until I came back to the States that I would find a way to get the prophecy site back that I worked so hard to publish on for the last seven years.

All the while, Dennis was living the high life and spending plenty of time with his ex-wife, with whom he has been involved in an adulterous relationship with for many months now. In addition to this, he spends his time in the roads cultivating his other life in Little Rock as she has been living in Missouri. Dennis would waste no time in sending me quickie divorce papers from Guam demanding everything that we had ever acquired since our marriage and this also meant the prophecies and the website. When this did not work, he went out and bought the best divorce lawyer that his money could buy, spending $5,000.00 just for a retainer. He shut off my only potential source of income from any of you for this period as he plied all of you, who would listen, with his lies.

A precious family in South Africa took me, the young prophet, his wife and child in and were very good to us. I will always be grateful for this family, whom our Father in Heaven loves very much. They, too have had their own problems, but with the help of our Lord and God have made it through their own tests and trials and have really grown spiritually. They all watched as well as the saucers hovered over their house night after night, often landing on the roof; and most if not all of them were also abducted. But, with the help of our Lord and God, they have come out of it all, and they are much stronger spiritually now because of all that they have been through.

A most interesting thing about this family and a friend of theirs is that they had been preparing for and awaiting Revelation 12 for over 20 years. During this time, many prophetic words had come forth to them as a group, indicating that they would have a very important part in Revelation 12; and they did, and do!

From South Africa, my friend, Antonietta and I would go to Sweden and the great harassment would continue there. Night after night there were many saucers in the sky and the streets were full of intelligence agents, US, English and Swedish. I was sent to give a prophecy to the King of Sweden, a beautiful prophecy of love, protection and provision of our Father in Heaven, but he rejected it.

Instead, he and the Bushes and Queen decided to put a voodoo worker across from our apartment in Stockholm, where we were staying with a dear elderly man, named Erik, and this voodoo man would send his voodoo spirits and curses upon us and he even appeared as a cat in my room. But, I do not believe that this voodoo manís spirit made it back to his body, and that they had to literally remove his half naked body from the window the next day! And, I believe that this is why they set fire to the apartment building in which we were staying in Stockholm. We fled the fire in the darkness and snow, but our Father also kept us from the killers that they put in the streets. Antonietta had such a good eye in spotting the government stalkers and killers!

And, this is another long story, but you have read enough of it by now to know something of the persecution in Sweden. Antoinetta and I applied for asylum in Sweden, but were immediately denied and I went back to South Africa, while they made her go back to Ethiopia, as this is her country of birth. From there, Antonietta went to England, where I suppose she is today.

They took Antoinetta many times in the saucers and I prayed for our Father in Heaven to remove much from Antoinetta! I saw the black, concentric rings of mind control on her head and I prayed for her release and healing. This would seem to work for a time and then I would see strange behavior from her. What disturbed me the most about Antonietta was her lying; and our Father warned her that He would separate her out of these works if she did not repent and walk a very straight way.

I am not angry with Antoinetta as I know that she was married to an alcoholic for 23 years, only separated from him just before we went to Sweden, and I know that she has developed some ways of behaving, which are not right. There are very excellent support groups for families of alcoholics and they really do help family members to shed negative ways of behaving, which they have learned because of an alcoholic or drug addicted spouse. But, even so, Antonietta went her own way and once she got in England, I only heard from her two or three times.

So, Antoinetta was separated out, along with so many others but they were all warned in advance of the Holy Work that our Father had for them and that if they would not repent and walk the Straight Way, that He would send the dividing sword and would separate them out and scatter them!

Every time that our Father in Heaven told me that He was about to send His dividing sword if a certain thing did not change, He did, in fact send His dividing sword and by now, I have seen it fall over and over!

I came back to the States with nowhere to stay, so I had to come back to this land to stay and unfortunately Dennis was staying here. I did not stay in the house, but the motorhome, yet still I had to get in and out of the house to get water and to take a bath, so it was inevitable that I would have run-ins with Dennis. I did not know this man when I got back. He was so quick to tell the biggest lies, to any and all, who would listen. The house was full of demons and two tall ones were going in and out of the house. He had stack of violent movies and stacks of New Age books. I had such sorrow in my soul about so many things, and I had to deal with his arrogance from day to day. I had only a little money and had to scrape together what I could to get a lawyer to fight Dennis as he was determined to get everything that we had ever acquired, even the website and the prophecy books. My friends and family in South Africa had helped me to get a start and a few of you filled in the gap so that I could get a lawyer and move to get these works back from Him.

This has been a very brief part of what happened in South Africa, in Sweden, and now in the USA! I would have never believed that I would go through so much persecution and hate, but it has all been for a far greater reason than you and I can now understand! It is Revelation Chapter 12 and the Coming of the Kingdom of our Saviour and I, for one, am the most grateful woman in the whole world, that He chose me as the one to carry the keys to the coming of His Kingdom.

But, my Dear Ones, it has been a very difficult and painful journey, one bathed in many tears and great sorrows. It is a great shame that the people of South Africa, who were given such a great and beautiful gift, threw it all away and trampled it into the ground. I am sorry for them, as they have believed the lies of Dirk Van Vuuren and his satanic, government allies and those, who were also mind controlled to do and believe as they did. I do hope that they wake up to the truth of what they have done and repent and make amends to our Lord and God!

Many people shun me and these works! They are afraid to be associated with me because of what has happened to many, who follow these works. But, is this not written in Revelation 12, that the advent of Revelation 12 will make Satan very angry with the woman! Then, He will come after her seed, the righteous ones? Is this not the word; and am I not living the truth of this word?

Being the Woman of Revelation 12 is not important to me. I have not sought this and could never come up with such a thing in my wildest of imaginings. In fact, I cannot imagine any woman, who would really go out and apply for this job. But, this is work that my Lord and God has chosen for me, not the reverse.

Many will never believe that Revelation 12 has already happened, but this does not bother me either, as I am not trying to convince any of you. It really makes no difference to me who believes, or even knows. But, I can assure you that our Saviour knows! Our Father in Heaven knows. Satan surely knows and the rest of the world will find out if it is meant to.

This has been my own trail of tears, heartache and sorrow, but this birthing could have only come about through great travail. There could have been no other way, and so from day to day, I just wait upon my Saviour and grow closer and closer to Him, thankful, ever so thankful, that He has chosen me, a nobody in this dark world, to carry the keys to His Kingdom, if for only a very short while.

The Kingdom of God is in our midst!

Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

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