From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. See the angel Kikiara before you. Accept the shawl, bearing My stripes; for you have begged to be healed of infirmities and you shall be. You have been told ten days for the gallbladder to be healed. Test this; hold Me to My word; for My word is truth. Continue with the fast; I honor your fasts before Me. Neither look to the rear nor sides, but straight ahead; keep your attention on Me.

Many impurities are being released in your system at once. Type as you can and I will bring you back to the Mountain when you have more energy and are more focused. Neither I nor My angels have deserted you; for, I am always with you.

The gallbladder has been feeding poisons into your system for months, and your liver has become overloaded with toxins. The milk thistle three times a day will help, also take 1000 mg of vitamin C once a day, along with colon cleanse in the AM. Within five days of the beginning of this fast, you will be able to feel a great difference as the sluggishness starts to move on. I am with you, Child. I hear your prayers and have not deserted you. Reach out and take the nectar brought you on the tray by the angel; for, it will strengthen you."

"My Lord, I have taken the nectar from the tray and consumed the whole glass. My heart is full of deep gratitude toward you. Please hear and answer my prayer requests."

"Child, you shall receive answers for all requests. For some requests the door is open. For others the door is closed."

"For which is the door closed?"

"For the monetary request, the door is closed for now, see. But, the door can be opened through prayer and fasting of those involved."

"My Lord, we humbly give our prayers and fasts."

"Child, you are up against Satan, himself."

"But, My Lord, remember the hearts of the sincere. Shall we not take power over him and be victorious? I lay this before you, My Lord. We need financial miracles and so do many of your children."

"Child, you shall see financial miracles, but perhaps not as you think."

"Then, how, My Lord?"

"See the book, printed and rolling off the press."

"Yes, My Lord, but how and when?"

"Soon, Child."

"My Lord, what of a move?"

"Look toward another land."

"How shall this be? We know no one."

"But, you shall."

"Thank you for all, My Lord."

"Child, go in me. For, I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


In a prayer on the 6th of November, Jesus told me that I would be healed of the terrible gallbladder problem within ten days. Above, he is recalling to my mind what he said previously.

The gallbladder problem was healed within the timeframe given of God. The financial door was closed on the matter prayed about and the first book of prophecies was published in March 1998.

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