From the Mountain, Book II





"Precious Child, behold the vision of beauty from atop My Mountain, most high and pure. Come and sit in the chair of love and honor toward Me and know the depths of truth, wisdom, and knowledge. Remember, Child, accept and receive My miracles, for you and your brother shall know many; and, so shall all, who humble themselves likewise. Stand in the beam of My pure light and be purified; for I know you suffer beneath the weight of what you have seen. Be buoyant in Me and be whole, for I am in control of this planet."

"I am deeply humbled, My Lord, for your love touches the depths of my aching heart. I am greatly troubled for what is about to unfold and I shall not be able to endure unless you strengthen me. I bask in this radiance, soaking it up, My Lord, for you are my strength. As I look down at my white prophet’s robe, I see a stain on the lower part, the same stain I was shown in the dream when you gave me Your journal and allowed me to read three pages. I know now that the three pages are the three books of prophecies and the stain on my robe is your blood, which was shed for each of us."

"‘Tis so, Child."

"My Lord, how long shall this remnant of Your blood remain on our robes?"

"Until resurrection, then it will be purged."

"So, we wear your blood and carry Your wounds among us?"

"You carry a reminder of My wounds. You have deep knowledge that I came, was crucified for you, and arose on the third day; and you show this wound. For, you are My sheep and you honor the price I paid.

You were reading in Ezekiel today, and you saw the way I dealt with Ezekiel. I deal with all prophets in a similar way, yet there are differences. Child, I have given you complex visions, which only I can give meaning to, as I am the author of these visions. Those, who try to interpret these visions with the carnal mind, will fail. Now, take the book from the angel, Kikiara; it is turned to a certain page, as it is opened. Be aware of your keys, your sword, and your rod, and go through the opened page. Three warring angels will accompany you. Write, Child, as seen and directed."

"My Lord, I am entering this page, which is no more than a border of a page, as the center is cut away. As I enter, I am aware of something like fiberglass strands, which are floating all about me. When these touch me, they pop, crackle and disintegrate. My Lord, the energy you gave me has caused me to be aglow with your power; for, my feet look radiant and the ground around them looks radiant.

In front of me is a wooden door, surrounded by a stone archway. I try to open the door but it is locked; and one of the angels seeing this steps forth with a key in hand and says, ‘Remember the key.’ The key fits snugly into the lock and the door opens behind a chain-link fence. I stop and look at soldiers on the other side of the fence, who are running to catch waiting cargo planes and helicopters. Many soldiers seem to be coming from within a dark mountain, following the lead of one speaking a foreign language, who has NATO written on his boots.

In Jesus’ name, I command the language of this officer to flow slowly in English! Now, I hear the German soldier say ‘Fill them up. Do not leave any headspace. This will be a tough call; but there should be no unexpected problems. The bastards are sleeping; let’s go!’ Then, he runs around calling, ‘On your mark! On your mark! On your mark!’ Quickly, he moves his hand in a downward motion and huge numbers of planes take off in rows. My Lord, explain to me what is going on."

"Child, go into the large cargo plane and observe."

"I am inside the plane and the rumbling from the engines is deafening. As I look around, I see soldiers of many nationalities, which include German, Italian, English, Russian, and Spanish, to name a few. Is this a NATO alliance?"

"This and more."

"What do you mean?"

"It also includes United Nations; see Germany, Mexico and smaller countries."

"Tell me more, My Lord."

"Child, where are they headed?"

"It is night and I cannot see."

"Look at the flight plans."

"I see ‘destination: Chicago, USA.’"

"Is this all?"

"I see ‘New York City.’"

"What more?"

"‘Washington, DC.’"



"List all you see."

"I see: ‘Pittsburgh, PA; Tampa, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Atlanta, GA; Mobile, AL; Houston TX; Dallas TX; Sacramento, CA; Michigan…four stops; Rhode Island; Connecticut.’ Most of these areas seem to be near the outer perimeter of the country."

"This and more."

"What more, My Lord?"

" Huntsville, AL; Little Rock, AR; DeMoines, IA; Las Vegas NV; San Francisco, CA; Butte, Montana; Charleston, SC; Raleigh, NC. These are the primary sites."

"Primary sites for what?"

"For the NATO led group to infiltrate you."

"This is mind-boggling."

"Child, you will be infiltrated by land, by air, and by sea. You will be bombed and destructed by nuclear bombs, germ, chemical, and nerve warfare. Your missile silos will be attacked and the storage facilities for your germ and chemical agents will be destroyed. You will be invaded by mass numbers of troops before you know what has happened and this will be done in the midst of the night, in the cold of your Christmas season. They have colluded with those within your government for decades to bring you down, and many of your leaders are among those at the front lines."

"Name some."

"The Kennedys, the Clintons, the Bushes, those, who run The Federal Reserve, many of your congressmen and governors, and many of the owners of your news media. Child, you are ripe for the picking and you will be laid low quickly in one day; but your country will be plagued with gorilla warfare for years."

"I have seen the UN fall, when will NATO fall?"

"As soon as you are done away with."

"Child, let there be no mistake about why this is happening to your country. You have brought this upon yourselves through your own rebellion against Me. You have turned aside from Me to chase your idols of gold and silver; you have turned to pornography, violence, killing, and gluttony; and you have become slaves to the media, to the stars of Hollywood, and various cults. I am bringing destruction upon you through your enemies, because you have forsaken Me and you know Me not.

Your lying preachers feed you popped corn. They fornicate with the moneychangers and worship money and what it can buy. Your churches are empty and people perish for My truths; but you have hardened your hearts against Me. Yea, I strike my rod of fire in your midst and I cripple and blind you; for My fury is upon you. I break your media crutches over your heads and I whip you into submission. I bring great droughts among you and cause one-third of you to die of starvation; I bring war among you, and I kill one third; the remaining third, I cause to howl at the moon, to rent your clothes.

Many of you will curse the day you were born; yea, you shall crawl upon all fours like dogs and beg for scraps from a table. Your captors shall spit upon you; they shall rape your women and children, kill your wives and mothers, ransack your beautiful homes, and leave no stone among you unturned in their quest for victory over the one they call ‘great whore.’

For, you have beamed adultery, sodomy, and every vile thing into their countries, into their bedrooms and into the midst of their children. They shall reap hate upon you not unlike that of Alexander the Great or Hitler. Nay, gas chambers, guillotines, and firing squads will not kill you fast enough to suit them. The cries of the sick and dying shall go on from morning ‘til dark; and silence shall be sought, but your minds will not escape the shrill voices of those, laid to waste at the hands of your enemies.

Yes, you have fornicated with nations; you are accursed; and I shall stick my sword among you and twist and turn it until few remain. Yea, I shall whip you with the plowshare until it is smooth, polished, and few remain, but the malleable. Yea, I stamp my foot amidst you, and you are devoured in quickness as a hungry shark devours.

Listen, My Sheep, prepare to flee, lest you too fall recipient of My curses. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of September, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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