From the Mountain, Book II


"Precious Child, you have been brought to the Mountain, most high, to receive of Me; for I am Master Jesus, Your Lord and Savior, given this dominion of The Father.

Child, look at the chair in which you sit, for it is the chair of wisdom, knowledge, and power; and see ‘miracles’ emerging here and there. Your practical, intellectual side may throw these miracles to chance; but do not be allured into such thinking, for you and many others are being brought up very quickly now, and you shall need these miracles.

I know you are most concerned about a certain, tired person, and you feel that he wishes to choose death over life. If you see him do this, do not be dismayed, for many will choose to rush headlong into the enemy and many will be slaughtered. Some of you will flee and live in safety until you will be pursued and killed. Remember: Death is the inevitable for all.

The one you are concerned about is hardheaded; I speak to him, but often he dismisses Me, as he wants more signs. Leave him be and allow his choice to stay in a war zone; but be prepared to move on."

"My Lord, my heart is so weary."

"Child, this is known; but now is a time of great discipline in Me. Be not overcome by what unfolds; be inspired. You are still concerned about the date of the USA Invasion, so put on your Son-glasses, adjust them to microscopic vision, look far below to Times Square, and watch the date as it comes by."

"My Lord, I see ‘December 12, 1998’; I wish to re-run this. Here it comes again, ‘December 12, 1998.’"

"Child, do you see what happened before when you read the 17th?"

"My Lord, I must have followed the horizontal part and the vertical part, but did not see the lower, horizontal part. Still, I am asking for more confirmation of this as we go along."

"Precious Child, you tire, but let us continue; for, what unfolds is important."

"Yes, My Lord."

"You have the white robe, the radiant sword and three guardians; I am sending you to the base of the Mountain."

"My Lord, as we arrive at the base of the Mountain, we make a right turn and go down a desolate street, which is called Pennsylvania Avenue. Buildings which once stood tall and beautiful and in crumbled ruins. Before us half of the White House stands, the rest obliterated with debris all over the lawn. Behind the White House flies a flag with a quarter moon and a star, and a red horse rears beside the flag. Someone is singing:

‘Ride on, ride on
O’ harvest moon!
O’ harvest moon!
True, you are,
O’ moon, to me.
See, see
What you do for me!’

Then, the tune changes:

‘I Can’t hold you,
So, I Toss you away!
I see your fate,
I cash you in,
I go my way.

I cannot make
Heads or tails
Of what they’ve done.
So, I’ll Give them the guns.’

Then, the tune changes:

‘Guns are forbidden!
They must not be hidden!
Or, I’ll make you a day
Like no other day!

Camps are waiting
For all, who lie,
For all, who steal,
A meal, a meal!

The tune changes again:

I cannot wait
For them to adjudicate!
The trucks come for you
To take you A-W-A-Y!

Again, the tune changes:

I’m a Little Hitler,
Little Hitler, am I!
Empowered by the Germans
Over you, over you!

I’m a Little Hitler,
Little Hitler over you!
Empowered by the Germans
To steal, to kill!

Give me your guns!
Give me your food!
Give me your clothes!
Give me your houses!
Give me your tools!
Give me your cars!
Give me your all!
For, I come to take,
To kill, to steal,
To pillage, to plunder

Saddam Hussein and Company


My Lord, I hear this singing coming from the area of The White House. Where, is Bill Clinton?"

"Child, look at Clinton; he has no legs, arms and teeth -- except the one tooth in front, which is gold with a white star. His ears are huge and he is blind; he fumbles for paper, but cannot see how to write. The windows in his office are shattered and his help is gone. Hillary has practically deserted him, along with his so-called friends. What more do you see, Child?"

"I see a country invaded and conquered by Arabs and others foreigners."

"War will rip you of every prize you own; it will take your food, clothing and shelter; it will rape you of every penny and you will fall as a free country. Child, I have warned mine through revelation to flee. Why would you not heed me? My curses are upon you as a nation and you are accursed the world over."

"My Lord, this is an awful thing to behold. As I look at the White House in shambles, I wonder what happens to the Congress?"


"To the governors?"


"We know that the churches are burned and we know that Germany is behind this destruction."

"You know this to be true."

"But, the Germans are dealing with a runaway train."

"Through and through. We shall stop for today, Child. I pronounce many blessings upon you and your family; and you shall begin to see them unfolding quickly."

"I thank you, My Lord; we need them so."

"I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, yea Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of September, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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