From The Mountain, Book II


"Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have come to new heights on this Mountain through love of Me, My truths, and discipline over time. The mountaintop is more narrow, the air is more rarefied, and you find yourself high above in my clouds. My servant dressed in white, a radiant angel, comes to feed you. Take all."

"My Lord, I see this radiant angel appear in the mist before me with a tray containing twelve food items. She hands me a spatula and tells me to remove each piece from the tray and to eat it."

"Child, what do you see?"

"My Lord, as I eat this food, I see radiant white energy coming from my head and my body. Amidst this light a book suddenly appears in front of me, and my vision is intensified so that I can see minute specks on its cover. Far below, I hear babbling brooks, and catch the smell of bacon as it is cooked at the base of this Mountain. My touch is magnified and I can feel the stripes or plaids in a shirt, suddenly laid before me.

A radiance is consuming me and I look first puffy then thin. The thinness soon vanishes and my body looks normal with much radiance. The mist is gone and I see a great shield protecting this part of the Mountain. Before me is a white doorway, and on the other side of this door is a stairway of golden-white light, which goes straight down the mountain. Everything has the bright radiance of white light. Even my clothes have taken on this shimmer and I notice that I still have the scepter and a great sword of light. Around my waist is a string of keys attached to a chain.

"Child, where do you believe you are?"

"My Lord, in a upper realm of your mountain."

"Yes, Child. There are many levels to this mountain. There remain two more you have not seen."

"I see other souls on this mountain."

"Yes, Child, ‘tis so. These are doing my work. They love me greatly as shown through the living of my laws and persevering in my work through humility."

"My Lord, might I be found worthy! For, the material world holds little appeal except for the bare essentials needed to live. I wish only to do your work."

"Child, it is known. Now, let us begin today where we left off yesterday."

"You mean with the balloon man?"

"I mean with the Illuminati. Child, you perceive at a deeper level now and your work shall be easier in some ways; but you will be pursued more by the evil one and his. Fear not, for you have been afforded more help. As Isaiah, (the prophet) warned, those in Me go line upon line, precept upon precept. This is My Way. Take your telescopic eyes, Child, and look far below."

"My Lord, I am looking at a building with a dome-shaped top, which is rolled back half way, exposing the interior of the building. Soldiers are rushing down many flights of stairs to an elevator. On their shirtsleeves is written ‘UN’ and ‘Russia’ is written on their boots.’

I see one soldier among them with US on his boots. A Russian soldier, about to get into the elevator, turns to the US soldier next to him and says, ‘Let’s go at 0900.’ This US soldier nods in approval and the two of them enter the elevator.

It is interesting to note that chains attach these two soldiers from hip pocket to hip pocket and locks are attached to these chains. Both soldiers share something in a can called ‘lager beer’ and a cigarette called ‘destiny.’ Both share a handkerchief, and as they blow into it a big, black hole is blown out of the center of the handkerchief. Both tear the handkerchief apart and each puts half in his pocket.

My Lord, these handkerchiefs have turned into a series of pictures falling from their back pockets, bound in plastic like wallet pictures.

The elevator ascends and stops in front of a guard shack; but there is no guard present. Beyond the shack is a chain-link fence; and past the fence are planes waiting on the runway. As these two soldiers go past the fence, they pull against one another and the chains break. The Russian soldier goes to the left and the US soldier goes to the right. As they walk off, I see long lines of pictures streaming behind each soldier. But the line, which trails the Russian, is much shorter than the one trailing the American.

The Russian soldier goes into a black building called, ‘I spy on you’, and the US soldier gets into a green cargo plane. The nose of the plane looks like a big, red button; and when it is pushed it says, ‘Get outa my way, Squirt.’ As the cargo plane takes off, I am aware of another set of wings above the wings of the plane. These wings look like eagle wings or hawk wings. The plane backfires as it chugs along slowly up the runway, coming to rest in front of a set of locked gates.

The lock bears no writing, and I am wondering who has the key. I peek into the large keyhole on the lock and am aware of a set of eyes peering at me from within the darkness. Someone is whispering, ‘Germany.’

My Lord, I am reaching into the hole and taking hold of this person. As I pull him through the keyhole, I see that he is a German soldier. Who sent you here?"

"My Commander."

"Who is?"

"German intelligence."

"So, you were sent to put a lock on US military?"

"On their cargo, Ma’am."

"Why cargo?"

"To stop your expansion."

"What do you mean?"

"To stop your growth."

"So, who gave Germany this authority?"

"You did."

"How so?"

"You spied on us. We spied on you."

"What does this have to do with anything?"


"How so?"

"You must be controlled."

"So, The Germans think!"

"So, we know. Are you not controlled?"

"My Lord, he seems right on to me. Now, what shall I do with him?"

"Child, open the lock and leave him be."

"This I have done, My Lord. The lock was made to look like it was locked, but was not locked."

"‘Tis so, Child."

"My Lord, I have removed this lock and have opened the gates. I motion the plane through, but see that the pilot is blind. He has no pupils and irises."

"‘Tis so, Child. For, he cannot see."

"Cannot see what, My Lord?"

"That he is blinded by the Germans."

"What shall take place here, My Lord?"

"Child, reach behind the US soldier in the plane and take the first picture."

"My Lord, I reach behind him and take the very first picture from his right back pocket. On the back of the picture is written: ‘With love, Peter, Paul, and Mary.’ On the front I see a military officer, and across the front of his black boots is written ‘US Marine.’ He is kneeling at an altar before many, red candles, which are flickering.

I see black curtains moving gently behind the altar as someone moves about. I hear whispers and cannot quite make out the words, so I am fine-tuning my hearing. Someone says, ‘What shall we tell the soldiers?’ The other one says, ‘Tell them nothing. Let them go to hell!’ My Lord, as I look behind the curtains I know that the first voice is that of George Bush and the second is that of the evil Rothschild man.

Suddenly, the curtains fly open and the marine is startled to see someone, who looks like Dracula. The Dracula-look-alike stands above the marine, who is kneeled, and says, ‘Sonny Boy, you come to worship me?’

"No, I came to pay tribute to my fellow soldiers, who are dying of aids, desert storm disease, rare tuberculosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, typhoid and malaria. I came to pay homage to those, who are dying of germ and chemical warfare."

"Run along, Sonny Boy. Your concerns shall be short-lived. For, we have a pill for every ailment. You know we own the pharmaceutical trade." Then, the Dracula-look-alike hands the soldier a large cream-colored capsule, which reads ‘I die for you.’

The marine takes the pill along with a glass of water offered by the Dracula-look-alike and he begins to feel very dizzy. Quickly, his legs start to paralyze and become spastic. He begins to vomit and cries, ‘Help me! Help me! I am dying.’

Nurses go in with red crosses on their sleeves and ‘Little Italy’ written on their shoes. One of the nurses gives the soldier something, which looks like seltzer water. ‘Laced with hydrogen cyanide,’ she chuckles. ‘He will never know.’

Quickly, the nurse pulls off her disguise to reveal a soldier in a tan camouflage, military garb and a green beret. His face is that of Saddam Hussein. He pats his back pocket, which appears to hold a very fat wallet; but in place of money, his wallet is stuffed with small packets of hydrogen cyanide.

He picks his teeth with a straw, which reads ‘ablaze with nuclear war.’ He bends over and coughs a few times and large clouds, called ‘noxious clouds’, come from his mouth. As he continues to cough, watery diarrhea comes from his rear end, falls to the ground and begins to form a pool. In the pool, little gnomes gather to dance in a circle. On their chests are the words, ‘out to lunch.’ The gnomes break the circle, form a line, and begin to sing a catchy tune. Several play flutes as all hop and skip along, singing:

"Violent thunder! Violent thunder!
Across the desert, across the sea.
Violent thunder! Violent thunder!
From me, from me.

We join fast, one to another,
Arab kings and princes.
We join to one another.

A long line, a long procession
We make war with Russia.
The Americans must go! The English must go!
The Israelis must go, They must go.

Happily along, happily along,
No one can stop us!
For, we’re buried alive
Beneath tons of sand
Many miles deep.

We are safe from our foes.
Their land is ours.
No one can stop us,
Not even Germany!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!"

They march across the desert over many miles of sand and come to some heavy wrought iron gates called ‘Israel.’ Behind them is a procession from many Arab countries with Iraq leading the way. These are the names of the countries I see: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, (which is in the rear keeping a distance), and Kuwait which is funneling money their way.

"But, My Lord, aren’t these countries allied with Russia?"

"Child, you will see that both the Russians and the Arabs wish world dominion; and for this reason can be no one’s ally for long."

"My Lord, I am led now to focus on Saddam Hussein and his desert allies as they take a sword and cut a line right through the heart of the United States from the Gulf of Mexico upwards to Canada. Then with Hussein as their leader, I see Hussein take a sword and cut the trees of Russia in half. I watch as he lays his sword to Great Britain and to England, where he cuts England into three pieces. Afterwards, he does a jig all over England with his black boots.

Then, he turns toward Germany, where he takes his big slingshot and shoots stones at The ‘R’ Castle. I see the castle begin to crumble as its bricks fall down the sides of the mountain tumbling to the ground far below. I watch some of the bricks as they come together to form a pattern. Adjusting my son-glasses, I am aware of a date-- 2004.

The black horses of the Arab Alliance ride up to The ‘R’ Castle. From the castle comes a hissing sound, something like steam coming from a boiling kettle. The castle swells and bricks begin to fly in all directions. The ‘R’ Castle is fallen and little remains but maybe ten feet of the Rothschild tree and remnants of the castle walls.

The ‘R’ man remains in the remnant of the castle and begins to duel with The Arabs, but they have surrounded him. He curses the Arabs and the day he was born; for he sees the burning flames, which await him in the Lake of Fire. He spits on the floor and a cobra appears within the spit saying, ‘Master, what shall I do for you?’"

‘Get me iodine.’

‘Yes, My Lord,’ the cobra replies.

The snake causes the iodine to appear before the ‘R’ man and he takes the iodine, rubs it all over his body and pours it all over his head. ‘I shall change my colors’ he says. Then, he begins to do a jig, dressed as an Irishman of antiquity. He taps his heels together in midair as he dances and sings, ‘We’re off to see the wizard, we’re off, we’re off.’ Then he puts on a white wig like the one worn by George Washington. He has changed the outer, but on the inside he still looks like Dracula. Beside the stump of his tree he sits at a desk, like those used by high school students; then he takes a fresh piece of paper and begins to write.

‘Dearest Comrades:

This is a day like none other. We have seen much war, disease and pestilence. But, let us not lose sight of peace. Let us follow a course of brotherhood that the world may be saved. I offer you this that the world may be a safer, better place to live. For, we mourn for our losses. Our families mourn. Let us call a peace and embrace one another through God, our only God.’

Yet, the Iraqis and their coalition are spying. They watch his deceit and when he stands up with the note, they blast a hole right through his back. He falls in the remnants of his castle beside his wiped out tree. The note catches fire and the fire begins to spread. ‘Peace! Peace! We want peace,’ the people shout. This message of peace spreads throughout Europe, which is paralyzed through war, disease and famine.

A little bird flies to a gray castle in Belgium and drops the note. A maid picks up the note and whispers; ‘You mustn’t bother the queen, for she needs her beauty naps.’ Outside the castle in Belgium, the people clamor with knives and forks and shout, ‘Feed the hungry!’ Pans are hurled in the direction of the castle breaking glass. The maid finally arouses the Queen. ‘Queen, the people are starving. What shall we tell them?’ ‘Tell them to look to the direction of the Red Sea,’ she growls, ‘perhaps something will float in.’

The Queen sleepily decides to finish her nap and as she sleeps she begins to dream. She dreams that a courier, dressed in white, comes to her door. The kind countenance of the courier leads her to believe that the courier is an angel. ‘Here is a check for a trillion dollars,’ the courier says. ‘Feed them corn.’

Suddenly, the castle begins to fill with dried corn kernels and is soon overflowing with corn. The corn rises to the ceilings of the castle and pours out the windows. The Queen and all her help suffocate and die. A sign outside the castle reads ‘Out to lunch.’

The poor people clamor and soon The Queen is dead.

News of her death is slow to travel, but when it does get out, the people rejoice for they feel a sense of freedom. But this sense of freedom will be short lived, for the sounds of soldiers and drummers can be heard in the distance. Amidst the rumble of the drums is the airy sound of flutes.

Beyond the sounds are the midgets in single file, who surround Europe. Europe is down and the midgets begin to applaud. In front is Iraq and she reaches in her mouth and pulls from it a long, long hose, similar to the ones on fire trucks. She takes the very long hose and pours foam all over Israel. This foam looks like large, fluffy clouds. Then, she doubles back and pours foam all over Europe and dots it here and there in the USA.

In looking at the terrain of The United States, I see that it looks much different. Houston is mostly gone and The Gulf has moved in. New Orleans and Mobile have been obliterated. Florida looks like a group of large Islands. Atlanta, Ga. looks like a big hole. Macon, GA is greatly damaged and the ocean has moved in to claim most of Savannah Ga. Chapel Hill, North Carolina--a big hole. Virginia--a great line of destruction to Washington, DC. New York City is catastrophic with the ocean moving in to claim 80%. The Great Lakes are enlarged connecting with the Mississippi River separating the country into two pieces. In Michigan I see four, big potholes. Minnesota--one very large devastated area with three smaller ones. Kentucky, not much damage when compared other places. South Carolina has Russian submarines parked near the coast. West Virginia, people hiding out in the hills. Dallas, clipped by bombs in the South. Oklahoma City, a big pothole. Little Rock, AR to Pine Bluff, great devastation. Tennessee, Memphis is gone with two other areas in TN showing mild to moderate destruction. Minnesota, one very large concentration camp. Iowa, a large prison overflows with civilians. Nebraska, I see no sign of nuclear bombs having been dropped. Utah, The Mormon Church is nothing but rubble. Nevada, the desert base is nothing but waste. California, the ocean has moved in and claimed much. San Francisco is gone. Los Angeles is mostly gone. Three other large population areas in California show considerable damage. Washington State, a volcano has blown. Bombs have hit Seattle and the ocean has moved in. A volcano has gone off in California. The New Madrid fault has blown with cracks going from it into Ohio, Atlanta, GA., across Memphis and down into Mississippi, west to Missouri, and even to Iowa, across AR to Little Rock and west to the border of Oklahoma. It moves east toward W. Va., and North Carolina. Bombs have hit Hawaii and Alaska. A volcano is erupting in Alaska. In Hawaii, the volcano activity has claimed much land and there is little life in Hawaii. Bombs have hit Cincinnati, Ohio and another large area. Indiana, one city seriously hit by bombs, Indianapolis. Chicago hit several times, particularly in the south. Oregon, I do not see much bomb activity, but chemical and germ warfare. I see concentration camps strung out, especially in the South where the people are made to be outdoors. The guillotines have executed many millions. Religious freedom is considered a danger to the new government and is forbidden. The new government of the USA flies a flag with ten gold stars. Churches are burned. The country is divided into different areas, with an appointed governor for each area. This governor accounts to the head of state, who has been appointed by the world government leaders. There is much, much sickness and disease. Many are literally hiding deep in the Earth in caves. My Lord, I hear you say, ‘This is the day of reckoning.’

"‘Tis so, Child."

"I know that I have probably missed areas hit by bombs or otherwise destroyed. If this is so, My Lord, please guide me back to this."

"Child, you have the most part. What you must realize is that all places are subject to attack by germ and chemical warfare, both of which have already started against you."

"My Lord, I have many questions."

"Child, ‘tis so, but as this has been lengthy, let us do so at another sitting. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of September, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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