From the Mountain, Book II


More on Invasion of USA

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have come to the top of this Mountain, most radiant and pure, after much seeking. As you have seen, the evil one and his dog you constantly. But always remember, Child, freedom is in Me. Now, sit in the chair of wisdom, knowledge and power. For, a new dimension is added to your journey--more power in Me. Child, go carefully in this greater dimension and always with much consideration. For, with your mouth, your spirit, your being, you shall call much to pass. Step from the chair and receive this anointing. Write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I stand amidst others clothed in white robes and we are bathed in a white light. Someone comes, My Lord. As he gets closer, I am aware that he is the Apostle, Peter."

"‘Tis so."

"Child, take the message from Peter and read."

"My Lord, I have a plaque, which seems to be of a metal substance; and it radiates a blinding white light. As I hold this plaque in my hands, I discern that there is writing, but cannot clearly see the words because of the bright light. My hands are radiant with this energy and my body is shaking beneath this power. I feel as if I am in the midst of an earthquake, encircled with bright energies. Gradually this shaking subsides and I see this great brightness coursing me. As Peter stands before me, I see that his eyes are full of compassion and gentleness."

"This is a gift to you and to others on their way to this station," Peter says. "Dry the tears from your eyes and read from the message."

"My Lord, this is deeply humbling. How precious the soul of this one to come in love for us, showing great concern for our journeys. My weaknesses are magnified before such power and love."

"Child, you are who you are," Peter says " and you are no less than heaven’s stars. Remember your source of origin. For, the Father has created all; and all created of the Father is to be cherished. Expand His radiant love in your heart through use, as God’s pure love grows in this way."

"My Lord, as I stand here and listen to Peter, I have a question. How is it that God, Our Father, allows destruction?"

"Child, the absence of love creates darkness and brings about its own destruction. The Father has created all in this way."

"But, My Lord, you are coming to bring destruction. Are you not?"

"Child, I come in obedience to the Father and bring closure to His Plans. Lucifer has done much to destroy, but I will bind him and destroy his dark handiwork."

"My Lord, you release war?"

"Child, when the fruit is ripe for the picking--ripe with iniquity--and mankind has turned its back on Me and The Father, He allows the inevitable, which is destruction."

"So, you will come as a whirlwind?"

"Child, I come not only as a whirlwind, but a great cyclone. No evil shall withstand my path; for I sweep a mighty sweep. I represent the Father and have His power."

"Others may fear Lucifer, My Lord, but the greatest fear anyone should have is toward You and The Father manifest through you on Earth."

"He is All-Supreme and I am one with His will. But many say ‘God is just love. God is love.’ Child, God is love. His love expands and its fire burns a white, pure fire, which destroys darkness. When darkness rears its ugly head to fight against the white fire of God the Father, it is destroyed."

"But My Lord, darkness murdered you."

"‘Tis so, Child, for it was the will of the Father. Remember that the Father’s time is His alone and His will is Supreme. He is Supreme God of all, and I follow His Will and Way. I knew I would die at the cross and I anguished over this fate, but I followed The Will of the Father."

"So, My Lord, it is His Will that we go through much darkness?"

"Child, remember The Mountain and that there are many levels on The Mountain. Yet, one level cannot deny the truths of another. As Isaiah said, one learns spiritually line upon line, precept upon precept. In your schools one goes from step to step, grade to grade. If one works hard, he or she may skip grades; but the precepts are still learned line upon line.

Do not fault others if they call you a liar for bringing truths about reincarnation. When their souls are ready, they will open to this. They will come to me on bended knees begging for a confirmation or lack of. Because many have taken from The Bible the idea of one life does not mean that to each is given only one life. This means at least one life. I am the only one among you, who has had only one life. Child be at peace in me regarding this, and let others believe as they will."

"My Lord, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for I needed this. I am looking now at this plaque, which is radiant--like platinum--and on it is writing I do not understand."

"Child, this is the heavenly writing known in all these realms. You have the idea that this looks like Hebrew, and this is true, but it is not Hebrew."

"Was Hebrew taken from this language?"

"It is a variant."

"So, the Jews had this degree of heavenly closeness at one time."

"You know they did as you were there. Now behold the plaque and what is written."

"My Lord, I have the plaque in my hands and have adjusted these son-glasses. Suddenly, the plaque is gone and I see words bubbling up from a beautiful fountain of pure, clear, white light and landing on a tray which appears in my hands."

"Read the words."

"They are as follows:

The boundaries between man and angels are but boundaries set by the mind. The boundaries between man and God are boundaries set by The Spirit. It is natural for mankind to follow mankind, and unnatural for him to follow God. All must be taught to love and honor God.

In this lack of teaching you have failed as a people and hold a grave responsibility for this failing. For none can be faultless when all fail and all are at fault when one fails. The destiny of all depends on the teachings of a few. How can one be blameless before God when such destiny unfolds? A few hairs growing on a head cannot be separated from all hairs, for they all come from the same head. Neither can a few sand particles on a beach be held apart from all sands; for they come from the same Earth.

Responsibility is the key to a better life on Earth. Who will take it? Who will reach out to his fellow man to show him the truth? Will all fall as The Earth is lacking? Or, will some rise, as a few, to take the plunge to lead amidst oppression. A life lost for the causes of Jesus, Our Lord, is a life gained in Him. Yet, this life lost in His causes can bring many to His Light.

Shall the pig remain forever a pig to wallow in the mire? Or, shall the pig be transformed to a something more through an inner work of God. Marvel not at the workings of the world. For, all fail who are lost to this way. Marvel at the workings of God. For, all are found in this way."

We are the Counsel of The Twelve. And, we work beyond the scope of human. We are not lost to you; for we are you in another space in time. Fear not that you stumble and fall and see no way. For, there is a way through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Be patient in your struggles; for his hand is a sure hand; His way is a sure way. Though you wobble on the Path, stay on the Path. Along the way you will bring many to this Path by the gaining of inner truths. For, inner truths put there by the presence of The Holy Spirit echo from one to another the essence of all there is--God, The Father through Our Lord Jesus.

We are The Quorum of The twelve, The Twelve Apostles, who serve beneath Our Lord Jesus doing a silent work; nonetheless an important work in the salvation of souls. Stay the narrow way even if it means your body lost to the forces of darkness. For this shall come to pass for millions, yea billions. Yet, fear not. For fear is of The Adversary. Be at peace in your mission for a Higher Way. --------------THE TWELVE APOSTLES


"My Lord, Jesus, I have written as I have seen, and I know that this is truly from Your Twelve. I honor The Apostle Peter, My Lord, your messenger in this. I know that many of us will die in the coming calamities through war, pestilence, disease and destruction. Yet, let us fear not as we are told; but go through faith, that we do a part, however small, to bring others to Your precious truths."

"Child, ‘tis so. You have many questions still about the writings of 09-17-97, of which we were discussing on 09-21-97. Let us continue."

"My Lord, The Iraqi invasion of The USA has been on my mind."

"Yes, Child, on Hussein and his."

"I am thinking on the approximate invasion route of Hussein and feel that this is around the area of I-55 going northward from the area of the Gulf. But I am suddenly impressed that the largest area is still somewhat west of here."

"Child, take your son-glasses. Magnify and look very closely."

"My Lord, I see three ports of entry as they come up from The Gulf of Mexico. As they enter, I see that the bombs have gone off. The most westerly point of entry is around Port Arthur Texas. Going eastward from this point I see an entry around Cameron, Louisiana. Going eastward still further, I see another port of entry around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They go northward from these points of entry. However, the most westly invasion immediately branches out to flow over Texas and beyond. The middle-most route goes straight up through Louisiana, through Arkansas, to the West of Little Rock, up through the Western part of Arkansas, up Missouri and on up toward Canada. The division, which passes through Baton Rouge, goes somewhat northeasterly up the I-55 area. I see these traveling up I-55 and through Memphis. My Lord, who goes among them?"

"Child, look at the flags."

"I am seeing Iraqis, Pakistanis, Iranians, Syrians and others."

"I see also, Palestinians. Are there more?"

"Look, Child. See Russia, NATO, Germany, Mexico, and Cuba."

"Then, My Lord, it is a great invasion of The USA led by Russia and The Arabs?"

"Don’t forget China."

"Where are the Chinese troops primarily?"


"I see them flowing in through the East Coast around New York City in huge lines. It looks like they are allowed in by NATO. By NATO?"

"Look at the gate through which they enter. Read it."

"It reads ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization.’ My Lord, this is awful! The people will never believe this, not one word of what I write."

"Oh yes, Child! They will believe. For, truth shall cause them to believe. None will escape the effects of the invasion."

"So, what is this date, My Lord?"

"December, 1998."

"My Lord, I am having trouble seeing the day."

"Look overhead, far overhead."

"I see a ONE."

"Then, I believe I see a SEVEN. It looks like DECEMBER 17,1998? My Lord, I am not too sure of this date. At a later time, I shall ask for further confirmation. As I look at this date, I am wondering why they would pick this date."

"Because of the cold of The Christmas Season and to catch you unawares on a ‘pagan holiday.’"

"But, My Lord, this holiday is in celebration of you."

"For few, My Child, very few. You do not find me in glitter or decorated trees. This is Luciferian at the height. When you reach out to the poor and destitute with a spirit of love I honor it. But the greatest numbers of you have become lost in glitz. This is the material illusion at its height. And you shall be invaded amidst this material illusion."

"My Lord, I am looking at a series of things done by Saddam Hussein and his: the invasion of The USA; the striking down of the leaders in Russia; the destruction of England and its division into three pieces; and the invasion of Germany. Please explain what is meant by the division of England into three pieces."

"Child, you have seen Hussein and his allies invade England."

"Yes, My Lord."

"And, you have seen England cut by her height, her breadth and her length?"

"Which is?"

"Cut by her stature, her power and by her leadership, with losses in her ruling family through sickness and disease. With all these losses she is cut in her importance."

"What do you mean, importance?"

"Stripped of her royalty."

"Is this not the same as power?"

"This if far greater, Child. For England is cut of both power and royalty."

"How is she cut of power?"

"Through disease, war, dearth."

"So, the people starve and die from diseases and war and they are the power?"

"Without the people there can be no power. For, there must be people to follow through on commands from above."

"When does the English Monarchy fall?"

"You have seen Queen Anne emerge in 2002. Watch the blackness, which goes into the fall of 2002. See the castles crumbling in September, October November. See the raven fly from the rubble of Kensington Palace with the date, ‘November 2002.’ See, The Monarchy is dead."

"Yes, My Lord, I see this and I have seen The Arab Coalition bring down Germany. Tell me about the Belgium Queen and the corn?"

"Child, what is corn?"

"A food item."

"What does Queen Anne feed them?" (This is a in previous prophecy.")

"Popped corn."

"What does this Queen feed them?"

"Hard corn."

"Can they eat what she gives out?"
"No, My Lord."

"Then, they do not eat it. They do not go for it."

"And, she dies?"

"She dies buried beneath the corn."

"You mean buried beneath her unpalatable words?"

"This and more."

‘Like what?"

"Like her corset, which is too tight."

"I don’t understand."

"Look at the corset. What is written above and across the breasts."

"It reads, ‘I love lamb chops.’"

"Then, ‘tis so."

"She kills Christians."

"As much as the others."

"So, the unpalatable words and her killing of Christians brings about her death?"

"Look, Child, behind her."

"I see a crazed man with a large, black knife. He stabs her in the back with the knife and twists the knife."

"What is his name, Child?"

"I do not know."

"Look at the sword. Read the name and look at the reflection."

"The reflection I see in the sword is that of the evil ‘R’ man of Germany, the Dracula-look-alike. The name on the sword is ‘USSR.’ So, The Russian sword kills her, but The Germans are behind it. Why would they do this? After all, she hates Christians."

"The corn, Child, the corn."

"So, she says something they do not like?"

"She does something."

"Like what?"

"Takes the money."

"You mean, the trillions?"

"I mean the money from the area of The Red Sea, which looks like a trillion to her."

"So, she takes the money from The Arabs, and is seen to be their ally. Then, she is killed by The Russians, who are backed by Germany?"

"Child, her death is made to look like The Russians did it but Germany is responsible. None of them can be trusted. All, who hate Christians and kill them, will fall to the swords of the others. These have short lives nowadays, the same as many of you. Yet, the lake of fire awaits them. But, those among you, who are faithful to Me and My word, know eternal salvation."

"My Lord, as we continue on past the situation with The Queen of Belgium, I see that Hussein pulls the hose from his mouth and pours foam all over Israel. What is this foam?"

"Child, ‘tis viral warfare."

"And, this which he pours on The USA?"

"Viral and chemical warfare."

"My Lord, would you please amplify my vision, so that I can see the places hit in The USA?"

"Child, see the invasion. This takes place in the South, by air and by ground, as these enter The USA. Look and note: 1. Baton Rouge; 2. Lake Charles, LA; 3. Beaumont, Port Arthur, TX area; 4. Biloxi, MS; 5. Shreveport, LA; 6.Little Rock, AR. They despise Clinton and wish to destroy his state. 7. Memphis, TN; 8. A large area in Missouri, and 9. Oklahoma City.

Then, they move east and west. See clouds in Nashville, clouds in small towns in Mississippi, but especially Jackson MS and into ALA. See Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery. Then, to Atlanta, GA, especially the airport area. Child, there is a strong emphasis on the central area of the country for the Arabs. Russia, China place more emphasis on the coastal areas. Do you see the central part of the USA? Even though they fan out, the central part provides the least resistance. What do you have to defend you there?"

"Resistance is lacking here, and this area is mostly flat."

"‘Tis true."

"So, any area within this central portion is subject to this kind of warfare."

"Yes, especially the larger population areas as they wish to bring great death."

"I see, My Lord. I am also concerned about the volcano in California. When does it blow?"

"See: 2000."

"The one in Washington?"

"Child, it is getting ready to blow, even as we speak."

"Then, how long, My Lord?"

"Child, it shall pour steam for more than a decade, but the greatest destruction shall come within two years."

"When will The New Madrid Fault blow?"

"Child, look at the old miner’s cabin at the edge of the fault. The old kerosene lantern on the porch is swinging back and forth. Stop the lantern, take it down, and lift the lid. Then take out the paper and read it."

"I have the lantern, and have removed the lid. I remove the paper, open it up and I see that there is writing on the paper, but I cannot read it, as it is moving. I command this writing to be legible in the name of Jesus Christ! My Lord, the paper has cracked into myriad pieces, as it is so old."

"Command it to reassemble."

"I command this paper to reassemble in Jesus’ name to form legible writing.’

"My Lord, it is coming back together in my hands. I says June 5, 1999.

"Look again. Bring it to the light."

"I have brought in into the light."

"Use your microscopic lens from the son-glasses."

"My Lord, I can’t quite make the writing."

"Look up. Take the note from the angel of great light and open it."

"My Lord, it says, May 03-June 05, 1999. How can that be?"

"The unfolding of the same."

"You mean tremors leading to the quake?"

"I do, Child. Be aware those within 500 mile radius, but especially those within 100 miles of the epicenter. The Earth will reclaim much terrain, and with it many, many people. Be warned."

"My Lord, is there no safe place?"

"In Me, Child, in Me. For all shall come and go, but My word is eternal."

"My Lord, we ask your guidance toward moving. Will you help us?"

"Soon, Child, I will."

"Help your precious children, My Lord. For many hearts are heavy with what unfolds."

"My Child, I am a prayer away. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of September, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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