From The Mountain, Book II


"Precious Child, come up to the top of the Mountain and sit in the chair of wisdom, knowledge and power. Cast your two-edged sword far below to the waiting masses and watch it spread, first like a small light, then like a streak, then like a fire. Yes, Child, it is your sword. For, this two-edged sword of My truths, wisdom, and power, which is entrusted you, shall go among many peoples, nations and tongues. Long after your body is gone, this fire will burn. Now, Precious One, sit and write as seen and given."

"I thank you, My Lord for this knowledge. Sometimes I wonder what will become of these writings."

"Child, these prophecies shall be read by kings, queens, and noblemen, the poor, destitute, the middle-classed, the young and the old. Near, far and wide they shall travel, at first like a spark, then as a streak of fire and ultimately like a vast fire. The world shall seek these works; for they shall be sorely lost and looking for a way. When they read them, they will know that I am their Way, and they will know that you are a simple person living a simple life on simple means. They will know how you fought great hardship and serious illness. They will know how you and your husband sacrificed to get the first works edited, how you endured in spite of great criticism from family, friend and foe. They will know how you fought your own insecurities as you listened to these messages, how you doubted, how you feared, and how you died for what you know to be true. They will come know your weaknesses and your strengths.

For, you are they and they are you. You all share the same strengths and weaknesses at some space in time. For this, Child, I warn all, JUDGE NOT ANOTHER. I SHALL JUDGE. FOR, I KNOW ALL!

Now, Precious One let it be known that I know your sorrow for what you behold. I know your deep sadness for that, which is unfolding. Yet, have you chosen darkness over light? No you have not! You have steadily sought My Light over much time; yet you harbor fears that you have heard wrong or seen wrong. You have fought constant Luciferian attacks as he and his try to disable and kill you daily. You strive for perfection; yet I shall not beat you over the head or strike you down for error. I know that you desire is to serve me, that you have humbled yourself and sought to do your best. Child, I honor this! Remember this when you come to My Mountain.

I give you what you can handle. I have not shown you gory details of the great dearth, starvation, murder, and cannibalism. For, I know that you heart would be broken. Child, seek and strive for greater heights in me and fear not. Know that you are greatly loved and cherished, that I am with you and (so are) many angels, even apostles."

"My Lord, I ask for further confirmation of some of the dates given me. It is important that these be accurate."

"Yes, Child. ‘Tis so. And, I shall provide these."

"We were writing of The US and Russian soldiers, who were joined at the hip. Is there more?"

"Yes, Child, adjust your son-glasses to that of telescopic vision, and look far below to the gates at the base of the Mountain."

"My Lord, I see some very tall, thick gates, which are locked and barred."

"Child, take your scepter, your sword, your keys and take these mighty, warring angels with you. Go below to the gates and when told take the key and unlock the gate."

"My Lord, I am here at the gates aware of the angels towering above me. They are so mighty and I am so small, appearing as a child with two brown braids. But, before my eyes, I begin to assume the appearance of the prophetess, dressed in a white robe with a white hood covering my head. One of the angels points to a bright key and motions for me to take it from a chain around my waist. I reach down and take this key of white light radiance and am suddenly blinded."

"Place it between your hands."

"My Lord, I have done so and am still aware of the great radiance as it shines through my hands. Once I open my hands, I see that the brightness has gone, and a small brass key remains. They key is tarnished as if it is old, or has been used a lot. My Lord, the lock on this gate is huge and this key seems so small to open such a lock."

"Child, you have the key which will fit many locks."

"My lord, what is this key?"

"Love and honor."

"I am still somewhat puzzled."

"Push it in and see."

"My Lord, I take the key and place it into the lock. It goes straight through to the other side, and suddenly looks like a skeleton key. The lock clicks, opens and falls to the ground."

"Push on the gates and go in."

"My Lord, before I go in, will you tell me where I am?"

"Look at the placard to the left (of the gate), near the top of the wall."

"I see it, but I cannot read it."

"Climb the wall."

"I have climbed the wall and am looking straight at the writing. I see that it reads, ‘US’ something."

"US, what?"

"I cannot tell."

"Open the mailbox beneath the word, ‘US.’"

"I open the box to see that it is full of mail."

"Take out a piece."

"I have a letter and the name on the letter is ‘US BAILBONDSMAN.’ Why bailbondsman?"

"Climb down, go through the gates and see."

"My Lord, I am walking across a freshly-poured concrete sidewalk. This walkway leads up to a building with very tall, arched windows in front."

"Go into the building, up to the counter and give the man the key."

"As I enter the building I see the counter and a man behind it, who looks like a mannequin. He readily takes the key and gives me a paint tray full of grease. ‘Take this,’ he says, ‘and paint the walls with this bacon grease.’ What shall I do, My Lord?"

"Take the brush from the counter, Child. Place it with the grease in the container and take all out onto the patio. As you get there note the two walls. One says, ‘US’, and the other says, ’USSR.’ Then, take the grease and paint the wall, which says, ‘US.’"

"My Lord, I am painting this wall with this grease, and as I do so, a blazing fire starts on the wall."

"Continue to paint the whole wall. The fire will not hurt you."

"My Lord, it seems that I will need to paint little more, as the fire is quickly burning away the entire wall. I see a social event taking place in the room behind this wall. Queen Elizabeth is present and next to her is Bill Clinton with his constant smile. Nearby is BorisYeltsin and across from him is the ‘R’ Man of Germany, who is laid back in a lounge chair with his feet resting on an ottoman. Many unknowns mingle around, but I see two I recognize: Fidel Castro and a Chinese leader.

Now, I am focused on Bill Clinton as he talks to The Queen. The appearance of The Queen is disturbing. On the front, she wears the regal garb of the queen, but on her backside she wears a camouflage suit of a soldier. In her belt are many stacks of English currency. She removes five stacks of this currency and hands them to Bill Clinton."

"I sure needed this," he says. "I was afraid the press would find out. And, you know that would be a disaster."

"Oh, they would never print such a thing!"

"Oh, they would print it about me," Clinton says.

"Well, they have no power," The Queen sniffs. "We have the press sewed up."

"Hey, Queen, would you give me a dance?"

"Just this last time, Bill."

"The Queen and Clinton begin to dance; but she has spurs on her boots and Clinton’s feet get caught up in the spurs. In fact, the spurs cut him along his legs in several places and he begins to bleed. Blood begins dripping down his legs and onto the floor, but he continues to dance with the Queen, failing to see the problem. In a short time, he slips in the blood and falls to the floor. Others keep dancing, but Bill Clinton cannot get up. He grabs a piece of The Queen’s gown and tries to get up but she just keeps on dancing and pulling Clinton along.

I see one, who is aware of a bleeding Clinton down on the floor, being carried along by The Queen’s gown. This one is Germany and he spits on Clinton. The Queen drags Clinton to the open door where I see her take some very large shears and cut off the portion of the robe to which he was clinging."

"Clinton quickly grabs the portion of the severed robe and pulls it to his nose. Deeply he inhales the scent of the robe. ‘Ah, royalty,’ he says, ‘the smell of royalty!" Then, Clinton drags himself back to the chair he was seated in earlier and sits down. Taking the piece of royalty, he sticks it into the front of his pants. He doesn’t seem to notice that his pants bulge with the piece of royalty and that a small piece is hanging from his fly. Clinton’s body, face and elbows are very bloated from the fall; his teeth are wide and his mouth is large, too large for his head. His eyes roll backwards and I hear the sounds, ‘tick-tock, tick-tock.’ His eyes roll on the ‘tick’, then stop on the ‘tock’, and roll forward to repeat the process again. He has no money in his front pockets, but in his back pockets are the five stacks of currency from the Queen. I look at the clock on the wall as the party goes on. The time is 11:57 PM, 1998."

I hear The Rothschild Man speak to someone and I look to see that he is speaking to a man wearing a lamb’s suit. Who is this man in this lamb’s suit, My Lord?"

"Child, look at the front of the belt, see ‘Saudi Arabia.’"

"So, is this a lamb or someone disguised as a lamb?"

"Child, look beneath the suit on the head."

"My Lord, I see horns. This is no lamb, but a goat! Now, I hear the Saudi Arabian goat tell The ‘R’ Man from Germany: ‘Clinton is about to be creamed.’

My Lord, in the prophecy called ‘The Funeral of the USA’, I saw all allies desert the USA, but The Arabs stayed."

"‘Tis so, Child. Yet, this does not mean that they are your friends or that they are sheep. They know who bombed your soldiers (a fairly recent bombing of an American barracks in Saudi Arabia). Birds of a feather will flock together. The problem with The United States is that you do not have birds of a feather. These Arabs will flock together to gain world dominion even though they have fought against each other for so long. To this end they will have a common purpose."

"My Lord, back to the celebration mentioned above, tell me more about this."

"Child, go to the bar, ask for a napkin and read it."

"The man behind the bar gives me a white napkin. On one side it reads ‘Greco-Roman Empire’ in black; and on the other side, ‘The United States is treasonous’ is written in red. I don’t get it."

"Child, what is the ‘Greco-Roman Empire?’"

"This is history I have forgotten."

"Child, this is not history but current events."

"In what way? "

"Look at Clinton and The Queen."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Look at Germany."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Look at Malaysia."


"Yes, indeed."

"Look at China."

"I see, My Lord."

"Child, look at the wooden blocks beneath the window. These look like alphabetical blocks, but there is one difference. They are hollow and a black train runs through the middle of them. The black train reads,’Russia is dead.’ It carries a cargo, which is of putrid waste and the train goes nowhere. The ‘R" Man of Germany tosses a match, which lights a fire behind this train of putrid waste and propels it forward. Within the darkness of the blocks, the train takes off like lightening. You see The ‘R’ Man of Germany, standing behind the train, lighting a cigar, and saying, ‘Job well-done, Nigger.’ Then, you see him place the cigar in his pocket while it is still burning, and it causes him to be propelled into the air, so that he can watch your destruction. Then, you see Clinton crucified."

"Yes, My Lord, I see all this, but what does this have to do with Greco-Roman?"

"Child, the very same demonic entities pass from generation to generation, doing the same kinds of things, ruling the same lands. These are far more cunning in their abilities than any of you. The only way you can ever win over them is through Me and My power. But you have deserted me, and they have done it again. You are as Rome at another space in time. Yet in many ways, you are far worse. Those, who destroyed Rome--the same warring, demonic entities--will destroy you again."

" My Lord, I know we face great, great evil. I have a question about ‘the treasonous US.’ What does this mean?"

"Child, not only have your leaders committed high treason against you, as a people. They are committing it among themselves, as to agreements and treaties they have drawn for world order."

"So, The US Bailbondsman is England?"

"Not for long, Child. Clinton will taste royalty. He will stuff himself with royalty; but it is showing through his fly."

"So, he has fornicated with royalty?"

"Yes, indeed!"


"By taking the five stacks of money from England’s military."

"I don’t understand."

"Child, why would he want money from her military?’

"I suppose for some treason he committed against us."

"‘Tis so and more."

"Like what?"

"Through the raping of your armed services."

"So, he took money to help shut down our military?"

"This, and more, Child. Look at the English soldier beneath the commands of The Queen. He salutes her and then salutes Bill Clinton, who follows. Both sit side by side on a ship, which reads ‘US NAVY.’ Does this seem strange to you?"

"My Lord, is it not common for a soldier to salute a foreign head of state?"

"Not when the one on the ship is the enemy."

"How is she the enemy?"

"Child, she has poured drugs into the USA for years. She has colluded with The Germans to bring war your way."

"But, My Lord, I did not see a heavy, dark attachment going from the great puppet master to England in an earlier vision about invasion of the USA. How could she be a key player?"

"Child, she is not a key player in those attacking you. Nevertheless, she is a player. Remember this."

"So, Clinton takes this money for his own use?"

"He does."

"Then what happens to it?"

"It goes into Swiss banks."

"Why does she give him the money?"

"To buy your military."

"You mean, to downsize it?"

"And, more."

"Like what?"

"Like casting your pearls before swine, Child."

"This is confusing."

"Child, she is given privy to your military secrets, your pearls. She is the swine, who will pay Clinton, and then kick him until he bleeds. Yet, he is happy; for, he has gotten a piece of royalty?"

"My Lord, if he only gets money, how does he get a piece of the Royalty?"

"Child, when he gets money from them, he gets a piece of them. For, The Royalty is about money and power."

"But, My Lord, others see this."

"Child, other see and know; and it is not liked."

"So, will he ever face the music for this?"

"He will pay with his life."

"Who will take his life?"

"Who has his foot on the back of Clinton?"

"The ‘R’ Man of Germany."

"What do you see next?"

"The ‘R’ Man cuts off Clinton’s legs at his knees and Clinton walks with wooden legs, but Clinton keeps falling into the dust and getting up again. After a while the wooden legs have grown to look like stilts and he walks with his head held high above the clouds. As Clinton seems to be soaking in the rarefied air, airplanes begin to buzz his head. One buzzes Clinton alongside his head and crops his hair. Then, others continue to hit his head until there is no hair left. Along come other planes and they cut off his stilts and legs until Clinton is nothing left but a body in a chair. As these planes fly away, I see that they are German.

Clinton sits in his office, just a body in a chair, peering over huge stacks of papers. In comes Hillary with another stack of papers and piles them before him. ‘I can’t take it anymore,’ she says, ‘get another secretary!’ She turns to leave and he reaches out for her. ‘Help me! Help me! I am falling!’ He begs. Then, I see some big men with red crosses on their arms come in and say, ‘Sir, help is coming. But for now, you will have to stay where you are.’

A black horse, adorned with a gold saddle, rides to the front of The White House. Cannons on the side of the black horse begin to fire upon the White House and windows shatter in The White House as it begins to crumble beneath the fire. People are rushing everywhere and Clinton is begging, ‘Help me! Help me!’ The German soldier closes the door to Clinton’s office, and out of earshot to Clinton, says to another soldier, ‘Turn up the heat!’

Mr. Clinton gets very thirsty and reaches for a glass of water, but he finds the glass empty. He reaches for his eyeglasses, buts finds them broken. He reaches for his walking cane, but finds it out of reach. He reaches for the telephone, but finds it disconnected. The White House continues under fire from the black horse and it is falling quickly, leaving only Clinton."

"My Child, I see that you tire. We shall stop for today. In this we shall continue. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnesses, dictated and recorded this 24th day of September 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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