From the Mountain, Book II




"Precious Child, I, Master Jesus, have brought you atop My Mountain through My Spirit because of your deep prayers. Know that I shall bring none here, save each is ready and possesses a deep longing. This Mountain is not new to you, neither to the rest of the 144, 000, who make it to the top, nor to the millions of you, who are at varying levels. Many shall make it to My Mountain."

"My Lord, how is it that this Mountain is established among us, and was not established before; as Isaiah 2:2 says that it shall be established in the latter days?"

"Child, remember that where much evil abounds, much good--power from Me--abounds in greater measure. Satan, the Evil One, Lucifer has his top demons among you ruling the world. I have some of My most powerful prophets among you, who shall move mountains. These shall raise the dead, heal the sick and work many, many miracles."

"My Lord, you have told me that the spirits of some of your prophets of old are back in human bodies?"

"Child, all around the world this is true, as, you, yourself, are a prophet of old."

"My Lord, you have told me previous that I was Aaron?"

"Aaron, it is; and, Child, you have been three lesser prophets over time. All your life, you have been yearning and seeking, but your inner heart brought you to know the falseness of doctrines taught by many churches. Do not be surprised that you do not belong to a church, as many prophets are loners and are often very misunderstood. Their mission is a hard one; for, it means telling the masses what they do not wish to hear.

Child, the ridicule you have received from family and strangers is common for prophets. Most often the family members are the first to cast derision, as they wish to see you as one of them. They wonder how you can be one of them if you have a special relationship with God. The element of fear and envy enters and takes hold of their minds. Some feel that if they can criticize enough, the prophet will forget ‘such nonsense’--as many call the walk-- and be one of the family again. In the initial stages of the prophetic walk, when one needs the support of family and friends the most, there is often little or none.

Child, do not despair in this; certain family members will come around in time. Yours is to do this work and remember that you are never alone, for I am always with you. Now, Child, you find yourself atop My Mountain in My chair of wisdom, honor, love, faith and knowledge. Receive of Me. Drink of the cup, given you by my angel, Kikiara; and be strengthened and lifted up."

"My Lord, I take this cup and I drink what is in it. The liquid is at first sweet, like very sweet syrup; then, it seems to taste like a green persimmon, as if it is turning my mouth wrong side out. It is getting very bitter, but I drink all; and it lays heavy in my stomach, like lead, causing me to feel sickly and bloated. My Lord, how can such a thing strengthen me or lift me up? I feel dragged down and sickly by this and must put my head down for a minute."

"Child, this cup you carry for Me is a bitter cup, indeed, and the weight of what you carry does make you feel sickly; but you are sickly only in your mind. For, you are doing as I say, Child, … following directions. Step from the chair onto the Path of the Prophets and be free in me."

"My Lord, I step upon this Path and suddenly feel so radiant. A beam of white light falls upon me from above and I bask in this light. Oh, to stay here forever; for I am so weary at times."

"Child, your weariness is known; but be not overcome by the weight of the chair or the bitterness of the cup. Remember: this light awaits all, who are faithful to the end. Nothing on Earth can compare to what awaits My faithful Ones. At all times remember this Light, and do not be tricked by the physical illusion. Fast and pray often and know that I will send you some of like mind."

"My Lord, how can these be of like mind? For, those, who call themselves Christians and quote the Bible often, do not believe in reincarnation."

"Yea, Child, not now. But, they shall know the truth; for, I shall speak it through the mouths of many prophets. My mysteries shall be revealed, as spoken in Revelation. Those, who believe the Book of Revelation to be my word, will accept as true the mysteries, which will unfold, but not the babes, Child. For, these are yet at the breast." (Rev. 10:7)

"I thank you, My Lord for the time you have taken with me. Words cannot describe my deep gratitude; but I know that you perceive my heart through Your Spirit."

"Child, I know all."

"My Lord, I have questions remaining from the visions of yesterday. When I first saw the train with wood, before it went through the dark tunnel, I noted just the wood. Yet, you showed me what went on in the tunnel of obscurity and many soldiers entering the train after it emerged from the tunnel. I am a little confused here. Did the wood on the train represent soldiers before it went through the tunnel?"

"Child, you are baffled, as you did not believe there were soldiers on the train before it went into the tunnel. What is the train before it goes through the first tunnel?"

"I suppose it to be a train."

"Wrong. It is no train, but plans, a train of dark thoughts placed one upon the other to look like a train. This train of thought goes through the tunnel of obscurity, where it becomes a reality."

"But, what of the wood?"

"Plans, Child, plans. Are these soldiers not hidden in wooden crates?"

"Yes, My Lord, but once these get on the ship and get through the first tunnel, what is the train at this point?"

"Child, see … ‘Main Line Train.’"

"So, this train is ‘The Main Line China Train?’"

"Yes, and more."

"Like, what?"

"It is the train of ‘Main Line China’ and the train of ‘Main Line Diseases and Addictions.’"

"I don’t get it."

"See the cigarettes catch fire."

"Yes, My Lord."

"See that these ignite a spark, which follows this train."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Addictions follow the train. Remember one of the first prophecies I gave you about The Chinese using cigarettes for population control?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Well, this is so. Cigarettes are glorified among them, and these bring heavy addictions."

"But, why this now?"

"To remind you, Child, of what has been told you before and what is coming among you."

"So, the Main Line diseases come from cigarettes?"

"Look at another addiction, … sex."

"Sex addiction?"

"Yes, indeed. For, there is an over supply of males in China and many are deprived of sex. Homosexuality is more rampant than you will ever know and so is the disease, aids. You will see a great increase in aids brought in by these foreign soldiers, who invade you."

"Oh, My Lord, this goes form bad to worse."

"Child, you sit now in the lap of comfort; but I assure you that eyes have not beheld devastation like that, which will take place in the USA. For, at no time in the history of the world have things been so terrible as what you shall withstand; and only small numbers shall survive until My return."

"There is no way any of us can understand this at this time. We must go in the palm of Your hand, My Lord that we can endure in hope until You call us home. My mind is back now on the soldiers as they enter the Empire State Building. Explain the flurry of papers."

"Disarray, Child, disarray."

"Disarray of what?"

"Of your economy."

"But, I thought that the stock market would crash after this country was bombed."

"Your thinking is wrong, Child. For, your economy shall fall first."

"How shall this be, My Lord?"

"Child, see the tractor in the fields."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Look at the farmer. He looks into the heavens and sifts dry sand between his fingers. The sand falls like powder. Look at the creek beds, Child, parched. Look at the riverbeds, low. Look at the wind, Child, hot and dry. Look at the wheat, little. Look at the bugs and the locusts, many. Child, the dearth, the food shortages, will begin next year. Your farmers will begin to see my wrath fall upon them. Look, Child, you will see shelves coming up with empty spaces. Your meat will begin to soar because of grain shortages.

My hand is in this, Child. Your stock market will start to see large fluctuations. Many will begin to sell off stocks from fear and your economy, which is now strong, will start to sink. You will see panic set in. When you are caught up in self and trouble at home, these will invade you, as you will be unprepared."

"Will the Germans play a role in this crash of the stock market?"

"They will."


"By placing scares in your media. Remember the castles with the three families and the ticker tapes. Who feeds the tapes?" (This is a previous prophecy showing the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds of Germany and the Royals of England in one castle, with separate doors. All are conspiring to control the world.)

"The three evil families."

"Remember their time line to do away with you and have their government in place."

"What is this, My Lord?"

"No later than 2001."

"So, they help the scare with their media control?"


"So, there is panic?"

"‘Tis so, Child, and amidst the panic you will not notice what is about to come against you. Add this panic to your ‘pagan holiday’, and you will understand how this could unfold as is told. Child, very lean times are before you. See the lean, hungry wolf."

"Yes, My Lord, who is this wolf?"

"‘Tis hunger, Child, hunger."

"My Lord, I ask for further confirmation of the dates of this invasion."

"Reach out, Child. Take this box, and take out the numbers one by one and feel each."

"My Lord, I feel a ‘one,’ next a ‘two,’ then a ‘one’ and a two. Now, I feel a ‘nine’ and an ‘eight.’ This is 12-12-98. My Lord, I am so fearful that I have seen wrong or heard wrong. Please be with me, for I want to see correctly. This is a very difficult role."

"‘This is known, Child."

"So, this winter will be very cold, but next summer will be very hot?"

"Child, you will see much snow and flooding. It will be very cold, and then you will see many floods. Many will be unable to plant crops and the summer will bring much drought. Now, Child, let us continue. Take the red envelope given to you of the angel Kikiara, and read as written."

"My Lord, I have opened this envelope, and have taken out a piece of white paper, folded in half. The writing is golden, I believe. A white light hits me in the face from this writing and it is so bright that I cannot read what is written."

"Adjust your Son-glasses."

"I have done so and I see a radiant writing of white light."

"Child, reach and touch the lettering, which is raised and read what is written."

"My Lord, it says, ‘You will be shocked within the next 45 days.’ I don’t get it."

"Child, take the raised letters and place them on the tray before you."

"My Lord, these letters have come tumbling off this page and onto the tray. The brightness is incredibly blinding!"

"Reach out, Child. Touch the letters. What do you see?"

"My Lord, the letters have fallen onto the tray, and have taken the shape of a door. It is a radiant, white door with a simple, bright, golden knob. Around the door are radiant facings made of white light."

"Go through the door."

"My Lord, I have opened the door, and have entered through it. As I do so, a rushing sound follows me. I am standing here by a rail and see a nun with a rosary. She is kneeled at this rail, praying and she looks so young, kind and delicate."

"Go up to her and tap her on the shoulder. Tell her not to worry; for, her son shall be fine."

"Her son? She is a nun."

"Child, do as told."

"My Lord, I shall. I touch her shoulders and she turns into a very old, wrinkled woman. She is not a nun, yet, she is praying. When I tell her that her son will be fine, she jumps up, grabs me and hugs me. My Lord, I do not know what to make of it. Suddenly, she is gone and I confused."

"Are you surprised, Child?"

"Surprised is a good word, My Lord. Yet, I am also confused."

"Why confused, Child?"

"I do not know why you gave me this experience."

"Child, the old woman is a beggar, who was once a nun."

"I still do not understand."

"Child, open your hand and read the scroll."

"My Lord, the scroll reads:


I have neither given you burdens to bear,
When your back was too small to bear them,

Nor pails to carry,
When there was no destination to carry them to.

Neither have I promised you rain,
With no intentions of raining.

Nor brought gray skies at eve
With no promise of night.

Neither have I brought birds of spring,
When no Spring was in sight.

Nor allowed waters to flood
With no signal of cresting.

I have not made young old
With no rime or reason.

I have kept my promise.
I have brought slow faith.

I have moved with slow precision;
Yet, precision, no one can doubt.

I have carved mountains from glaciers,
And made canyons from rivers.

I have hung stars in balance,
And made constellations the homes of your brothers and sisters.

I have harbored no ill will
When you have waved Me good-bye.

I have taken you in
When you were destitute and hungry.

Yet, you have accursed Me
And made Me desolate in your minds.

You have deserted Me in you home,
In your heart and your life.

I remember the hardships
You have suffered for Me.

I remember your prayers and accolades,
Your wishes, your hopes, cast in my direction.

I am neither deaf, nor blind.
I am neither distant, nor afar.

I am in your midst,
And I know your every move.

I watch you sleep,
I watch you wake.

I watch your children,
I watch your old.

You change with time,
And, so does My place in you.

I cannot desert you,
For, I am bound to you.

But, I can chastise you,
And I can reward you.

I can claim you,
The ones, who claim Me.

If you forget Me, ignore Me, or do not know Me,
I do not forget you.

Yet, I cannot give you the same place in My heart,
Reserved for those, who obey Me, who truly love Me.

See the chariots, see the white fire chariots.
Mine will ride in these under My power.

True rewards await those who bow to Me, who obey Me,
Who honor Me through the living of My words;

Yea, true rewards
Unknown in the language of man;

For, you have no words
To describe what awaits.

Come close, My Little Ones, like chicks
Beneath the wings of a mother hen.

Come close
And rest in My peace and security.

For, the world shall be topsy-turvy,
And I shall churn the unfaithful.

As with beaters of a powerful mixer,
I shall churn the rebellious amidst their own mire.

Step forth, My Chicks, step forth!
Come away from the illusion and rest in My hand.

For, soon I take you home;
And you shall never again know such sorrow, such desolation.

Hear the bell!
Hear the trumpet!

For, the trumpeter stands atop My Mountain,
And he begins to sound.

Hear the bell!
‘Tis the dinner bell.

It sounds for the feast
I have prepared for My faithful.

Hear the trumpeter!
Hear the trumpeter!

It sounds the beginning of the end
Of the world, as you know it.

Come, Chicks, come!
I call you forth to stand with Me on My Mountain.

Let not the idea of death or derision,
Pestilence, poverty or dearth cause you to fear.

Little Ones,
The world has no more glamour for you.

Come, Little Chicks,


I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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