From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, pick up the pen and write. For, My Spirit has brought you once again to My most radiant Mountain. You stand on the zenith, but not alone; for I am with you and my radiant angels are all around you. Child, take the drink given you by Kikiara, the angel; and consume it. For, it will restore you and give you strength through your fast, a strength you shall need."

"My Lord, I take this glass and drink the liquid to the last drop; and I am beginning to float steadily upward. I keep floating until I enter your upper room, suspended in peace. It is as if my feet have invisible wings, which carry me here."

"Child, you come on the wings of My Spirit. Reach out and take the key; then write as observed and given."

"My Lord, I hold a golden gold, which radiates a bright, white light. On one side is written, ‘love’, and on the other is the word, ‘charity.’"

"Take this key, Child, and unlock the door, which says, ‘My Heart.’"

"My Lord, I go to this plain wooden door, which is old and weathered and as I open it, I am blinded by a radiance of power of the purest kind. From amidst this white light, myriad white doves fly out and all encircle me. Then, My Lord, within the light I see a hobo, or perhaps a clown, who is seated in front of a wooden tub of clear water. He offers me a drink from the tub, but I decline. I see grass, bushes and even trees, radiant with this light, surrounding the clown. I move to the side of the tub and look inside to see very clear water, which looks like a well of water. The clown keeps offering me a cup of water and looks very sad that I refuse; then he begins to shed tears. On each tear is written the word, ‘sorrow’; and as each tear falls upon his pants leg it forms a large, perfect, radiant diamond. The diamonds gather on his pants legs and fall down beside his feet. He just keeps crying; My Lord, what shall I do?"

"Take the cup, Child, and drink of it."

"My Lord, I have the cup, and I drink. But, as I begin to drink rocks appear in my mouth. As the water goes down, it forms glowing stones all the way down. I can see that they are perfect diamonds; but they cause no pain. I take some of the diamonds from my mouth and look at them. What beauty and radiance!"

"Child, swallow all."

"My Lord, I swallow all, even the diamonds in my hand; and as I look at the diamonds inside my abdomen, I see that they are beginning to melt, giving off pure white light, which is spreading throughout my body. My abdomen is aglow; my hands are aglow; and so are my arms, legs and feet. What is happening?"

"Child, who is this beggar, who looks like a clown?"

"My Lord, it is Peter, the Apostle. Why does he look this way?"

"Child, Peter brings you the living water of healing, which you need. You think he looks like a clown, or a beggar, but he is neither."

"My Lord, I do not understand."

"Child, pick up the diamond at your feet.’

"My Lord, I have a diamond large enough to hold in two hands; and it is brilliant."

"Put it on your neck."

"My Lord, I have done so."

"What do you feel?"

"I feel a deep warmth, which is very soothing. The radiance brings comfort to my shoulder area and with it a wonderful, healing sensation! Yet, I am still confused about the clown/hobo image."

"Child, this is only a image. Peter is no clown, but a healer to you today."

"I perceived him as a clown at some level?"

"Yes, but he turned into a beggar. Did he not beg you?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, this is nothing more than an attempt to get you to think, to analyze for self."

"So, I thought he was a clown; but was made to see that I need to look deeper. Appearances are not as they seem."

"Not only this, Child, but, you have seen My heart."

"A clown in your heart?"

"Child, is red black, and black red?"

"No, My Lord."

"Then, you have seen a clown and a beggar in My heart."

"My Lord, I have seen it, and have written as seen; but still do not understand it."

"Child, take the page from the angel."

"My Lord, I have it. On the page is written, ‘Never on a Sunday.’ Please explain."

"Child, never desert Me on a Sunday."

"I know, My Lord, I did not come for prayer and writing. The day just seemed to vanish and I feel very badly about this."

‘Child, are you to follow Me five or six days a week?"

"No, My Lord, I am to follow you every second of the day."

"Then, do not perceive of Me as a clown or as a beggar. I need to be first; for there is coming such confusion, that you will have to search for quiet places to do My work."

"My Lord, I understand. Please forgive me this; for, I never, ever wished to see you as a clown or a beggar."

"Child, it was Peter, who came with this vision of the clown-beggar. But, he also brought you healing. Is the pain in the neck gone?"

"Yes, My Lord, it is gone totally." (I awoke with a terrible "crick" in my neck. If you are reading this, you know how these can go on and on; but Peter came with healing through the heart of Jesus, and the pain was healed immediately."

"Child, Peter brought you diamonds and he brought you power from Me and My heart. Take this power and use it to do My work; it is a blessing, Child. Look at the diamonds on your feet; pick up these and fill your pockets. They are My words, My truths, and My honor."

"My Lord, I have filled my pockets with this radiance."

"Take the large diamond from the bench and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I hold this radiant diamond and it explodes in my hands. I smell cinnamon and peppermint."

"Follow this scent, Child."

"I follow this scent and find myself stepping on a train, which is ready for boarding. An attendant approaches me, who is dressed like a Swedish villager and says, ‘Tea, Mam?’ I decline and take a seat by the window, but soon someone comes and sits directly across from me. He begins to read a reading a newspaper and I notice big, black, bold writing across the top which says, ‘USA DESTRUCTION, DEC.12, 1998.’ My Lord, I am unnerved by this. Where am I?"

"Child, see … ‘Train to nowhere.’"

"Train to nowhere?"

"Yes, indeed, Child, pull the handkerchief from the man’s pocket."

"My Lord, this man is a clown with black and white striped pants and black clown shoes. I had not seen this earlier because I was concerned about the paper. In his coat pocket is black handkerchief, but as I take it and look at it, I see that the center of it is cut away."

"Climb through the center."

"My Lord as I climb through, I find myself in the study of Queen Elizabeth, where a fire is burning in the fireplace. Bill Clinton is here with the Queen and she is serving him whiskey. The tip of his nose is very red, like a clown; he wears big, black clown shoes; ‘nickel’ is written on one shoe and ‘dime,’ on the other. I wonder whether he has consumed all of the whiskey in the crystal decanter on the table beside him, as most of it is gone. In front of the fireplace is a small, round dance floor.

‘Shall we dance?’ The Queen asks. Bill starts to get up, but is stuck to the chair with thick glue; and the Queen seeing this, ignites a fire to the sticky goo. The fire takes off, burns a hole in Clinton’s pants; and his rear is glowing with burning embers. ‘Oh, I would like a dance,’ he says, ‘but, I would be embarrassed.’

Then, the Queen puts a butcher knife to his throat, and says, ‘You will dance or else, traitor!’ She cuts Bill Clinton’s throat with the knife and blood spurts forth; as she has cut the jugular vein. Bill dances a step or two for the Queen; then she drags out a whip. ‘Faster! Faster,’ she growls! Bill dances a few more steps; but he is losing blood quickly, and his face is becoming ashen. ‘Faster,’ the Queen snarls! Bill Clinton’s blood is all over the dance floor and dancing is becoming harder and harder. ‘Scum,’ the Queen huffs! And, she spits on Clinton. As Clinton lies on the floor dying, the Queen calls 911. ‘Okay,’ she says to The ‘R’ man on the other end, ‘My work is finished!’

Then, a gurney is pushed into the room by men, who bear the inscriptions, ‘Saddam’s Men’, on their sleeves’; and they load Clinton onto the gurney. ‘Clean up the mess,’ the Queen storms, ‘or I will show you a thing or two!’ In comes the mop squad, and begins to clean the floor feverishly. In minutes, the floor sparkles. Then, the Queen goes to bed with Hussein. 'Lights out,’ she orders! ‘We have some undercover business to do!’

"My Lord, what is this ‘train to nowhere?’"

"Child, who is the clown?"

"I am not sure."

"Pull back the labels on his shoes."

"My Lord, the label on the first shoe reads, ‘In debt,’ and the label on the other shoe reads, ‘Up to my ears.’ But, who is this clown?"’

"Child, look on the forehead of the clown and read."

"It reads, ‘USA.’ So, the USA is a clown on a train to nowhere and this clown’s pocket has a handkerchief with a hole; and this hole has to do with Clinton, the Queen, and Hussein."

"Child, ‘right as rain,’ as you would say; but, what of the ‘R’ man and the mop squad?"

"My Lord, I have seen this mop squad before. Who is they?"

"Child, look at the dust pan. What do you see?"

"On the dust pan is written, ‘cold war over.’"

"And, on the mop handle?"

"It says, ‘Hussein in charge,’ on one side of the handle; and on the other side it says, ‘No one else."

"So, Hussein is the ‘mop man’; those, who work for him, make up the ‘mop squad’, and they are brought in to mop up Clinton?"


"My Lord, I have a question from the vision of the Queen riding in the open convertible with Clinton. He steals a piece of her dress as she jumps out of the car into the muddy stream. In this vision, who is the Queen of the Nile?"

"Child, who has been the Queen of the Nile for ages?"


"What is the dandruff, which drops from her hair in the ‘R’ man’s cave?"


"So, Egypt complains, then gets tired and falls amidst her own complaints?"

"Yes, indeed. This and more."

"Please explain."

"Her garter, which says, ‘Rothschild to the core,’ is cutting off her circulation. See, her leg is swollen and she is becoming crippled from the ‘R’ hold."

"Will she aid in the destruction of the papacy?"

"Child, her leg is crippled and she is falling, amidst her own complaints."

"Yes, My Lord."

"But her dream shows, who is running for the ‘R’ man. Child, all is prepared far in advance for the USA. We shall stop for now. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, … Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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