From the Mountain, Book II


"Precious Child, you have reached out to me today that you may receive deeper guidance from me, your Lord and Master, Jesus, One with The Father. You find yourself back upon The Mountain, wherein we last talked at a most rarefied level. You see my servants, adorned in white, and you see yourself, clad also in white. Child, go and sit in the chair, named ‘Wisdom.’ It is My wisdom and the wisdom of those gone on before; it is the wisdom of the prophets, which shall come forth. Sit and write as directed and seen."

"My Lord, you know I have many questions from the last two series of visions."

"‘Tis so, Child. Let us begin with the visions of The Illuminati."

"Yes, My Lord, please explain the burlesque dancers and the Moulan Rouge."

"Child, go up on the stage to the line of burlesque dancers in The Moulan Rouge. What do you see?"

"My Lord, I see women with ornate hair styles and scanty clothes with feathers adorning their shoulders. They dance quickly in rhythm for a while. Then, each one takes a feather with her right hand and brushes the feather across the tip her own nose. This seems to cause each one to sneeze; and after each sneezes, myriad pieces of tiny confetti blow from their noses, falling on the stage. Then they turn around in unison and shake their behinds exposing a blank label across their rears."

"Command these labels open."

"I command these labels open in the name of Jesus Christ!"

"My Lord, the labels have burst open and little yellow birds, which look like ‘tweety birds,’ have popped out singing, ‘cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo’"

"Now, command the tiny pieces of confetti to come together to form meaningful pictures with legible words in English."

"I command you, tiny pieces of paper, in the name of Jesus Christ, to emerge as one piece of paper to form a series of meaningful pictures and words in English!"

"My Lord, this is taking place. I see Hitler as he stands on the stage and salutes Bill and Hillary Clinton in the audience. The only ones in the audience are Queen Elizabeth, The Rockefeller Family and The Rothschilds with little children. Bill Clinton is grinning from ear to ear and The Queen is sour and frowning as usual.

There is writing rolling across the base of the stage, facing them. It reads, ‘Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb, who died at our hands. We are the master manipulators of all time. Let us make your day.’

Then, Hitler falls through a trap door, where he speaks with the older Rothschild man. A reddish black cloud suddenly appears and envelops the two of them and they turn into one very, large, green frog with black spots. This frog croaks now and then; and in the midst of this croak, I can actually discern these words, ‘I lay eggs.’ My Lord, this is very confusing -- from the dancers to the this man laying eggs."

"Yes, Child, ‘tis so. But not as confusing as your human mind would have you believe. The burlesque dancers represent that aspect of The French and the world which is showy. With the bright ceremonial dancing of the world, these dancers tickle their own noses."

"How so, My Lord?’

"Child, is red, green and green, red?"

"No, My Lord."

"Then do not believe what you see as pomp and ceremony to be good and pure."

"Whose pomp and ceremony?"

"Who sits in the audience?"

"The Three "R" families and The Clintons."

"‘Tis so, but more."

"How is it more?"

"Who sits with the Three ‘R’ families?"

"Clinton and his wife."

"Then, he is one."

"One, what?"

"One of them."

"You mean, he is one of the same family?"

"He is."

"You mean by birth, a descendent?"

"Oh, yes indeed."

"What about the yellow birds, which sing ‘Cuckoo?’"

"Child, who wears these yellow birds?"

"The burlesque dancers."

"And what do they represent?"

"Pomp and ceremony."

"‘Tis so and more."

"Like what?"

"Like adultery."

"Adultery with whom?"

"You mean, among whom?"

"Then, among whom?"

"The Three R’s and The Clinton family tree."

"So, Mr. Clinton comes from this family tree?"

"It is known and true."

"But, why the cuckoo birds?"

"Child, this is symbolic. For, the burlesque dancers-these whores among men-are cuckoo, crazy, if they believe that they have the world fooled. Child, others know. You have become so crippled because Clinton’s ties to the Three ‘R’s run deep, very deep. He has worked to sell out you as a country more than any before or any after. His work goes beyond treason. In the end, you who remain will see. But, it shall be too late."

"My Lord we have ceased to vigilant. We as a people have slept while the evil has thrived and my heart is heavy with sorrow. I pray that the greatest numbers awaken to your truths and that their precious souls not be lost to the darkness, which grows among us like a terrible cancer. As we proceed, My Lord, tell me about the confetti."

"Child, the confetti is garbled language blown from the noses of the burlesque dancers, the whores among nations--The Three ‘R’s and The Clintons. To confuse others, they blow out this garbled language through their pomp and ceremony. But when the picture is put together, Child, one can see that these are directed by the hand of Hitler."

"In what way?"

"Through their ways of stealing and killing.’

"The song of the lamb, My Lord, is about their murder of you?"

"Yes, Child, these are the ones who killed me when my body was placed in their hands at the cross. They are demons who steal human bodies and go from generation to generation to kill and destroy. The Rothschild man of Germany is heading up one of the greatest assaults against Christians since my day, but this is nothing new to him. He has persecuted and killed you before. You see Hitler fall through the door, disappear in the red-black fog and emerge as a very large frog with black spots."

"Yes, My Lord, please explain."

"This is the "R’ man, who bears evil spirits, which also inhabited Hitler. Watch out Jews; your destiny at the hands of Hitler is not finished."

"When the frog says, ‘I lay eggs’, what does that mean?"

"The Rothschild man with the Hitler demons is the huge frog. By your terms this frog is huge, maybe 75 pounds. And he is reproducing--laying eggs--to hatch more of his kind."

"How so?"

"Through the clones you have seen."

"The half-human men in black?"

"Half-human, half-Luciferian."

"My Lord, I understand now of the burlesque dancers; but what of the open circus box car?"

"The open box car, which is adorned to look like a circus, is The Illuminati car on a destination."

"Yet, My Lord, it is not black but cheerful looking."

"Yes, Child, darkness often comes in cheerful packages. Notice that the car is a single car, which travels on a single track traveling under its own power. Do you see a locomotive?"

"No, My Lord."

"Look beneath. What do you see?"

"I see the old ‘R’ man, the Dracula look alike; and he has long claws, which look like talons. These claws are black with fire shooting from them. Suddenly he changes into the frog and takes a hop on the track beneath the boxcar. As he does so, he pushes the train along. With each hop, he croaks and through this croak I can hear the words, ‘All together now.’ In this way, he propels the illuminati car down the track. My Lord, what is meant by ‘All together now?’"

"Child, who lives inside the frog?"

"The demons of Hitler."

"And more."


"Like what, Child?"

"Then, what My Lord?"

"Child, look at Hitler standing next to the door. What is written on the door?"


"Then, Child, ‘tis so. Lucifer himself inhabits this man from time to time."

"But, he is not considered The Antichrist?"

"Child, would you not consider him an antichrist?"

"I have no doubt about it, My Lord"

"But, Lucifer shall seize another body for victory over nations."

"My Lord, this is?"

"That of The Assyrian, or as you say, ‘Syrian.’ For, Lucifer shall come to rest among the warring, who were historically anti-Christ, or anti-God."

"And, this shall be after the ‘R’ man is dead?"

"Remember how these turn on one another."

"Yes, My Lord."

"And the gold coin tossed my way which reads, ‘Never on a Sunday?’"

"See for self, Child."

"My Lord, I see a jail cell and in this cell is a clown with a red nose. His clothes are dirty and disheveled. He turns his pockets wrong side out to show that they are empty, save a single gold coin, which falls to the floor. The coin rolls behind the clown and through some parted curtains into a bright shop. The shop is adorned with pastel walls and frilly pink and white curtains. These windows are open, but the brightness of this shop quickly changes as the pastels fade before my very eyes and I find myself looking in a barren, cold gun shop. The clown is now in this gun shop selling guns from various cases. In comes Saddam Hussein who is very fat and he purchases a machine gun. I look at the clown and across his right front pocket is a tag, which reads ‘Germany lost the war.’

Saddam takes the gun and does a jig on the glass floor. He is wearing tap shoes; and as he dances, the taps on his shoes make little popping noises, like those of firecrackers. ‘I’m about out,’ he tells the clown. So, the clown pulls out a Howitzer machine gun, or something like this, which is huge. Saddam takes this gun, taps his heels, turns his back on the German, and salutes huge crowds waiting outside the shop. He leaves the shop and disappears in a cloud with all the people.

The clown rubs his face, then pulls a flask of whiskey from his right pocket. He drinks all, lies down on the counter and begins to snore. He snores so loudly that the building begins to vibrate.

Saddam Hussein returns quickly to find the clown sleeping. He takes the sword to the sleeping man and cuts his head off. Then, he takes a hatchet and begins to cut his body into blocks. Next takes the blocks and throws them into the roaring fire of a stove and burns up the clown. I hear the head of the German clown utter some words from the fire, ‘It was a blast. Try it again, sometimes.’"

So, My Lord, Germany starts to look like a down and out clown behind bars, who is dealing arms with Hussein from the store in back."

"‘Tis so."

"But Hussein and his Arab group eventually destroys Germany?"

"‘Tis so."

"Yet, what does this have to do with ‘Never on a Sunday?’"

"Child, what does ‘Never on a Sunday’ mean to you?’

"That we should keep The Sabbath holy."

"Child, this is correct. But, what do you think it means to The ‘R" Family of Germany?"


"‘Tis so, Child. So, Why do you believe it to be on a gold coin, which depicts works about them?"

"My Lord, I do not know."

"Child, it explains self. Those, who love gold, never honor God on a Sunday. For, they cannot honor God on any other day of the week. One cannot love gold and me also. This is impossible."

"And the man in the center of the coin, who is blowing up the balloons?"

"Is this on a gold coin?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Who blows out air from the center of the gold coin?"

"The ones, who love gold."

"These are those, who cherish it above all--especially The Illuminati--and any organization, which honors Lucifer."

"So, Lucifer blows the balloons?"

"He and his."

"But one of the balloons says, ‘Joy’, and the other says, ‘Hope.’ How can they blow ‘joy’, and ‘hope?’"

"Good observation, Child. They do blow these without knowing what will unfold. For, many shall turn away from the oppression of evil, in effect turned by it the other way. Joy and hope shall rise out of and above much of the evil, and they shall not be stifled. See that ‘joy’ and ‘hope’ come last and come from people turning back to me. These evil ones cannot stop this."

"Tell me about the Tigris and Euphrates?"

"Child, where are these?"

"In the deserts of the mid-east."

"‘Tis so, Child. What emerges there in the deserts?"

"An Arab Alliance."

"This and more."

"Like what?"

"Child, the dread angels come to empower The Arab Alliance over Germany and the rest of the world; and the Antichrist emerges in this area to assume world dominion. (Lucifer occupies the second beast.) The word ‘dread’ is used; for the world will quake under his rule."

"My Lord, I thank you deeply for bringing in more Light."

"Go in me, Child. To all, who love me, honor my laws! For, I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of September, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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