From the Mountain, Book II





"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Your fasts are honored and your prayers are heard. Welcome to My Mountain, most high and pure. Angels await you, for you are cherished; and I honor what you attempt to do. Child, sit now in my chair of truth, honor, love, obedience, power, wisdom and miracles abundant. You come and pray long in tongues, unaware what you speak. But often, you call to pass miracles, which you are unaware of. When I bless one with the speaking of tongues through My Spirit, this language is My gift, Child, and can be received in no other way.

In your mind, you ask if Satan also provides a gift of speaking in tongues. Child, all spiritual gifts are of Me, yet for all My gifts Satan has a counterfeit. The speaking of tongues without the presence of the Holy Spirit is null and void, for My Spirit brings the language. Many may utter foreign words and say that they are of Me, but if My Spirit is not present, these words are meaningless.

Child, remember that Satan is the great counterfeiter, and he offers a copy of whatever I do, yet one full of holes. Only My Holy Spirit can teach you about these counterfeits through My Gift of Discernment; you will not be able to discern them through human reasoning.

Now, Child, we shall continue today with post-invasion visions of The United States. Take my son-glasses and look far below to the base of The Mountain. Write as given and seen."

"My Lord, I am looking far below and I see a Chinese soldier in an army-green military suit with orange trim on the sleeves. The boots of this soldier have the words, ‘peace keeper.’ I see the soldier stop an older Cadillac convertible at a four-way-stop. The soldier stops the driver and reaches for his license; but there is a glare on it from this vantagepoint, and I cannot discern the picture on the license. In Jesus’ name, I command this glare to disappear and all information to be perfectly visible! A face clearly emerges on the license, and it is that of Bill Clinton, minus most of his teeth, with a German cross imprinted on his forehead. He sits calmly in the car conversing with the Queen of England. Clinton is wearing a light blue suit and very large, black, military boots, while the Queen is bedecked with a heavily jeweled crown, and many strands of diamonds hang around her neck. Dripping from her arms are many jeweled bracelets, and diamonds cover her high-healed pumps.

As the soldier motions Clinton and the Queen through the stop sign, I see a large military truck come to a halt on Clinton’s right. The large bed of the truck is covered with a heavy, army green military canvas concealing many American soldiers in shackles, who are seated facing one another. Each soldier feverishly swallows a mouthful of Jim Beam Whiskey from an open quart bottle and passes it to the next. On the floor between the two rows of soldiers is a box with eight full and ten empty bottles of whiskey. As the truck moves through the stop sign, the bottles make a clinking noise; otherwise, there is little sound, except for an occasional belch. The sign on the outside of the truck reads ‘Convoy to hell.’

Clinton cruises through the stop sign ahead of the soldiers, then reaches over and touches the Queen on the leg. Immediately, she slaps his face and continues to do so until his face is red like a beet. Then, she slaps his hands until they are a deep crimson ‘Sure looks rainy out today,’ Clinton says. But the Queen opens the door and attempts to get out of the running car. She looks at Clinton in terror and gasps, for there many snakes dancing, darting wildly in all directions from his head. Terrified, jumps from the running vehicle and tumbles headlong down a steep embankment. In the fall, part of her lace dress tears away, because it is caught in the console between the seats. Bill Clinton sees the Queen tumble headlong down the steep embankment, but he is mesmerized by the piece of royalty he holds between his hands. ‘Ah, the smell of royalty,’ he utters.

The Queen tumbles over many rocks and lands in a pile of mud at the base of a hill. Her head is wobbling from the weight of the crown and she struggles to maintain her royal stance.

Bill Clinton stops the car, puts it in reverse and gets out. As he looks far below, he sees the Queen deep in the mire, struggling to hold up her head beneath the weight of the crown. From atop the mountain, he calls to the Queen and begs her, ‘Come back Elizabeth, come back! Elizabeth, you know I won’t hurt you.’ ‘The hell you won’t!’ Elizabeth shouts. ‘You are a monster, a tick, trying to bleed me dry! I spit on you!’ Then, she spits in his direction.

Bill Clinton charges down the steep embankment, his Medusa head dancing wildly with the snakes, and he finds the Queen sitting on a rock, weeping. ‘You have destroyed my dress,’ she wails at Clinton. ‘Look! You have torn a hole in my best dress!’

Bill Clinton knew that he had tucked a portion of the Queen’s dress into the console between the seats and closed the lid on it. While the Queen watched the scenery, Clinton schemed about getting a piece of royalty. Her torn dress was a deliberate act and he knew it, but she had not seen it coming. ‘You are making me a mockery before my people, and I shall eradicate you!’ the Queen shouts.

‘I only wanted my share,’ Clinton says. ‘Here, I will split this with you.’ And, Clinton gives back half of the piece he holds in his hands.

The Queen stops sobbing for a moment and takes the piece of dress Clinton offers her. She looks at the torn piece in her hands and then at the stolen piece in his hands and growls, ‘You have not seen the depth of my anger! I shall bury you, you infidel!’ Then, the Queen charges ahead over slippery rocks, along creek beds, hopping from one stone to another, trying desperately to keep her dress out of the mud.

Bill and his snakes run up the hill to the waiting convertible. He travels the road alone and follows the creek bed for miles, watching the Queen below as she struggles to maintain her head erectly beneath the weight of the crown. She bogs up to her knees in mud at times, all the time holding her royal dress high to keep it out of the mire. ‘Please come back. Please come back,’ Clinton yells to the Queen from above. ‘We need you on our side at the summit.’ The Queen looks his way and gives him the finger. ‘Not as long as I live, traitor!’ she huffs.

Bill Clinton continues to follow the winding road as it goes to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, he gets out of his Cadillac and goes into the cave, labeled ‘Rothschild Manor.’ In the cave he sees the Rothschild man and the Pope. The Pope is stretched out over three chairs placed side by side; he is sleeping and Clinton finds himself face to face with the ‘R’ man in the manor. ‘Get me some stinging nettles,’ the Rothschild man calls to his help. ‘I shall have to sting this one a little.’

Clinton pays no attention; for, he believes the ‘R’ man is speaking of the Pope. A maid, wearing a black and white apron and bearing the name ‘Costa Rica’, brings the nettles to the ‘R’ man. Straightaway, he tosses the pan full of nettles onto Clinton and they stick into his face, penetrate his clothes and bury into his body. Even the hissing snakes are full of nettles and are writhing in agony from the stings. Clinton begins to itch and scratch and complains, ‘Why have you done this to me? I have done everything you asked.’

‘You have been keeping company with that whore,’ the ‘R’ man snarls.

‘What whore?’ Clinton asks.

‘Your finances, your economy, that is the whore! You have aided and abetted. You have lied, forsaken and stolen. You have trampled and mangled for your own sake and now I shall trample and mangle you. I shall cause you to writhe like the snake you are. I know of your dalliance with the Queen; for, I see all and I know all. Lucifer is my king and he supplies my every desire and need. You have failed Lucifer and you shall die.’

Clinton gets up and attempts to run from the Rothschild Manor; but he finds himself suddenly in chains. From his head to his feet he is bound in chains, even the snakes are wrapped in chains. The chains are wrapped tight around Clinton’s waist and he is gasping for air. ‘Help me! Help me! I am smothering!’ Clinton gasps.

The ‘R’ man gets up from the table, opens the front door of the cave and kicks Clinton down the mountain. Clinton falls into the stream below and hits his head on a giant bolder. On the boulder is written ‘From here to eternity.’ One by one, the snakes begin to die, hissing until their final breath. Then, Clinton’s head sinks slowly into the muck and the mire as he gurgles his last words, ‘I want my mama.’ Clinton is dead.

A large black vulture sits in a naked tree above the dead body of Clinton. The large, black vulture descends upon Clinton in the cold of winter and begins to pick his bones. On the chest of this black vulture is a black door and every hour on the hour, a little golden chick bursts through the door, and sings:

‘I am a big, old, nasty bird.
Cling to me, to my every word.
Inside you see my heart is pure.

For, my words are those of an innocent babe.
A babe, a babe, a babe am I.
Powerless to kill, powerless to steal.

See my chick, see my chick,
Harmless as a dove, harmless as a dove!’

My Lord, who is this vulture?"

"Child, look on the talons and read."

"I see Germany, Canada, England, France, USA, Italy, and four talons with no writing."

"No writing that you can see."

"So, this vulture consisting of these countries eats Clinton’s bones?"

"‘Tis this and more."


"They are hungry, thirsty for blood."

"You mean, even Canada?"

"Even Canada, as you will see."

"My Lord, I look back now to the bones of Clinton, which are being pushed slowly into the mire of this stream by this swift current."

"But, Child, this is not all. Look back to the cave."

"My Lord, I am in the cave, and I see the ‘R’ man with the Pope. The Pope seems to be in some sort of semi-conscious state and the ‘R’ man has a stethoscope listening to the Pope’s heart. ‘Barely breathing,’ he says. ‘We must move fast. Call in the calvary; for, we shall need backups.’ Then, he dials 911. ‘Get me a pony and a buggy! It is now or never.’ Then, the ‘R’ man passes through some curtains into the back part of the cave. There, he sees a belly dancer, who is pregnant. The belly dancer wears a headband, which says, ‘Jewel of the Nile.’ Her feet are huge and do not match her body in size.

‘Look,’ he says to the Jewel of the Nile. ‘We have to do some hot stepping. Can you do this for me? We must begin to plan what we shall do next; for soon, we shall dissolve the Papacy. A new day is coming, a New World with a new order to things and the old must be done away with.’

The Jewel of the Nile scratches her deep, black hair and dandruff starts to fall on her shoulders. The more she scratches the greater the amount of falling dandruff. Finally, the pile of dandruff is up to her ankles, then up to her knees, but she continues to stand there, looking more puzzled and scratching continually. The dandruff continues to build up to her hips, then to her waist, and finally up to her neck. ‘Stop scratching your head, idiot!’ the Rothschild man growls. ‘You are causing an overflow. Clean up this mess! We have work to do!’ But, when the Jewel tries to walk, she slips and falls into the huge pile of dandruff. The ‘R’ man turns around and his eyes are racing ‘round and ‘round in his head. ‘I will make a grease spot of you. Now, get up and get to work! Clean it up!’

The poor Jewel gets up and gets a broom and a dustpan. She sweeps and sweeps, and sweeps. Yet, there is no receptacle big enough to hold the huge pile of dandruff. So, she puts the dandruff in a pile at the back of the cave. By the time it is cleaned up, the Jewel is extremely tired and she puts her head down on the table to take a nap. Immediately, she begins to dream.

In the dream, Saddam Hussein appears in full military attire with a machine gun in his hand. He stands beside the road as Clinton’s unmanned convertible comes rolling by. Hussein takes his machine gun and shoots out the tires of the moving vehicle. ‘Stop that car! Stop that car,’ he commands. ‘Stop that car, it belongs to me! Stop it! Stop it!’

Several soldiers run out to stop the runaway car. One soldier jumps into the car, pulls the keys from the ignition and puts his foot on the brake; but the engine keeps racing loudly. When the soldier lets loose of the brake, the car takes off again. Hussein walks over to the car and says, ‘Get over, soldier. I will ride this car!’ He hops behind the driver’s seat and gets ready to ride, but as Hussein gets into the back seat, a hidden US soldier jumps on Hussein and begins to beat him over the head and shoulders. Hussein is bruised a little, but the soldier, driving the car, turns around and kills the American soldier. Then, Hussein throws acid on the American soldier and tries to dissolve him. ‘This machine is mine,’ Hussein says, ‘ and I shall run it!’

Hussein gets behind the wheel of the car and pushes the gas pedal, but he hears a dragging noise. He looks back and sees large chains coming from the rear of the car. The chains are connected to a heavy metal object, which drags loudly. On the side of the wide, heavy, metal object are the words, ‘House and Senate.’

‘Cut ‘em loose!’ Hussein ordered. The soldier, riding with Hussein, takes a hatchet and pounds the chains with force, but every time the soldier hits the chains sparks fly but nothing more. The soldier continues to hammer away, but he only makes small dents in the metal.

‘Give me the acid,’ Hussein says, and he pours the acid on the chains. The acid is powerful, but it cuts into the chains only a little. ‘Get me a tractor!’ Hussein yells. ‘We shall hook up these chains and pull this metal off the car!’ So, he hooks up the tractor to the heavy metal object with the chains, and he pulls and pulls. In a while, there is a snap. The chains have been broken from the car, and with the chains come the ‘House and Senate.’

The car moves forward with Saddam Hussein at the wheel. On the hood of the car are the words,‘New Boss.’ Yellow petals come down all over Hussein from the windows of apartments as he goes down the streets. ‘My home, my home. I shall never desert you,’ he tells the Iraqis, who cheer him.

My Lord, this is overwhelming

"Yes, Child, ‘tis so. Let us continue another time. Finish the typing of the rest. For, publication of same must be done."

"Yes, My Lord."

"I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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