From the Mountain, Book II


"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Look around and behold that you are indeed upon My Radiant Mountain. You sit in My chair of love, most pure, and garner My gifts of power and knowledge, but see a new gift emerging. It is the gift of miracles.

Look before you and see a radiant pool from The River of Life. Step down and bathe your hands and face in the pool, only your hands and face, Child. For, you shall be given only a small dose of the miraculous at a time.

"My Lord, this is the most radiant of The River I have seen."

"Child, remember that the Mountain has many levels, and one is given what one can handle."

"My Lord, as this water runs from my face and down my clothes, it purifies all with its radiance."

"Step onto the prophet’s path, Child, wearing the robe of the prophet. Then reach down into the pool again and bring more water to your face and hands."

"Yes, My Lord. As I lift this radiant water through my cupped hands to bathe my face, I marvel at little, white doves flying from the water and encircling me. I follow them in flight as they light here and there in a most beautiful garden, which surrounds me. This garden is filled with heavenly flowers in pastels so pure and alive that they could grow only in Your very presence. I breathe in the heavenly fragrances and rest my soul in the quiet of such beauty. Yet I hold a quiet anticipation that the evil one will raise his ugly head in one of his many disguises."

"Child, Lucifer is forbidden here."

"Oh, My Lord, I rejoice and dance with glee in Your garden, for I feel full of joy and radiance! As I dance I see that my prophet’s robe has turned into a flowing, shimmering gown, like the one I wore when I ascended the stairway of light in 1987. My Lord, might I just embrace this joy for a while? For, my soul has become weary with what unfolds below."

"Child, go to the tree and eat of the fruit."

"I approach this radiant tree and I pick a single, round fruit. As I hold the fruit, I am aware that it has many protrusions and is somewhat malleable. I toss it into the air and it becomes perfectly round, but when I catch it, I see and feel the protrusions once again."

"Eat, Child."

"Oh, My Lord, the flavor is like nothing I have ever eaten. It is full of juice and has a flavor, which seems to be a combination of peaches, pears and pineapples. I eat more and more and am still hungry for this fruit. It seems to go down and be absorbed quickly by every cell of my body. The more I eat the greater my thirst and hunger for it. I must have eaten thirty pieces and still long for more.

Where I pick it, more, fully ripe fruit quickly appears on the tree. This heavenly food restores my soul and I am beginning to feel a great peace overwhelm me. A most inviting bench beneath the tree is calling to me. My Lord, do you mind if I stretch out for a moment?"

"Child, do so."

"As I lie here beneath the radiance of this tree, I am caught up in a state of pure peace, joy and relaxation. As I think of sleep, a vision begins to unfold. In this vision I feel myself floating up, up, up to a door, which is closed."

"Child, knock on this door."

"My Lord, I am knocking on the door. Suddenly it swings open, and I find myself being sucked through the door and into a channel of spiraling light. I am traveling very fast and going ever upward into this spiral."

"Child, look where you are."

"My Lord, I have come out of this spiral and am at the top of the stairway of light I climbed in 1987. The doors are open and I stand on the precipice before the radiant sea of golden-white light."

"Jump into the light."

"I am here, My Lord, amidst such beauty, basking, floating in total, complete joy, beauty and calm."

"This is My Light, Child."

"Oh, My Lord, this is such pure peace, love and joy! May I stay for a while?"

"You may. Reach out and receive."

"I have been given a tray, and atop this tray is a water glass full of a radiant, golden-white liquid."

"Drink it, Child, this is of Me."

"I have consumed all."

"This is living water. Be cleansed and be whole."

"My Lord, I accept gratefully, and acknowledge humbly and sincerely that You are my Life."

"Child, take the key which has appeared before you and go back to The Mountain."

"I take the key and wonder why You have given it to me."

"It is the key of knowledge. Eat it."

"My Lord, I eat it and it is soft and sweet like ice cream."

"It is a gift from me. Go and use it to better discern."

"I shall."

"Child, you have worried about various dates and whether you have seen or heard correctly. Know that you have done your best. As you find yourself back on My Mountain, go to the wall before you and take the tray from the drawer on the wall. You will see and feel dates in the tray. Record them."

"I take the tray, and the first thing I see is ‘Invasion of the USA, Dec. 12, 1998.’ My Lord, I had seen the 17th before, yet was having trouble seeing that day, and as you know was not sure of the date at that time."

"Child, the 17th is not totally incorrect, as your invasion will be ongoing for many months. Now see clearly ‘Dec. 12.’"

"I see, My Lord. But I have further questions, which I beg to have clarified. When does Israel fall? The answer appears on the tray before me and is ‘2001.’ Next, I seek affirmation of the year in which Lucifer will be kicked down from the upper realms, and I see ‘2004’ appear on the tray. My question now is about Germany and whether this is the country spoken of in Revelation--the one with the two heads, one of which was healed? I see the word ‘yes’ appear in golden-white light, hanging before me as if on a clothesline. I seek further confirmation of a two-part question: Does Lucifer take over the body of the Arab; and, do the Arabs defeat Germany? I see the word ‘yes’ appear, as if hanging from a line, in response to both questions.

My Lord, The Bible states in Revelation that the dragon is the one with seven heads and ten crowns and the one with the healed head. Is this dragon the German?"

"Yes and no."

"Please explain."

"Satan inhabits the German from time to time as you have been told, but is not kicked down from heaven until 2004."

"Why is there not more in The Bible about the Arabs?"

"Child, who are ‘the Kings of the East,’ and ‘the four angels of the Euphrates?’"

"I cannot be sure."

"Take the card from the other drawer on the wall and read."

"The Kings of the East are Iraq and allies and they go up against the country with the healed head."

"Look further, Child."

"I see ‘Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Palestinians, and more.’ What does ‘more’ mean?" "Adjust your vision and look beneath the word, ‘more’."

"I see ‘Soviet Union and other allies.’ My next question: Does Lucifer take hold of the body of the Syrian leader?"

"Seek the answer in the drawer."

"I finds a placard which reads ‘The Syrian is Lucifer.’ If the Syrian is Lucifer, My Lord, who is the false prophet as spoken of in Revelation?"

"Child, he is a Muslim."

"What is his name?"

"Go to the drawer, get the letters as they appear, and put them on the line."

"I am hanging the letters on the line as they appear, and they spell K- U- R- D-I-S-H. So, he is Kurdish. Is there more we should know about the Kings of the East."

"Look in the drawer."

"I find a piece of paper and it reads: ‘The kings of The East, who set out to destroy the USA, will also set out to destroy your so-called ‘allies.’ The dragon, who controls The New World Order, sees the continuation of his plan to a higher level of control through the Syrian. The focus of control shifts from Germany to Syria and the beast system continues. It is not done away with, but enhanced.’ Next, I ask for a confirmation for the fall of Germany."

"Go to the drawer."

"Written on a piece of paper is ‘2004.’ I am reaching back into the drawer for a confirmation of the fall of Israel and I am retrieving a small scroll. This is what the scroll says: "Child, you believe that when Israel is attacked, this will be the end of Israel. Remember: these very tenacious people will hold onto their homeland for some time. They will be fed a constant supply of guns and ammunition from their friends and allies around the world. For all purposes, they fall in 2001as you have seen. But, in reality these have an unconquerable spirit. This unconquerable spirit cannot be fully brought down until The Antichrist emerges in 2004 (in the Syrian). At this time, he and his will fully gain control. You must understand that The Arab forces are split, fighting around the world. War is going on all over Europe, The United States, Russia, Canada, and Australia. The German tries to stop the war and fails; but the Syrian wins where he fails. The world is literally beaten into submission. So, does Israel fall in 2001? Yes. As you fall in 1998-1999. But, Israel is not beaten in 2001. By 2004, the Israelites are fully beaten. In all, they are trampled for three and one half years.’"

"So the USA is fully beaten in 1998-1999?"

"Go back to the drawer."

"I find another small scroll and it reads, ‘The USA is in for a bitter battle, which will rage for years. The number of guns on US soil will make the defeat very difficult. During this time, there will be anarchy, as the people will revolt against the oppressive government. Civil war will break and you will be given the iron hand treatment. There will be strict government schools, no churches or freedom of assembly.’

I am wondering what happens during this time in South America. As this is my next question, I shall go to the drawer and seek this information. Again, I take out a small scroll with the answer. It reads, ‘South America will be untouched by war and strife in some places, particularly the mountainous areas, where life will go on as always. Food will be scarce due to weather, and temperatures will range from very hot to very cold. Many will hide out in the mountains there.’

I thank you, My Lord, for allowing me to come back to your Holy Mountain to seek this knowledge. In Your love for us, You wish us to be wise about the plans of the evil ones. In You, My Precious Lord, is our Victory!"

"Child, you are being brought rapidly to new heights. For, the people perish for truths. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of September, 1997.
Linda Newkirk

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