From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, your great prayers have been heard; and I have brought you once again to this upper room on My Mountain. You see how your spirit floats amidst these pure energies; but be not alarmed in this, Child, you rest within My Light and My Power. Take the note as it floats to you, and read and record as written."

"My Lord, I receive a small scroll, which exudes a white light radiance!"

"Hold it firmly, and My Spirit shall reveal all."

"My Lord, I am beginning to see writing emanate from within this light. Please give me one word at a time, as I want to record accurately.


'You are created of a Higher Force beyond your reasoning or intellect. You hold on to the earthly; yet, you are far from the Earthly. Your spirit radiates the gift of the Father, which is the promise of life into eternity. Yet, this promise is dependent on two things':

1. Fitness of the role as offspring of God … progeny;
2. Deliverance … a release of the ties of Earth.

"My Lord, what is meant by a fitness for the role?"


1. Absence of malice; presence of love and honor toward others, especially toward Me. For, I am heir to Earth proper, and all, which resides within.

2. A lost desire for self-gratification through the physical realm. This includes a greater desire for that, which is spiritual, and a fine focus on Me.

3. A love for all, not based on gender; but based on compassion, understanding, and acceptance of others, their pains and their shortcomings.

4. An intolerance for evil. Child, you ask in your mind, ‘How can one accept another’s weaknesses when you say have ‘an intolerance for evil’? I ask you, ‘What is evil?’ Let me say this, ‘Evil represents an attempt to kill or harm, whether people or animal.’ "

"My Lord, is gossip evil?"

"Does this harm?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, it speaks for self. Child, you think about all, who lie, and think it harmless. Lying of any manner, whether the so-called ‘white lie’ or the ‘whopper’, serves the same purpose."

"Which is?"

"A lie brings darkness to your soul. My Light can not abide the presence of darkness; so, when you lie you become a bed for darkness. Lies breed lies. Darkness breeds darkness. It is said that those, who lie steal. Yea, for to lie is to steal first from one’s self. This is the worst theft; for, over time, the soul will become so dark that the only fit place for it after death is the darkness of hell. Child, remember: ‘like attracts like.’ A soul, filled with darkness, will seek out its own kind. Those, who lie, associate with those, who lie. Those, who love the truth, cannot abide a lie.

Lying is utterly destructive. You need only look at your halls of Congress and see who is in charge. 98% or more of them love a lie. Satan, himself, is the father of the lie. When he sets up as ruler on Earth, those of you left will get to know the height, depth and width of his lying machine.

When you are told that you will go through the fire before I return, Child, it is meant that you will go through the fire of adversity, of evil. Anyone, who can abide My truths amidst such dark forces, will come out a mighty person in principles of righteousness. This kind of person will be a leader during my 1,000-year reign. So, you understand somewhat now of the FITNESS FOR THE ROLE. ‘Are most you fit for the role? Few.’"

"My Lord, will the lost souls be lost through the eternities? Will they go into black holes? What will happen?"

"Child, interesting that you ask about the black hole phenomenon. For, love expands and it is our Father’s Way in the universe. Black holes suck in, or draw in. Look around you, Child, do you know of people, who are microcosms of the black hole? They are constantly feeding on the energies of others, taking, not giving, selfish, draining. These are the black holes within your society and they attract one another. When stars stop giving off light, they become black holes for all, which is around them. This includes souls, who are black holes within themselves. Even the Earth and all that resides on it will fade one day. It will cease to live and and will not stay in orbit. The stray energies of Earth will end up in black a hole, along with the black hole spirits."

"Then, what about hell?"

"Child, hell is primarily for human souls, who stand a chance of improving through punishment.’

"When the Earth collapses, will those evil demons, who are not cast forever into the lake of fire, go into a black hole, also?"

"This and more, Child."

"Like, what, My Lord?"

"Child, the accumulation of darkness within the energy field of the Earth, created over thousands of thousands of years will go also. The black hole is a garbage disposal, sucking and pulling that of like kind. Those, who love darkness over much time, cannot escape this."

"My Lord, what of their identity?"

"Child, souls dark enough to wind up in black holes have little identity. They have taken on the identity of demons, of the material world, they are darkness and they love a lie."

"My Lord, this is terrible and deeply troubling. So, they become part of this black hole?"

"Child, their consciousness is totally wiped out and any sense of self or differentness is gone. The pull within this hole scatters all energies sucked into it. You might see this hole as a subatomic particle divider. The spirit is obliterated, literally no more."

"So, this is the Father’s way?"

"He has devised a way for all, Child, as He is supreme. He is divine love at its height, that is, expansion. But, those who will not accept God’s Light, who love darkness over much time, will be no more. For this reason, Child, reach out to others, that you might save their soul through love. I came, was crucified, and died on the cross, that I might save souls. You have often asked, ‘save them from what?’ Save them from destruction, Child. From destruction. You have no way of knowing how a kind word can turn around another and bring them to Me. For this, Child, be kind. Reach out to others. The sands of time for Earth are running out.

Child, you are thinking, ‘For this reason, we are given other lives.’ It would be so unfair of God, the Father, to give you only one life, one chance to get it right. God, the Father, is a just God. He is a fair God. And, for this reason, you are given not one, but many chances."

"My Lord, I still wonder why this has not been stated more clearly in the Bible?"

"Child, I spoke it, ‘You must be born again.’ Yet, your churches have referred to this as a spiritual rebirth, only."
(See John 3:3)

"But, My Lord, do we not go through a spiritual rebirth when we get serious about our walk with you?"

"Child, you are given the fire of My Spirit to indwell you, as you are worthy. This is indeed a spiritual rebirth, as you were strong in My Spirit before your birth. But, you have taken this spiritual rebirth to mean born again only of spirit and you have ignored the obvious, which is literal. Literally, you must be born again until you overcome dark stumbling blocks, created of you; and you must recognize that I am your connection to the Father, your Savior. (See Revelation 3:12)

"What about your forgiveness for our sins?"

"How can I forgive a debt created between you and another person, when you are not remorseful and will not forgive? I am not in the business of wiping slates and absolving you of your guilt to another, living soul, when you show no remorse or repentance. What kind of Master would do this? I cannot, and I will not; as I abide truth and good will. Within each of you good will must reign supreme, or you will not overcome. During the coming years, many of you will be killed. During these times many of you will be faced with the choice of whether to kill or lay down your life. I say, ‘You shall not kill! I forbid it!’ Therefore, if you lose your life for principles of righteousness, let it be a life lost in Me. This is courage and long suffering."

"What of killing animals for food?"

"Child, so long as meat is eaten sparingly; meat is bad for the kidneys and the liver. When you eat meat, you must rid yourself of great toxins stored in the animal and great toxins created in its digestion. It is best that all proteins be eaten sparingly, or in moderation. By doing this, one has more spiritual energy.

Let us stop for today, as this is much to understand. But, at least you now understand what is meant by salvation, Child; for, superstition abounds among your religious organizations. I bring you truth, that more may be the wiser. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

Note: This morning, 24 hrs after the prayer for healing yesterday, the deep throbbing of the fibromyalgia pressure point beneath the right clavicle is gone. The extremely painful area, which was excruciating to touch, is now gone. Jesus told me that before this day was gone, the pain would be gone; and it came to pass, just as He said it would. In the past, these pressure points have given me excruciating pain, which would go on for weeks, or months. Jesus is the miracle, and His word is truth everlasting! Glory to God! How we are loved!

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