From the Mountain, Book II





"Precious Child, you have made it to the top of My Mountain though great prayer, humility and desire, brought not on your own power, but on the wings of My Spirit. Look around and see that all is aglow with My Power, My Light and My Spirit. To your ears the Holy Spirit sounds like beautiful wind chimes, but to others it may sound like rushing waters. Even you have perceived it differently at times.

Child, you are concerned about a dream you had last evening. Discount the dream. It is not of me, but an attempt of the evil one to confound you, to cause you to spend precious energies. Remember the three sources of dreams: yourself, the evil one, and Me through My Holy Spirit.

Now, Child, you have questions regarding the messages of the 6th of October and what you will receive within 45 days, which will shock you. It will be a message. Secondly, you have questions about the nun, who turned into a beggar before you very eyes."

"Yes, My Lord, who is this person?"

"This beggar-nun is you in another life. On the outside you may look young, but your spirit is very old, as you have been often to the Earth realm."

"But, why do I look like a beggar?"

"Indeed you are a beggar, even now; for, you come daily to beg before Me, to beg for your family, to beg for your country, to beg for the world. When you pray in tongues, Child, you do not know what you say most of the time; yet, you are begging for the hungry; you are begging for the lost; you are begging for the old and young; you are begging for My mercy."

"My Lord, in the vision I look so ragged, almost toothless and worn out."

"Child, you are weary and you have few teeth, for you have little bite left in you for things of the world. You are very old, as your time grows short on the Earth. Yet, to others and even to yourself, you look young. Remember your dream of wearing a camouflage suit, after which I told you, "All my sheep are camouflaged." You may look to be of the world, but are far from it."

"But, My Lord, please tell me about the necklace I hold."

"Look carefully at the necklace with the cross, surrounded by the beads. Each bead represents one life and each life represents one trip away from Me, the cross in the center. I am the center of these lives, as they originate with Me."

"My Lord, it looks like a rosary."

"Yes, but this is not so."

"Well, why do I look like a nun?"

"In real life you look like a nun."

"How is this? For, I am certainly much different."

"Child, when it is cold do you put on socks and stockings?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"And when it is hot, do you wear fewer clothes?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, when you do My work, you wear the look and you are known and recognized by Me. Child, you entered My door to find this young nun and old woman, and you have gotten a glimpse of yourself. This door is My door within your very heart. Remember: only I can afford you meaning of the symbols."

"My Lord, thank you for revealing this."

"Child, let us proceed; for time grows exceedingly short."

"My Lord, I know this to be true and am concerned about how people will receive these writings before the Great War, unless you provide great miracles."

"Child, I am the miracle maker and you shall see many."

"Now, note that you sit in My chair of love, power, wisdom, truth, honor, peace, joy, miracles and more."

"My Lord, each time I sit here I am aware of the greatness, which resides in You, and I am deeply humbled. I search for adequate words to put to the experiences, but words fail to describe what I see and feel."

"Child, all is known. Now, take the mirror, as given you by Kikiara, and behold what you see. Write as given and observed."

"My Lord, as I look in this mirror I see a hunchback coming from a door in a mountain behind me. The hunchback has a large mole below his huge nose, with ten hairs growing around it. He wears a red, black and white checkered scarf around his neck and carries a cane with a door in the handle. The door opens to show a flight of stairs going straight down into the darkness. Beside the stairs a small light radiates faintly. Looking again at the hunchback, I note that she carries a very large, dark green, metal box on her back, which is partially covered by a dark shawl. Her hands are old, wrinkled and gnarled and she has overgrown, curled, stiff fingernails. When she blinks her eyes, I see dollar signs popping up indicating varying amounts from $1.45 to three trillion. Her walk is that of a robot and she seems to have gears in her back, which propel her legs and arms in a jerky slow motion. As she walks, her head turns slowly and mechanically from side to side.

She leaves the door in the mountain and goes forth slowly at first, but as she descends the road she picks up speed. Her legs and arms move like a toy soldier in rapid motion and her head wobbles rapidly from side to side and up and down. Her eyes bat feverishly and the dollar signs keep on rolling by. Her feet have broad bases, which remind me of military tanks, and they grind forward with surety over rocks and rubble. Someone hidden beneath the cape is in full control of the hunchback.

Looking back at the door coming from the mountain, I see that there is a sign above the door, which reads ‘Land of Promise.’ This noted, I am very interested to see who is controlling the gears of this machine. As I look beneath the cape, I see Saddam Hussein sitting in the dark lifting levers and shifting gears. Above him is a dark box called ‘ready to detonate.’ My Lord, what is this hunchback?"

"Child, see ‘Arab Alliance’ written across her forehead."

"Yes, My Lord, but please explain the mole and the ten hairs."

"Israel is the mole and the ten hairs are Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Afghanistan."

"What about Saudi Arabia."

"See the space between the first and the tenth hair."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Saudi Arabia shall emerge in this space. There are nine additional tiny hairs, which you cannot see in this space; and they represent others in this alliance."

"Why does the hunchback come from ‘The Land of Promise?’"

"What is ‘The Land of Promise?’"


"‘Tis so, as you see them gather around her."

"My Lord, what am I beholding?"

"You are beholding Saddam Hussein gathering up allies, gearing up for war with a mighty machine."

"Kuwait will ally with this evil after we came to their rescue?"

"Child, birds of a feather…"

"I know, My Lord, they flock together."

"But some of the ones, who are flocking, must not be of the same feather."

"‘Tis true, Child. These are the smaller hairs far in the background; but they have a common purpose, which is to bring down the one in their midst they call ‘the great whore.’"

"My Lord, who is the great whore, as spoken in Revelation? The United States of America or the Catholic Church?"

"Child, see the whore, who sells Me for money."

"You mean, the Pope and his cohorts?"

"‘Tis true, Child, but there is more."

"Please explain."

"See the religious machine including the International Council of Churches, which aligns with The Beast System to feed you lies. All, who sell Me, make up the great whore."

"The USA is called a whore."

"‘Tis so, Child; the USA is a whore, even as your accusers label you; for you have fornicated with nations. But make the distinction--the great whore sells Me."

"My Lord, I know you have shown these countries surrounding Israel for a reason."

"Yes indeed, Child. Behold missiles from this machine firing upon Tel Aviv."

"Yes, My Lord, I see. What is this date?"

"See … ‘1999.’ Once the USA is gone, these countries move to attack Israel."

"Surely, Israel will know of their planned attack."

"Child, once Israel sees what they have done to you, she will be on red alert. You have seen that Israel calls on those, who should be her allies, but gets little help."

"What happens?"

"Look at the barricades around Israel. They will fight a terrible war, and through this war Tel Aviv will be nuked by the Saddam Hussein machine; but the Israelis will send nuclear bombs amidst the Iranians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and the Lebanese. Child, look at Israel. She is bombarded with biological and chemical agents, nerve gas, and explosives. She is severely crippled, but receives a steady stream of supplies from various ones all over Europe, Canada, and South America. Jews all over the world are determined that Israel will not go through another holocaust. The Israeli flag is tattered and in shreds, but these people persevere. They have large amounts of food and supplies stored within the earth that the world does not know about, and unlike you, they have known for years that they would be invaded. Also, unlike you their flag will fly for several years."

"My Lord, I have seen them fall in 2001."

"Child, for all practical purposes they come under the rule of The United Nations One World Government in this year. The USA falls to this communist rule much sooner."

"My Lord, what has happened to Russia in all this?"

"Hard line, Child, very hard line. These hard liners have gone in with the intent to kill all capitalists and restore a tight control over the Russian Confederation. There is much slaughter on the internal scale, for these are determined to do away with all freedoms. The people are frightened as they see many hundreds of thousands die in the gas chambers and before the firing squads. They cannot feed their prisoners, so they kill most of them. Food will be scarce."

"While the foreign alliance is destroying the USA, does the USA not get any fire on others?"

"Child, who gives the orders? Who declares war? Your draft-dodging president. Remember, you are controlled from within and without. Clinton has been promised a world leadership position and his heart yearns for this great power and recognition. Do you remember that Clinton knew of the drugs being run into Arkansas by you own government planes? Have you forgotten this? When he saw this gross decadence and even death due to the running of these drugs into Arkansas, what did he do? Did he not drag his feet and offer a minuscule amount of money to research this? In the end, he did nothing and was elected president from relative obscurity."

"Yes, My Lord, many are aware that he was told of the government planes flying into the remote airfields of Arkansas and did nothing, even in the face of murder there."

"Not only did he do nothing, but colluded with these evil ones to run drugs and pay for secret CIA work. He helped create drug addicts, kill innocent children, and feed a secret society, whose intent is to do away with your constitution. Many think that he is not colluding with these dark groups to bring your demise? Child, he is in on your demise."

"Will do a token amount to protect us when the war starts?"

"Token, indeed! His aim is to get your guns and he will never do this legally. He is being told one thing by his comrades, but will see another unfold. Remember what you have seen of him and the Queen. This will come to pass."

"You mean, the money for the piece of royalty?"

"‘Tis so, Child. He is head of your armed services and he is a traitor. Your country will fall like a dry haystack in a fire. Need more be said on this? Think and observe, Child. Then you will clearly see what is unfolding."

"So, a weapon or two may be fired toward Russia. This is about all?"

"‘Tis so, Child. See her smoldering in some of the larger cities. But, you will be hit hard from many sides and you will be paralyzed quickly. The evil world leaders have Clinton over a barrel; he will be given a fancy UN Title, but he will not survive long. They will take him out, as they have no use for a weak link, a traitor."

"So, the UN will come right into the USA for the takeover?"

"Yes, Child, the UN and NATO will bring foreign troops to invade you, to kill you, and to shut down your churches. You will see the communist UN rise with Germany at its head. But, this is for a while only, as you have seen."

"So, the UN and NATO will support the fall of Israel?"

"‘Tis so, Child, for Israel must go. This is one of Satan’s priorities."

"My Lord, I wish a better picture of this, but as I am somewhat tired, I ask to proceed on this another time."

"‘Go under My Power and know that you shall begin to work many miracles. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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