From the Mountain, Book II


Last night, or should I say, in the early morning of September 15, 1997, I dreamed that some gracious people asked me to eat with them. I accepted the invitation; and when I went was met at the door by one dressed in white with piercing eyes. I took a fresh beef roast and was about to unwrap the meat but the hostess, seeing that I had brought the meat, graciously accepted it and placed it in the freezer section of her refrigerator. Then she went to the oven, opened it, and showed me that the oven was full of meat, which was cooking. Next, she motioned with her arms to the counters, which were lined with meat, cooked and was ready to serve. Everywhere I looked was more meat; and I was really looking forward to the meat meal.

Hebrew 5:14 "But, strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

This is one of several meat dreams I have had since I began receiving these complex visions in May of 1997. This meat follows in "From the Mountain, Book II."



"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Behold yourself atop the Mountain, most wondrous. The fire, which bathes you, is My Light, and my grace enfolds you. For, I know your weaknesses and strengths; and I accept your humility before me as a willingness to do my work. Child, I do not look for the perfect. For, there is none among you, who is perfect. But, I look for those who are humble, teachable and sincere in their love for me.

Today you shall go on a trip like none other; so adjust your son-glasses and get ready to travel. I have sent you Kikiara (a known angel) and a long line of warring angels, for you may need them. Now, look far below and follow the map before you. Record as given and seen that others may be the wiser."

"My Lord, I have a map before me, which I do not understand."

"Adjust your son-glasses."

"As I do so, I find myself on the streets of Paris and I keep getting images of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz."

"Dismiss this image in my name."

"I command this image to cease in the name of Jesus Christ!"

"From looking around me at these buildings I see that this is Paris of long ago. The streets look much older and darker; and are adorned with gas streetlights. A man is coming up in a black buggy, which is pulled by a single, black horse. On the side of the horse is the word, ‘Illuminati.’ I look closer at the man to see that he is dressed in a black suit with a black top hat. As he stops he looks in my direction and says, ‘Do you wish a ride, Madam?’ Sharp, gold teeth fill his cavernous mouth and strike a radiant cord against his black attire. My Lord, I do not wish to ride with him."

"Get in, Child. You have many angels."

"I step into the black carriage, keenly aware of the black surroundings, but I know that these precious angels are my companions and I am not afraid. I seat to the rear of this menacing driver and am immediately aware of a screen directly in front of me. On the screen are many moving pictures, which are crossing so rapidly that I cannot make out a thing."

"Slow the pictures."

"In the name of Jesus Christ, I command these pictures to move slowly and legibly. As I speak, My Lord, the movement slows; I clearly see burlesque dancers and hear the words, ‘Moulan Rouge.’"

"Go into the picture."

"My Lord, I walk through the picture as you ask and find myself back on the streets of Paris. An open circus boxcar passes lazily up some tracks and in it is a clown, waving and smiling. The clown looks my way, waves and throws a very large gold coin, which bounces a few times and falls at my feet."

"Pick up the coin."

"My Lord, I have it. The coin has writing around the perimeter, which reads ‘Never on a Sunday.’ In the center of the coin is a man blowing up balloons. Each balloon has a blank label on its surface; and I feel there may be writing behind these labels."

"’Tis so. Go in and open the labels on the balloons."

"My Lord, I walk into the coin, and am now in front of the balloons. I shall reach for the balloons one by one and peel back the labels to see what is written. The first balloon I choose is a blue, and on it is written ‘justice.’ The second balloon is yellow and it reads ‘fear.’ The third balloon is orange and states ‘baboon.’ The fourth balloon is red and spells ‘heliotropic.’ The fifth balloon is purple and states ‘royalty.’ The sixth balloon is green for ‘peace.’ The seventh balloon is black, and on it is written ‘death.’ The eighth is white and reads ‘Tigris and Euphrates.’ The ninth is pink and states ‘joy.’ The tenth is gray and spells ‘hope.’ Well, My Lord, as usual, I am lost. Please help me understand what I have seen."

"Child, what part do you not understand?"


"Very well. Child, you have seen a map of Paris and have gone there. You have gone back in time about 100 years. A taxi driver dressed in black with a black carriage and black horse offers you a ride. This is evil, yet bedecked in gold, as you see in the teeth. The gold teeth are sharp, as they allow the evil to cut through much to go places. As you know, evil has thrived on gold for much time.

You have seen pictures pass quickly on a screen before you in the Illuminati taxi and do not understand them. They look like burlesque dancers to you, but when you get into the picture, you see part of a circus pass with a clown. This clown throws a very large, gold coin at you, which you pick up and read. ‘Never on a Sunday’ is on the outer boundary of the coin; and you see a man in the center of the coin blowing up balloons. The balloons are many colors, but you must remember that these balloons came from The Illuminati carriage, which is black. It is evil reinforced by gold.

The first balloon is blue, which corresponds to justice."

"Why blue?"

"Child, note that the balloon is round, representing a full container of air. Justice is seen as blue, as it is cold, without life force, full of air. The Illuminati does not give justice except that which is fake and full of air. Child, this group is evil to the core.

You see the second balloon, which is yellow for fear. It is yellow, Child, for these are cowards, who use fear to control and manipulate. And they thrive on controlling the fearful through unjust means, which leads to the next color, orange for baboon. Child, even a baboon has a healthy respect for fear, and will back off when challenged; but these seek ways to be even more intimidating when challenged.

Yet the simple plant is helioptropic. And what these are doing through their means of cowardice and intimidation is turning many of you toward the light, My Light.

Many of these are steeped in royalty--the fifth balloon; but their days of peace, the sixth balloon, shall soon come to an end. For The Illuminati, death shall move in like a snare, the seventh balloon. For, I stamp my foot in their midst. I overturn their money tables, and I release the dread angels of The Tigris and Euphrates. I turn one against the other until utter destruction reigns. And, into the hearts of my people, I bring joy and hope."

"My Lord, I now understand this. But, why do I see darkness thriving in Paris 100 years ago?"

"My Child, the darkness has been thriving in Paris and elsewhere much longer than 100 years. For, this darkness is the same which was from the beginning."

"So, from their secret societies they pass evil from one generation to the next?"

"Yes, Child, and these love and what it can do for them. It is their love of gold, which ensnares them."

"And their children?"

"And their children’s children for many generations. For, this darkness lays hold of the spirit from generation to generation and can only be broken by divine intervention."

"How many from the days of Noah are still caught up in this?"


"What has happened to the souls of those from the days of Noah, whose bodies were utterly destroyed?"

"Child, many are caught up in darkness."

"Still caught up?"

"More than you will ever know."

"So some of those who ‘live’ after The Millennium, as stated in Revelation 20:5, could be from the days of Noah?"

"Many are from the days of Noah."

"Some of these are Illuminati?"

"Many are Illuminati."

"Human souls?"

"We speak of human souls."

"Shall hell hold all of these?"

"It is expanding daily."

"So, My Lord, the deceptive Illuminati are one of many secret organizations, who love gold and wish to make us slaves?"

"Child, there is only one."

"You mean, Luciferian?"

"They all server the same master, who is Lucifer. In secret, they have gone since the beginning to serve this darkness. Remember Child, you cannot serve two masters. You serve one or the other. Those, who love gold and the father of darkness, cannot serve me, the Lord of Light. This is impossible. You serve one or the other; and one who sits on the fence and tries to please two masters does not serve me. Child, I cannot be bought with gold, which is what some affluent have tried to do through The Catholic Church. These do not appease me, but Lucifer."

"My Lord, I see that you will crack the whip."

"Child, you see that the whip is cracked. I come in a mighty whirlwind to wipe the Illuminati slate."

"My Lord, it is interesting that their name means illumined."

"Yes, Child, for is darkness illumined of darkness? Nay it is not. In the end they will see that their magic will be short lived, for they are ripe and shall be plucked violently. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of September, 1997,
Linda W. Newkirk

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