From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, your cries have been heard to the heights of heaven, itself. Without knowing what has been said through the speaking of tongues, you have spoken many perfect prayers. You have called forth miracles and healings, of which you know nothing. You have put stumbling blocks before the Adversary and those, who love him; but your consciousness nothing of this. You have seen a lesion in your lung, which you did not know about, and this will be healed within 30 days.

Child, you have begged to continue to be a bearer of My messages, even though you know your fate, and the fates of many, like you. You have been given great hardships in this life, that you would be ready to carry the weight of My word; for such a job is not for the weak. You have seen your destiny in the physical realm that you not enter this work blindly. But, remember that I am always with you, even amidst great persecution."

"My Lord, help me to see with your eyes and to view the evil-doers with compassion; for it is so hard for me to tolerate evil toward another living thing."

"You have been told to stand against evil; but a time comes when some must lay down their lives for principles of righteousness. These know their journey; for I do not send Mine in blindsided."

"I ask only for a triple dose of Your strengths, of Your love and compassion."

"Child, this is not too much to ask, and shall be forthcoming. You ascend My stairway one step at a time."

"My Lord, when I went to the lung doctor last year, was this lesion present?"

"Child, this lesion has been present for years, but ignored. Doctors consider these harmless and will ignore them until you have full-blown cancer."

"Then, what good are doctors to someone like me?"

"Little, for large numbers love a lie; and they support one another in lies, even into hell. Most all love money and what it can buy. This seen, be the wiser."

"I have lived through the depths of their darkness!"

"Child, Let us continue. You see that you have been called back to My Mountain upon the wings of My Spirit. You have more questions about Peter and the hobo-clown image. I have shown you much about these images, but there is more. The hobo-clown image serves three purposes: 1. To beg you; 2. To warn you; 3. To forecast or predict."

"I see that he was begging me to drink of the liquid diamonds, Your word."

"Yes, Child, and more."

"Please explain?"

"Begging you to come for healing, renewal, and refreshing of the spirit.’

"And, the warning?"

"Warning you to drink often of the Spirit, lest you be as a vagabond, a hobo, in a world gone awry. Do not forsake My Spirit on a Sunday or any other day."

"Yes, My Lord, but what about the forecast?"

"The forecast, Child, is of the USA as a clown, a hobo, destitute around the world, begging."

"I knew that this was much more than surface appearances; but, I would have never grasped all. Thank you, My Lord."

"Child, your relative will come around soon; for he will realize that you have been called and that he does not have all the answers; give him space. You have questions about the timeline? (Note: within five days of these words from Jesus about this relative, he called me to see if I was all right. He was his usual self and I love him dearly; but he flew into orbit about reincarnation, telling me that it is a lie. He, along with many, many millions will face the fact that this is true and involves responsibility for our actions and spiritual growth over time.)

"Yes, My Lord, I am very interested in this timeline."


"I am suspended in these radiant, white light energies of Your upper room; and I sit at the desk, though this is somewhat difficult, as my spirit wishes to float. I take the quill and place a drop of living water on the page of time; and it pops and cracks as it hits the page. From amidst a smoky haze, a clear image of Queen Elizabeth emerges. She is riding in a black car with Bill Clinton. The car pulls to a stop at a curb and Bill Clinton leaves the car from the side opposite the curb. The piece of the Queen’s dress (as noted in a previous vision) is seen protruding from his partially zipped fly as he waves to the shouting crowds. The Queen gets exits the car on the opposite side.

‘Come, Bill, let us go,’ the Queen motions to Bill Clinton. Then, the two of them hurriedly enter a door, which leads into a subterranean complex; and they disappear from public eye. Once inside, they follow the hallway and enter a room, where documents are drawn up, waiting to be signed. These documents bear the signatures of many; and right away, I see that of Henry Kissinger. The two sign the documents, and Clinton curtsies to the Queen. She looks about with a scowl, but Bill Clinton wears the ever-smile.

My Lord, I am searching for the name of this document; but the Queen is eager to get it into her purse. On the top of the agreement, I see ‘Limited Arms Agreement,’ in bold print; and beneath this title in smaller print is written, ‘Directional Sales Computational Forfeiture.’ This is definitely ‘Greek’ to me."

"Child, what does the small print mean to you?"

"My Lord, it looks like a lot of double talk."

"This is the problem, Child; it means nothing."

"If it means nothing, why the agreement?"

"Child, what is directional?"

"Toward some direction or destination."

"Yes, indeed, toward some direction.’

"So, it is the sale of something toward some destination?"

"Yes, indeed. Do you see ‘Limited Arms Agreement?"

"Yes, My Lord. So, this is about the sale of arms for a certain destination?"

"More than this."

"What, My Lord?"

"Child, what destination do you see?"

"My Lord, I see the coat of arms of The Royalty."

"Then, Child, ‘tis so, to The Royalty."

"But, My Lord, why the words, ‘computational forfeiture?’"

"Child, does this seem verbose?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Is it meaningful to you?"

"Not that I can see, unless there is a sale, made to look like there is not a sale."

"Exactly, one made to look like it is not a sale."

"My Lord, Clinton still has the piece of royalty hanging from his fly."


‘So, there is something weird going."

"Child, more than you will ever know; but be advised in advance that this will happen."

"My Lord, show me this time."

"See, Child, 2001."

"What could he sell the Queen in 2001? Will we not be defeated as a country?"

"In most ways, but not all."

"Well, if we have anything left, why would he give anything to her?"

"Who are they up against?"

"The evil ‘R’ man."

"‘Tis so"

"But, My Lord, what goes wrong?"

"Clinton is double dealing, and he is seen as the traitor he has been all along."

"So, Clinton will be around in 2001?"

"This, you will see.’

"But, I thought that Hussein would have finished off Clinton by then."

"Child, you will have begun to feel the great sting of your invaders, and the truth will be known about the Germans. But, remember: Clinton is a coward, who wishes to play both sides against the middle. The bad thing is that he is the middle."

"So, prior to this time, these oppressors will let him have some dominion over the USA."

"As planned."

"But, how much of the USA will remain?"

"Child, you will be hit hard at first and brought under UN control. Clinton is involved in this plan, and he believes that they only plan to get your guns; but the war gets out of control. Clinton does not realize the German plan to rule the world or to crash the stock market; for he has been duped. You have seen Clinton in the White House for a while, even while the black horse is firing upon the White House."

"And, who is this black horse, which is unmanned?"

"Look on the rear of the horse."

"It says, ‘Saddam Hussein and Co.’ My Lord, there is a red horse beside the White House and beside the horse is the red flag with the half moon and star. Who owns this flag?"


"So, the Chinese flag flies?"

"Yes, indeed, red communist to the core! This red will be felt through and through, as these people deal a crushing blow to the USA."

"So, the Chinese will come in at first?"

"Did you see NATO let in thousands and see others hidden in boats, coming into the USA?’

"Yes, My Lord."

"You have them in your country, already."

"Then, Clinton shall make it until 2001?"


"And, Hillary?"

"She shall be hanged."

"How will Clinton die?’

"See bullets riddle his body?"

"Will anyone be elected after him?"

"Child, not until my return will your land see freedom again."

"Oh, My Lord, I am deeply saddened by this. Times have been plentiful and we have grown in freedom, but as you say it has been the wheat with the tares".

"Child, take the quill, and place a drop of living water of the page of time."

"My Lord, I have done so; and I see something, which looks like a streak of lightening, course the page rapidly."

"Look, Child."

"My Lord, I see Wall Street closed. Is this permanently, or for a while only?"

"Child, operating one half day. Look how your market has fallen."

"My Lord, I see it down past 2000, with much bleakness. I see long lines of people waiting for food stamps and rations and each has the pants of his pockets turned out to show that he has no money. I see airplanes, parked at the terminals and businesses working only partial days. Across the top of The New York Times it reads, ‘Wall Street at all time low.’ My Lord, when is this?"

"See, Child, fall of 1998."

"My Lord, I see the leaves dropping from the trees. The date is Oct. 10, 1998. But, the Market has been dropping steadily for months."

"Child, the owners of your press have played up scares; as they want the USA to fall before the Earth flips."

"Why, My Lord?"

"Child, these believe that when the Earth flips, you will see a great spiritual awakening; and they wish to catch you unawares in the height of your decadence."

"My Lord, I ask for further confirmation on this time line of the Earth’s flipping."

"Child, take the quill."

"I have it, My Lord; and I proceed to place a drop of the liquid on the page, where it pops and cracks, and a large planet emerges, which is several times the size of Earth. How much larger, My Lord?"

"Child, see, … almost four times larger."

"Does it have satellites?"

"See, Child, one, two, three, and some smaller ones, which appear as large rocks."

"How close will this planet come to the Earth?"

"Eight to ten million miles."

"My Lord, how can we be deceived about this planet?"

"Child, who controls your media?"

"Those, who love illusion and deceit."

"But, it seems that something of this magnitude would get out."

"Child, it will. A few months before the passing."

"And, the date again?"

"Feb., 2000. Go and compare this with the date given to you previously."

"I shall, My Lord." (This is the same date.)

"Remember, Child, you have been told in advance that the Earth will flip. Advice: Get away from oceans and great mountainous areas. Prepare an underground shelter inland; for the winds shall be in excess of 300mph. Tornadoes and hurricanes shall roar for two to three months afterward. Now, Child, take a break. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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