From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, welcome to the radiance of this Mountain and the chair called ‘Wisdom and Knowledge.’ Sit, take your son-glasses, and get ready to view through my eyes. Write as given and seen."

"My Lord, I am aware of such radiance here and feel deeply in awe. I am greatly humbled and thank you that I am allowed to be a small part of Your works. I recognize my humanness and feel so unworthy; for You are so great and I am a mere human. Please be with me as I stand before You and Your mighty angels."

"Do not degrade yourself before Me. I cherish all, who love Me. I know your weaknesses, Child, but you come with love for Me and a willing heart."

"My Lord, I do."

"You have many questions about The US soldier from a previous prophecy."

"Yes, My Lord, let us start from the beginning of the visions of 09-16-97. My Lord, I am curious as to the twelve items I ate from the tray?"

"Adjust your son-glasses and look at the tray. What does it say?"

"It says ‘manna.’"

"Child, this is heavenly food, which many of you will receive to empower you; for assaults against you by the evil one and his are unending."

"My Lord, I love You with all my heart, and You know that You are my Life. Your love for us is without bounds and You provide our every need. Yet, Your ways baffle my simple mind. Why did you send twelve food items?"

"Child, look beneath the tray. What is written?"

"My Lord, I have turned the tray to look beneath, and see only pure brightness. From within this great brightness, I see someone emerge with the kindest of eyes. He says, ‘I am Peter. I represent The Twelve.’ Then, he puts a necklace around my neck. The necklace is made of stones of radiant white light. ‘A gift from The Twelve,’ he says. My Lord, the radiance from the stones is flowing down my body, my arms and up my head, down my abdomen and legs. There is great beauty and peace in this. Was the manna was a gift from The Twelve Apostles?"

"‘Tis so."

"My Lord, know and accept my humility and deep love for these precious souls."

"This is known and accepted. Child, they wish to help strengthen, protect and empower all, who make it back to The Mountain. Theirs is a work you are not aware of; yet, they continue to do a great work."

"My Lord, what happened to Judas?"

"Child, as I forgive, so must you. I have the whole picture and you do not. For this reason, you have been told, ‘judge not.’"

"Yes, My Lord. I am curious as to how long this empowerment will stay with me, as I am still plagued with aspects of this autoimmune disease."

"Your life has been saved many times through this power from above, and from the work of My Holy Angels. The Luciferians have tried to kill you many times, as they knew of your work to come. You have had a difficult life, and it will not get easier in some ways. But, you know what is ahead.

Each of you has a shell, a house, called a body. This body is for a while only, Child; therefore, focus on the journey of the soul. And do those things, which bring My Power, My Light, and My spirit to the soul. Do these. Put your focus on these.

Breaking spiritual laws brings darkness to your soul and gives Satan and his dominion over you. He demands an eye for an eye. I provide grace and forgiveness. But, how can I provide grace and forgiveness if you dishonor me, or if you reject me in your life. Many walk blind to my ways.

I am just and you must remember this. But, when you follow Satan, you fall under his demands; and he will lead you into damnation, yea darkness. Remember: salvation comes only through me.

"My Lord, I do understand this. You know I have been in the darkness and I have a sense of great sorrow for those caught up in it.

Now, My Lord, I would like to ask you of the dome-shaped building in the previous visions of September 16, 1997. Please explain this to me."

"Adjust your son-glasses and look down."

"I am looking at this dome-shaped building and cannot quite figure it out."

"Go back through the guard gate to the elevator. What do you see?"

"I am here at the elevator and it is open. As I move in I see a floor mat, which says ‘USSR.’ I am reaching for the elevator buttons, but I see that there is only one button. An array of fiberglass-like strands has appeared in the air, waving around the button. I curse these strands to nothingness and they fall onto the floor, like powder. But the powder has now turned into big, red ants, which are moving up my pants legs."

"Red ants, I curse you to death in the name of Jesus Christ! My Lord, the ants have fallen down dead and I am taking the elevator down to the lower level, where I saw the soldiers get on. As the elevator door opens all is quiet, but, suddenly to my left, I hear a bird squawking. I see a large raven fighting with another big, black raven. They are standing upon a cylindrical shaped object of about ten feet tall and three feet in diameter. One raven says to the other, ‘I will kill you, bastard!’ And the other raven says, ‘Don’t hurt me!’ What is going on?"

"Child, who are the ravens?"

"I am looking for a name. Suddenly, they disappear along with the cylindrical object. A door opens, which was behind the cylindrical object. Out comes Saddam Hussein with a smoking gun. I look in the room to see Boris Yeltsin, shot in the chest. You mean, Hussein kills Yeltsin?"

"Child, he does through his Muslim factions."

"What does this have to do with The US and Russian soldiers?"

"Child, see The US and Russian soldiers connected at the hip pocket, the money pocket?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"See them break and go their separate ways?"

"Yes, My Lord."

‘Why do you suppose this is?"

"Because Yeltsin is killed?"

"This and more."

"Like what?"


"Treason by whom?"

"Yeltsin and his."

"How so?"

"They have committed the unforgivable."

"Which is?"

"Being joined at the hip with The USA."

"So, the hammer is about to go down in Russia, and this is really brought about by Iraq?"

"Iraq and Muslims in Russia. They despise the USA and all it represents."

"So, to them the USA and Russia have been synonymous."

"‘Tis so."

"So, from the vision we see that The Russians go their way to spy on us?"

"This will be amplified. But, as you know, it has been going on for years."

"I see the US Military is blocked from expansion by Germany, and the average person is blinded to this?"

"‘Yes, indeed! The average person is blinded to this."

"My Lord, I see the unfolding of the pictures from the hip pockets of The US Soldier and The Russian Soldier. Since there are many pictures, I suppose this to mean that I will be given other visions on this."

"‘Tis so, Child."

"Please explain the picture which reads, ‘With Love, Peter, Paul and Mary.’"

"Child, who do you believe these to be?"

"My Lord, not the popular singers, but your mother on Earth, and Peter and Paul, The Apostles."

"Yes, Child. They send their love for the suffering and dying. For, such utter darkness unfolds."

"And, The Marine?"

"Child, it speaks for self. He pays homage to those dying of much disease amidst communist rule, represented by the red candles."

"What is Bush doing there with The Rothschild man?"

"Honoring his agreement."

"Which is?"

"Destruction of many billions of you."

"How long will George Bush be allowed to continue in his evil?"

"Until the water gets hot."

"What do you mean?"

"Until I reach down and burn him personally."

"When will this be?"

"See … 2002. I will burn him with the steam, the hot water. He shall not escape his evil, neither in this life, nor in the life to come."

"And the marine, who is poisoned by the German pharmaceutical trade?"

"Many of your military are poisoned by their trade."

"Is this actually hydrogen cyanide or something else?"

"Something just as deadly."

"And they will actually be fed this and told it will cure them or prevent disease?"

"Prevent disease."

"And what of the woman with the red cross which reads ‘Little Italy?’"

"Child, what does the red cross represent?"

"The Germans."

"‘Tis so."

"And Little Italy?"

"The Mafia."

"So, The Mafia is connected to the Germans, … that is to The Rothschild family?"

"More than you will ever know."

"But the nurse became Hussein?"

"‘Tis so, but the shoes said ‘Little Italy.’"

"Please explain."

"Where does Hussein get much support early on?"

"The Mafia."

"Then, speaks for self."

"Is this ever a mess! Every evil person on the planet uses and abuses every other evil one to climb to the top. They cannot be separated from one another."

"They represent the same force."

"Why is Hussein carrying so much Hydrogen Cyanide in his pocket?"

"You mean so much poison, nerve and chemical agents?’

"I guess so, My Lord."

"To kill you, to own you, to cause you to worship him."

"And the straw, which reads ‘ablaze with nuclear war?’"

"It is in his mouth, is it not?"

"It is."

"And his teeth, his military might, chew on this straw. Do they not?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, Hussein is ablaze with military war. It comes from his teeth, his military, and he causes much of it. The noxious cloud, which you see coming from his mouth, is nuclear war."

"What is the cough?"

"More clouds of nuclear war."

"So, he starts this war and this diarrhea follows. Tell me about the diarrhea."

"It follows the cough and creates a puddle, does it not?"

"Yes, My Lord. And, who accumulates in the puddle?"

"His Arab alliance. What is the puddle, Child?"

"I do not know."

"Look at the puddle. Do you see a reflection?"

"I do see a reflection, My Lord, and it is of a fat man, who looks like a king. He is a king, I suppose. And, he is at a very large table eating a huge plate of meat. As he eats the meat, he tosses the bones into a big pile behind him. He is eating legs of lamb. I do not know who this man is."

"Child, look beneath his plate. It says ‘Rockefeller.’"

"So, Rockefeller destruction is the puddle?"

"Child, he (Hussein) defecates on The Rockellers, and their destruction is seen in the puddle. The Arab Alliance gathers in the defecation to rejoice."

"Why would they rejoice about this defecation?"

"Child, what is the defecation which comes after nuclear war?"


"Exactly. It is destruction to The Rockefellers."

"So, Rockefeller is a king of sorts?"

"More than any of you know."

"And he will be responsible for killing your sheep?"

"He has been behind the wars of many religions factions: Yugoslavia, Ireland, and Africa are but three. He has fed the fire to bring about destruction and your press has covered up and lied for him and his."

"So, why do the little gnomes spell ‘Out to Lunch?’"

"Who is out to lunch?"

"The Rockefellers."

"‘Tis so."

"My Lord, I see these Arabs go to the gates of Israel, but do not attack. Is there more?"

"Yes, Child, but, let us stop for today that you can attend to business. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of September, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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