From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, through great prayer and supplication, you have been brought to this upper room of My Mountain, most pure. You have asked for healing for the painful area beneath your clavicle, and this shall be given readily to you. Before this day is gone, so will this pain be gone. You asked for healing of the muscle spasms in your neck and shoulder, and were told that this would be so within 24 hours. And, as you see, this has been so, with no effort on your part. You are experiencing some of the miraculous; for I healed you of this problem, which would have sent you to a doctor. Remember, Child, I am the greatest physician.

Now, as for another praying against you, he is blinded but I shall make him see. In the interim, I return his arrows to his feet; for if he used My gift of discernment, he would know that you serve Me, Your Lord Jesus Christ, one with Jehovah. Child, you find yourself on a new level, where the energies are more radiant, and there is no need to walk; for you need only to image, and it is so. In time, you will learn to come here and create great miracles on Earth; but your focus now is on the written word, of which I am the author.

Child, go to the desk in front of you and sit, though this is not necessary; for you can suspend yourself easily in these energies, but your mind and spirit are not accustomed to this. So, sit, take the quill, and place one drop of living water from the quill onto the page of time. Record as seen and given."

"My Lord, I see what you mean about this new level; I am so light that I am floating above the chair. Yet, I am at such peace that this does not bother me; the beauty of this light is deeply soothing.

I place one drop of living water on the page and as it falls gently from this quill, I see a door of radiant, golden-white light emerge. Across the door is the date, ‘2002’, which quickly dissolves in pure, white light, and the door opens slowly to show Queen Elizabeth giving some keys to a woman. ‘Keys to my kingdom,’ she says. Queen Anne reaches out and takes the keys; then I see the body of the Queen, as it lies in state. The door closes slowly and the vision is gone."

"Proceed again, Child."

"My Lord, from the quill comes another drop of living water, which falls gently on the page of time, and a deep blue radiance hits me in the face. It fades quickly to a pale blue, like that of a clear stream, and within it I see an image of Prince Charles of England, standing beside a white horse. Camilla Parker Bowles comes beneath the belly of the horse and takes his hand; then they walk to a simple, wooden buggy for two and climb in. As they ride away, I see a ‘Just Married’ sign on the back of the carriage. A large, black horse pulls the buggy; and with each step it keeps sinking deeper into the red mud until it finally disappears. Charles gets out, stares at the horseless carriage and scratches his head as dandruff falls all over him. He sees that they have the carriage but no power. Charles goes up to Camilla and kisses her hand, which is radiant with diamonds. ‘I am not concerned about my future. I have you,’ he says. ‘We shall retire to the country home.’ Then the two begin to walk toward the Scottish country home; and they are within clear sights of the home when a helicopter appears. A soldier in the helicopter puts a megaphone to his mouth yells, ‘Charles, come back. The Queen needs you. She is dying.’

As the helicopter flies away, Charles looks at Camilla and utters, ‘The old bloke. We have our lives. Let us live them in peace.’ Charles closes the wrought iron gates in front of his Scottish home and on the gates are the words, ‘sinister works.’ Once inside the castle, Charles paces back and forth and exclaims, ‘Oh, what use am I to this kingdom!? Let her rest in peace!’ Then, he gets in bed with Camilla and goes to sleep. The vision begins to fade quickly until black covers the page; then the black disappears, leaving pale blue."

"Proceed, Child."

"My Lord, I place another drop of living water on the page of time and I see a dark entranceway made of railroad ties, which leads into a cave in the side of a huge mountain. A date above the entrance reads ’2004.’ I look deep inside the cave and I see the evil ‘R’ man, who has built a bonfire; and keeps piling on the wood.

A big, fat man named ‘Europe’ comes up behind him and says, ‘They shall hang you for your checkered past. All is known and you shall no longer escape your creditors. Czechoslovakia is ready to go and the panic buttons are being pushed worldwide. You are walking on wooden legs, so do not get too close to the fire; for you have created something, which is going to burn you.'’

Then, the spirit of a huge, evil demon, aglow with red flames, springs from within the fire. ‘Hail to the chief,’ the evil demon says. ‘How shall I serve you, Master?’ The evil ‘R’ man scratches his head and dandruff falls onto his right shoulder. ‘Get me some aspirin; I have a mighty headache named ‘Poland.’ Help me; this thing is out of control. How dare them want to eat at a time like this! Decadence! Decadence!’ The evil spirit materializes a bottle of aspirin and pours them into the open hands of the evil ‘R’ man. He puts two handfuls into his mouth and exclaims, ‘Elixir! Elixir for the soul!’

Inside the head of the ‘R’ man, a little gnome appears and begins to play a xylophone. The music is light and airy at first; but soon the sounds of a loud foghorn intervene, drowning out the xylophone. Deep mourns of the fog horn fill the air and chickens come running toward the ‘R’ man from all directions. Many jump right into the fire and the smell of roasting meat fills the cave. ‘I am hungry,’ the ‘R’ man says, ‘and I shall eat some of this meat.’ He pulls a chick from the fire named ‘Romania’ and cleans its bones. I see ‘Paris’ jump in and another named ‘Brussels.’ The evil ‘R’ man eats the chickens until his belly is big and fat, and when he tries to get up, he cannot; for, he is walking on wooden legs, and has not mastered the walk. On one of his legs is written, ‘terrible’ and on the other is written, ‘mess.’ He struggles to stand upright, but each time he stands, he loses his balance. Finally, he staggers to his feet, and makes it to the cave door, which is the basement exit from his castle. He is about to exit the door when he hears a rustling in the leaves outside. He looks up to see a raven-haired man, whose face is covered with a black bandana; and he rides a black horse. The black bandana bears a small red strip all the way around its perimeter and the name on the side of the saddle is ‘Iraq.’ On the left side of the saddle is written ‘Syria on the rise.’

The ‘R’ man tries to run the three flights of stairs to the top of his castle, but is limited to crawling because of the wooden legs. The bandit, seeing him attempt to flee, dismounts the horse and pursues him. The evil Rothschild man crawls hurriedly on all fours, rushing to get to his precious computers. He is just ahead of the dark bandit as he crawls up to them and pulls up records. The computers are covered with copious amounts of dust and rust, but the date, 2001 is still visible atop one of the machines. ‘Damn them!’ he says. ‘2001 was a damn killer!’ Then, he wades through piles financial records to a running computer; across its screen is ‘New World Order, Alive and Well.’ He touches the keys to type a message, but the computer is jammed. ‘Damn you! I raised you! I fed you! I clothed you! And, in my hour of need, you have deserted me!’ Then, he takes a gun and fires into the computer, but the bullets bounces off and hit him in the right leg.

Fear churns within him; for he hears the bandit dragging chains up the stairs. Quickly, the ‘R’ man sends a message from the teletype. ‘Geronimo! Geronimo! Geronimo,’ he pleads. ‘Let us have peace! I proclaim a new 15-point plan for peace! Let us surrender to an age of peace! A chicken for every pot!’ The news goes out and the people rejoice; but the ‘R’ man does not rejoice. From the heights of his castle, he looks over the balcony and sees Arabs on black horses, surrounding his castle. Within seconds the big bandit storms his room; he kicks the evil ‘R’ man, beats him with chains, spits on him and leaves him for dead. But, the ‘R’ man is not dead; and when he thinks the soldier is gone, he begins to stir, to move a limb, a finger or two, and to bat an eye. He is planning to stand again, but the dark bandit is still in the castle, watching him through a keyhole.

When the rider of the dark horse sees the movement of the evil ‘R’ man, he storms into the room and fills him full of bullets. He shoots the evil ‘R’ man until little is left of him but a pile of raw meat and a pool of blood. Then, the huge soldier takes the remnants of the evil ’R’ man and hangs him from a tree outside; all that remains of the Rothschild tree in the castle is a small stump. Then the bandit pours gasoline all over the stump and sets it afire. The burning stump creates a smoldering pile of rubbish’; then the huge soldier looks beneath the pile to see some of the ‘R’ family in hiding. ‘Nuke them to the death of the very last one!’ he orders. The black vulture tries to flee, but is vaporized; then the entire castle is vaporized. Around the world, the people rejoice; for they believe they have been saved. Then, the picture fades until it is gone.

My Lord, a most beautiful angel comes and places a cape of radiant white light around my shoulders. The cape quickly disappears into my robe as the angel speaks some words, which seem to make the air come alive. These words are translated ‘The love of the prophets’, and my heart is warmed with pure heavenly love. Then, the angel disappears.

I place another drop of living water on the page of time and something, which is cream-colored and thick like putty, bubbles up and flies off the page."

"Smear some of it on the wall before you."

"I do this quickly, My Lord, and I see it spread rapidly across the entire, white wall, crackling, popping and twinkling. Amidst this activity the year ‘2001’ emerges in golden-white light. Then, the entire wall disappears quickly, and I see a rabbi, who looks very worried. He paces back in forth in a Jewish synagogue, which is packed with people. Outside, a long line waits to get in. Some carry banners, which read ‘Israel, losing the war.’ Many sick and dying lie in front of the synagogue, seeking God’s miracles. They are all praying and begging for help from God. The rabbi breaks a loaf of bread and gives each a small piece, for food is very short.

As I look out over Jerusalem, I see a great angel in the air, followed by a long line of angels. This great angel holds up his sword and says, ‘Not yet. Not yet.’ This line of angels goes around the Earth three times; and I hear the words, ‘angels and saints, angels and saints.’ UN troops are all over Israel, and the tattered Israeli flag still flies beside the UN Flag. A very long line of military tanks leads off into the distance and signs on them read ‘Arab Alliance.’

The Rabbi follows a stairway into an area beneath the synagogue. Soon, he returns with machine guns and ammo, which he gives to people around the synagogue. Others help to distribute boxes of ammo and weapons to each person, and many disappear through underground tunnels. My Lord, they are fortifying their land and calling every citizen to fight. I see these words appear in very large, black letters: ‘WAR! WAR! WAR! NOT DEFEATED YET! NOT DEFEATED YET!’ Then, I hear them whisper among themselves, ‘Not defeated yet! Not defeated yet.’

My Lord, this vision is gone, and I place another drop of this living water on the page. Straightaway, I see a roadrunner emerge from within a field of white light. Suddenly, the roadrunner turns into an ostrich and begins to run at breakneck speeds. Finally, it comes to rest at a pond in a green field, where it begins to eat and to drink. As I focus on the ostrich, it begins to fade and Saddam Hussein emerges in a tent, conversing with a Chinese military man. Hussein takes his knife and makes an ‘X’ on the palm of his hand and the Chinese takes the knife and does likewise. Each places his hand atop the other’s bleeding hand, and a covenant is made; but Hussein is bleeding badly and the Chinese sheds no more than a few drops.

‘Ah, Chinese blood! I shall own you one day,’ Hussein says to himself. The covenant is made, and the Chinese leader gets up to exit the tent, but Hussein trips him, and he falls face first into the hot desert sand. Hussein is turned talking to a man from Saudi Arabia, and does not see the missing teeth of the Chinese man in the sand. The Chinese leader is embarrassed, then mystified as to why a friend would trip him. He becomes angry, aloof, and takes on the appearance of a fox.

Hussein continues to act like a friend of the Chinese fox, embracing him in a jovial way. Yet, the Chinese leader goes underground at night and makes duck calls to all below in hiding ‘Quack, quack! Quack, quack.’ The fox buddies up to Hussein with mirrors on his shoes and telephoto lens on his shoulders and rear. The fox constantly relays pictures to satellites, but still plays and parties with Hussein.

A deep, black night falls upon Hussein in the desert and he is totally blind. The fox has the advantage over Hussein, the roadrunner; for roadrunners must have the light of day to see how to run, but foxes run well at night. Hussein tries to run at night; and when he does, he runs straight up against a wall called ‘Arab Alliance.’ Hussein hits his head hard against this wall; and while he is seeing stars, a sneaky one, named ‘Syria’, who bears the countenance of a snake, slits Hussein’s throat. The body of Hussein lays on the desert floor and bleeds to death in the darkness of the night.

The year 2005 is near the horizon, but cannot be seen yet. The red, black and white checkered snake sits in a chair and suddenly turns into a king with five crowns. In the center of the crowns is a dark golden ball of light. ‘I shall go neither to the right, nor left, neither up nor down; for I have the scales of balance,’ says the kingly snake. On the scales are the words, ‘My Will.’ The king with five crowns takes a scepter and breaks it over the head of Iraq; then, he takes a second scepter, beats it over the head of Iran and heads toward Pakistan, but Pakistan cowers.

The sly fox hides in the mountains with telephoto lens and watches the Syrian; but the snake is more cunning than the fox. When the fox was not looking, the snake springs from among the rocks and bites him many times all over his back and head. The fox is very swollen over his whole body and is left to die; but, as he is about to die, a throng of Chinese peasants whisks him away on a stretcher.

The Syrian snake writes:

No more fighting!
No more killing!
Peace, peace, peace!

A chicken in every pot,
A pot for every table.
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
Jobs in world reconstruction!

The world is headed in a new direction
Of love, joy, and obedience to universal causes.

(‘My Causes,’ he chuckles. ‘For, I am supreme, and I own the swine!’)


This is the edict!
One universal church,
The Church of the World,
Forbids intermarriage to one,
Who does not belong to the Church.

It forbids fornication
Among those not belonging to the Church.
It forbids birth to a mother,
Not belonging to the Church.

I promise eternal salvation
To all through the one and only church,
My Church of Triumph and Universal Salvation.

I am the Christ … the only Christ!
There will be no blasphemy
Against universal causes of good and peace!

Seek and you shall find!
For, I shall restore the Earth
To a state of balance through my Church!

I shall restore peace!
There shall be no guns or violence!
This shall be enforced strictly!
I am god supreme of Earth!
And, I own Earth and its people.

All shall fall to worship me!
There shall be no dissidence!
And, for your worship
I provide all needs!

Those, who love and honor the only god,
Will receive my identification mark,
Which will allow you freedom at the marketplace.
Those opposing, serve the evil one;
And will not be allowed to live!

I am Jehovah!
I am god supreme of Earth!
I rule all!
Those, who follow me,
Will have all their needs met!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
Peace and protection by my forces,
And to mine, eternal salvation!
No allegiance, sudden death!
No exception to the rules!


Then, I see someone, who looks like Darth Vader of Star Wars, going through the streets of all the cities. From this evil presence flees the clones, dressed in black; and they travel the world over. The heightened senses of the evil clones allow them to spot dissidents straightaway; they gather up the dissidents, haul them before firing squads and guillotines and kill them each morning in public squares. Then, their bodies are burned openly in public bonfires as poor family members look on and weep.

Many go openly to register under the new system and each is given a shot into the right hand or directly under the skin in the forehead. The shot contains a liquid with three or four computer chips, which serve three purposes: location; poison and mind control. Those, who take these injections, will be killed slowly by deadly neurotoxins; and those, who receive these injections in their heads, fare the worst, as the neurotoxins begin to effect the brain very quickly.

The locator devices receive messages sent out from radio stations worldwide. The following are some of the types of messages, beamed at these unsuspecting individuals:

1. I want to kill myself. I want to kill others.
2. I am a tramp. I crave sex and adultery.
3. I have total allegiance to this government.
4. I will turn on all, who are dissenters.
5. Dissenters are my enemies. They hate me and wish to kill me.

These kinds of mind-control messages are beamed daily into the bodies of the ones, who take this ‘mark.’ The neurotoxins will cloud judgement and inhibit impulse control. Those who love darkness, and the ignorant and unsuspecting will take this mark; but the wise will flee to the mountains and hide in the caves. God will guide many to safety through prophecies. Bands of light will protect many of God’s elect and Lucifer and his clones will not find them. God’s will provide many miracles to his Beloved Ones, who flee. On the surface, it may seem that these Luciferians are winning, but they are doing only what God allows. He is bringing the end to an evil system.

The Syrian snake, dressed in a black and white with a red robe and five crowns goes through the streets all over Europe, the USA, China and elsewhere, throwing out candy from his vehicle. Those, on the sidelines, pick up the candy and read its label, ‘I worship the beast.’ This candy must not be eaten, for it is laced with poisons and control mechanisms. This snake will try to deceive those into the taking of this ‘mark’, who will not do so willingly. Yet, these forced ‘marks’ will prove to be powerless over those, who truly love and serve Jesus. They will disintegrate and disappear; and the toxins will dissolve. This is the power of Jesus Christ upon his people.

These pictures slowly fade and I see an angel come to me at this desk. She adjusts the robe around my neck. ‘One more vision,’ she says. So, I take the plume and release a drop of radiant, living water upon the page. The drop hits the page of time and pops and crackles, like boiling water. As this boiling disappears, I see an angel, wearing a cape like mine, come through a door of radiant white light. ‘Take the date from the tub before you,’ she says.

So, I reach down into the tub and take the date, which says ‘1998.’ Then, I reach again and take out a ‘twelve,’ then, another ‘twelve.’ I put them on the wall … 12, 12, 1998 … that is Dec.12, 1998. Then, the angel says, ‘Go through the door before you.’ I pass quickly through this radiant white door and a newspaper clipping falls before me. I catch it and read what is written, ‘USA devastated by atomic warfare … Dec. 12, 1998.’ Then, the paper goes up in flames and a knight upon a horse comes to rest in front of me. The knight throws me a large, dark bundle. I reach to catch it, but it is very heavy. The weight of it pulls me to my knees, but I fiercely hold onto the bundle. The knight turns to leave and I see on the rear of the horse, ‘Dec. 12, 1998.’ I try to get up with the bundle, but cannot, as it is too heavy.

A radiant, white light falls upon me and I hear Jesus say, ‘Child, rise above this.’ I rise above the dark bundle into the white light and look at it from above. On the top of the dark bundle are the words, ‘Death to America, Dec. 12, 1998.’ The dead weight of the bundle lies far below; and I shed a tear, called ‘helpless,’ which falls upon the dark bundle. Where it falls, a flower called ‘love’ begins to grow. Green grass grows up around this flower and spreads, causing the darkness of war to fade, wherever it grows. From above, the blades of green grass look like a thick carpet, spreading across the land. But, as I look closer, I can see that the blades of green grass are actually scattered here and there, with distance between each blade. On each green blade is written, ‘I survived the holocaust!’

Soon, the vision fades and I hear the familiar voice of My Lord Jesus, ‘Child, you have seen much; yet, much remains. I shall empower you to type and make ready for publication.

I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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