From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You bear concern with the last, few messages; for, I did not identify myself in the beginning of each message as Jesus, and you fear that you could have been tricked. Child, it was I, Jesus, the Christed One, the Redeemer, who brought you the messages. Do you not fully recognize My voice and My Spirit after all these years? Do you not recognize the feel of My Spirit, the sight of My energies and the presence of My power?"

"My Lord, I am always concerned about being tricked by the evil one or deceived by my own self. This is a difficult path and I do my best to write as given of you; but, you know how the Evil One has dogged me."

"Child, you come long in prayer; you bind the demons, sent to attack you; and you ask for great fortification from My hedge, My shield, and My armor around you, your family, and your property. You ask that mighty warrior angels be stationed around you, your house and property; and you beg for the presence of the Holy Spirit in and around you. Child, do you believe that these prayers are unanswered when you show such devotion to Me day after day?"

"My Lord, I do not doubt you. I doubt me; for, I am a vessel with many holes."

"Child, My Spirit fills holes and brings completion. Have you not seen this?"

"Yes, My Lord, I have seen this."

"You get up to turn off the heat as you believe it to be hot; but My Spirit warms you."

"My Lord, forgive me these doubts. I need assurance; for I feel as if I am a child, who is just beginning to read."

"I do know this, and I know that yours is no easy journey; for you rely on the voice of One, unseen, and you rely an unseen Hand; but this Hand shall be unseen less and less as you go along. For, It shall dip down, and bring mighty miracles before your very eyes."

"Just yesterday, did you not see the hostile attitude of one changed to kind and loving? This was because of your perfect prayers, spoken in the Spirit. This attitude could have gone on and festered, but it was healed through the miracle of My Spirit at work. Do not discount the miraculous, which comes through your deep seeking and praying."

"My Lord, I thank you deeply for this pep talk; forgive my weaknesses."

"Child, your weaknesses are known. A strong one admits weaknesses and a weak one ignores or defends them. Now, look at the radiant energies around you in My upper room. Look through the window at the previous levels; and see My chair far below. Then, look before you and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, You stand before me; You are exceedingly tall, dressed in white and Your body rises far above. I fall to your feet and see the indentations made by the impaling of the nails. I kiss and embrace your feet and feel the holes. The love, which comes from You, is all-consuming; I feel deeply humbled and know great sadness for a world, gone awry. ‘Jesus’ how precious the name, a name above all others! My Lord, the sweetness of Your love bathes me; it takes away my sorrows and makes my heart joyful. Thank you, Precious Jesus, You are my Light.

In a moment, you are gone; and I remain here on bended knees with bittersweet memories. The power, the love, which has come from this brief encounter, has touched me to the very core of my soul. Now, that you are gone, I feel that a dearest friend and a cherished family member has left me and I am left with a hole in my heart."

"Child, I am more than a voice and a vision; and you bear a deep conviction within you heart that I am, who I say. You have this deep knowing; for I have appeared to you more than once. This deep knowing, Child, is the Spirit of Prophecy; and no one can prophesy without it? Get up, sit in the white chair by the window and receive a blessing."

"My Lord, these are finer energies and require a different kind of discernment, but as I sit in this chair, I am aware that someone is coming toward me, dressed in white. He wears a little, rounded, white cap, like those worn in some religious circles; and he reaches out and adjusts two crowns on my head, one smaller placed behind a large crown. Then, he runs his hand down my spine and across my shoulders and says, ‘Blessings from Our Lord, Jesus Christ.’ Immediately, the soreness from my spine and shoulders is gone; and as this pain disappears, so does he."

"Child, your spine along your neck gives you much pain; and your shoulders knot up so that you have trouble typing. Is the pain gone?"

"Yes, My Lord, all is gone. Who is this man and what are these crowns?"

"Child, he is a messenger from Me. The larger crown is the crown of righteousness and the smaller crown is the crown of obedience. For, one goes with the other, and you have had both for some time; but you forget them. No one can be a prophet without these two crowns; yet some have more crowns than others. My Power comes with these crowns; don’t forget this. Where one loves Me much and honors Me, I honor them without fail; but, Child, the key here is love and honor over time. The prophetic is not the walk of the babe, even though you may feel like a babe and be perceived as a babe, you are no babe. For, you have a third crown; it is a small crown, called the Crown of Faith. Do you see?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"For, you cannot walk this path without much faith. Now, Child, you have concern about many things, and, for reason; for, much unfolds quickly. Look before you at the image of the woman, named ‘No Way Out’; she has a full apron, called "Destiny; and it is gathered up around her waist; but the apron has a hole. And try as she might, the woman cannot keep the goods within the apron; for destiny brings calamity and there is no way out!

When all begins to unfold, each event will be followed very quickly by the next; and the series will begin with the fall of your stock market. You are already seeing a foreboding of things to come through your weather patterns and volcanoes, but you have seen nothing yet. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 28th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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