From the Mountain, Book II


"Precious Child, blessed is the day you were born. And, blessed be the days of all, who were born to carry My truths--My Word--and My power among the lost and destitute. For, I shall restore you when you are weak. I shall feed you when you hunger. I shall clothe you when you are naked. I shall guide you when you are lost, and I shall visit you through dream and vision. I shall lie beside you when you are weary, and I shall comfort you when you are sad. I shall move you when you must flee; and I shall empower you when you need the means to flee. I shall lay a loaf on your table when you see no way to eat, and I shall multiply this bread before your very eyes. I shall bring you new shoes when your shoes have holes, and I shall bathe you with My pure water when you need bathing. I shall lift you up at the last day and I shall bring you home to go out no more; for, you have traveled long and you are weary.

I shall wash your feet of the earth dust, give you new clothes and a crown. I shall enlighten you to a new life, a new way, a new road; and never again will you thirst, hunger or know loneliness and despair. Never again will you cry or beg. Never again will you search and long for something, yet you know not what. Never again will you know the pains of birth or the agony of crossing into consciousness. Never again will you wail like a lost child; for, you shall drink of My cup of eternal love. This cup has no bottom and overfloweth for each of mine.


The time is at hand like none other. I shall not intervene if you choose the way of darkness over My way. I have availed you a free choice, and would not stop your choices if I could; for, in your choices you make or break you own self. I have provided you a gentle, loving way, a road unfettered with the traps of the worldly glitter. I have provided you a sure way out of the land of toil and trouble.

Yet, it is illusion, which the greatest numbers of you prefer. My heart aches for your losses; but you have made your choices clear to Me. Blame not this prophetess as she lays your cards of destiny before you. For, you have chosen your cards. Know that they are not cards of chance, but cards of choice. The wise one chooses My simple, uncomplicated way; he humbles himself before Me and puts all the material in perspective.

Giving is the nature of loving--giving with an unselfish heart full of deep, genuine compassion and concern. The selfish heart--the one full of love for Satan and his illusions-- puts things before others.

Now, Precious Child, you see yourself once again atop My Holy Mountain, most pure and radiant. From this stance, you can look down and see many levels. The souls on the lower levels must not be faulted for their perception of My Word; for, many of these are babes and they need tender nurturing, not condemnation. If any is to be judged or condemned, I will do so.

Carry them the truth, Child, that they may drink of it at all levels on this Mountain. By bringing one to the light, you may bring many. Remember this! By bringing one to the darkness, each of you may also bring many, as you do not live in a vacuum. Know that every word, yea every thought, is energy on a collision course with energy some place else. Let your thoughts be powerful and of Me; and let your actions be fair, reasonable and just. Stand in the gap for Me.

For those on the upper levels of this Mountain, I expect much more. I expect constant prayer, much fasting and strict obedience to Me and My word. I expect you to be My messengers, My truth bearers. I expect you to be My warriors and My healers. Indeed, you are My prophets and apostles; and I empower you to heal and to bring forth miracles. I empower you with wisdom, knowledge, and discernment; and I empower you to be a beacon for My Light. I empower you to build up, and I empower you to bring down. You carry my two-edged sword in your mouth, and I empower you to curse and to speak My fire. I raise you up to stand over nations; and from you, I expect much. Remember who you are: to whom much is given, much is expected.

Now, Child, you have seen something of your station. Be not concerned about where someone else fits on this Mountain. Just bring others to the Mountain. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"I have nurtured you over the last ten years. I have guided you through terrible storms of self, through sickness and disease, through poverty and food shortages, through loneliness, despair, great searching and longing. I have brought you up slowly through great inner seeking and longing. Child, I do not give you what I know you cannot handle, but what I know you can handle and carry through. Yours is a great work, which will keep many from falling to the wiles of the evil one. This work will give others the faith and courage to carry on and will continue to bring others to Me long after you are gone. Child, you are a way shower, ordained of Me. Yes, it was I, who came to you in a dream last night."

"My Lord, You were dressed in white, and I knew when I saw You in the dream that I loved You so. Then, You dumped a great deal of fertilizer at me feet, and You told me You were making fertilizer. Yet, it did not look like fertilizer, as it was do radiant."

"Nay, Child, it was not earthly fertilizer; it was My Word. You think it looked like pearls, Child; but, My word, My Pearls of Wisdom, cannot compare to pearls in the earthly world."

"Then, why would the word, ‘fertilizer’, appear in the dream?"

"My Word, Child, is fertilizer for the soul. A soul can grow quickly in Me and My ways through obedience to My word. This is My way."

"My Lord, when I reached out to hug You, You reached far into the heavens and shone with such radiance. And when I awoke, I knew that you had given me the dream."

"Child, I have known the weight upon your soul as to what you see unfold. You have seen the ravages of Lucifer upon your homeland and around the world. Yet, Child, you have brought this upon yourselves. When you live my laws, I am bound to you. When you forsake me, Lucifer has full rights. This is the law. My righteous anger has been kindled against a nation I have nurtured for much time. My foot is upon you and I turn my face from you; for, your ways are an abomination in My sight.

I have warned you, Child, and I have warned others. Do not tarry therein, lest you know the unbridled wrath of Satan. I have advised you well in advance to prepare. Do not cry that you have been forsaken when you have been told this in advance what you must do to shorten your own suffering.

I cannot stop some of you, who choose martyrdom. Yet, there will be more fertile fields for many of you to do My work elsewhere. Do you not see that in choosing martyrdom, many of you take out warriors I need in My camp? Feel the heaviness in your heart about your decision to martyrdom. I am placing this heaviness in the hearts of many, as you are choosing to strike out on your own. You are not listening to Me. You are not preparing to flee. You have been brought up many years in Me to get to your space in time; and your strengths will be sorely needed elsewhere to help others, who are malleable, who are not stiff-necked, who are not proud and haughty.

When the USA goes, it will be hard for even a mouse to live in many places therein. Why are you settling for this now? This is a warning. HEAR ME! HEAR ME! HEAR ME!

I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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