From the Mountain, Book II


"Precious Child, you do not have to struggle to get to the top of this Mountain as you once did. For, I bring you solely upon My power. You have reached new heights in Me through seeking and obedience over time. Let it be known, Child, that many are being brought up in like fashion. Not all are given to write, but all are given more power, wisdom and truth in Me. Now, behold that you sit in the chair of truth, love, honor and obedience to Me. Yea, ‘tis the chair of wisdom, knowledge and miracles."

"I am ever grateful to be upon Your Mountain in your chair, My Lord; but my heart is sad and heavy. You know how I went into the garden a few days ago and asked for your hedge of power and protection over and around the rows of the greens. At that time, I was so distraught; for something had devoured the tops of the greens and had ravaged the broccoli. Daily for weeks I had gone out to pray and these pitiful plants would look worse every day. Over several weeks’ time, I became so discouraged, as I knew that these revenous creatures would not leave single plant. In my anger toward them, I spoke death to all the last time I prayed over the garden, as I believed the locusts had set in to eat every scrap of greenery. When I saw a dead mouse the day after this prayer, I wanted to think that the mouse just happened to die next to a collard plant. Even when I saw a large, dead bee a row or two over, I wanted to believe that it was just chance. But, within a few days, my husband and I found a dead rabbit without a bite or mark on it. And, within a few days of the first rabbit, we found a second dead rabbit. My Lord, I have felt such sorrow for the innocent deaths of these rabbits; for, I know that I spoke death to them through my mouth. You warned me of the two-edged sword in my mouth and I have caused harm. My Lord, I am deeply sorry, for I believed I was praying against locusts. Forgive me this, My Lord."

"Child, I know your sadness, and know that you did not fully realize the power in your words. Yet, you have been told in advance that your words will carry great power. You have been told that you will know many miracles through the two-edged sword, which comes from your mouth. This sword is My word, My truth, My power; it is the power of the prophets. Let this be a lesson to you, Child, to be aware of your speech. For, what you curse, I curse. What you bless, I bless. What you cause to prosper through your mouth comes from Me. I have empowered you with this.

Let us stop this for now. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

I was devastated by the deaths of these precious animals, and could not utter another prayer against them even though they got most of the broccoli and onions. In spite of their continued attacks on our little garden, God blessed us with greens most all winter. Near mid-winter, hunters came along the railroad tracks up the road and killed many rabbits.

In late winter, a deep cold set in with temperatures dropping to around 20 degrees for two nights. On the third night, temperatures dipped to about fifteen degrees. Each night I prayed for the shield of God to be placed over, around, and beneath the garden and was elated to find that they had survived even the 15-degree weather. A long row of mustard was thick with blooms and not a bloom was effected by the cold. Nearby daffodils in full bloom were burned by the cold and turned brown, but not a single plant in the garden suffered.

Each time I drive in and out of the driveway and pass these beautiful plants, my heart sings with joy and love, for I see God’s miracles all around.

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