From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, your cries have been heard to My innermost room, to the heights of the heavens and to the zenith of My Mountain. Look Child, Satan has tried to place a chain on your leg. Curse this chain to nothingness, and curse the evil source that sent it."

"I curse this chain to nothingness, Precious Jesus, in Your name; and I curse the evil source, that sent it. Suddenly, it is gone and I find myself high on Your Mountain, amidst Your most radiant energies. My Lord, who has prayed this upon me?"

"Child, a relative is praying to stop you, to cause you to be bound in your work and to be put in chains."

"How could this be? I do no malice toward him."

"His prayers against you have been answered by the evil one, but can have no power over you. For, you see what has been done, and have power over it. He truly believes that you serve evil, and is praying for your downfall."

"How could he be so deceived?"

"Ignorance. He does not use the discernment of My Spirit, but goes of his own mind."

"My Lord, I am sorry for this prayer and do not want to harm him. Let his prayers against me fall at his feet, that he be confounded every time he begins to pray against me, that he forgets what he prays about."

"Very well, his prayers against you are walled in and shall go nowhere. When he prays against you, he shall be confounded, and lose his train of thought. Now, Child, you note that you are in this upper room of great light."

"My Lord, did he pray to jail me, to chain me?"


"I forgive his ignorance."

"Child, look before you at the altar in front of the stained glass windows."

"I see a beautiful window amidst pure radiant white light."

"Kneel at the altar."

"I am here, My Lord, kneeling; an open canister containing several keys is beside me. A golden skeleton key, radiant with white light, rises from this canister and begins to nudge me gently on my left hand."

"Take the key."

"I have it."

"Now, go to the radiant door beside the stained glass window and open the door with the key. Notice the single word of the key, ‘Surprise.’"

"My Lord, I insert the key in the door, turn it and suddenly the door disappears. Then, I take the key, which is now hanging from a bracelet, and slip it around my right wrist. On the key, I see the words, ‘hidden,’ on one side and ‘treasure,’ on the other. The powerful, white light energies of the door pull me through it and propel me forward, bringing me to a stop, flat on my face on a wooden floor. Looking around, I see many people, who are celebrating. Streamers are flying from the ceiling and from various fixtures and everyone seems to be in a very festive mood. In front of me is a cozy fireplace, and on either side of this fireplace are windows. Through the windows, I can see that it is near night; and snow is steadily falling. As I pull myself up, the people begin to sing:

‘This is a song for you, for you,
Of love, of joy, of growth.
For, mysteries come, and mysteries fade;
But, through discipline over time,
All is known.
All is known.’

They keep singing, but I am caught up in a vision. I see a brown horse pulling a carriage; and it suddenly turns into a beautiful, white horse. The carriage, which was plain and brown, becomes golden and radiant; and it comes to a stop in front of a very large, white house, where a ball is in progress. A dashing, young man opens the door of the carriage and takes the hand of a beautiful lady, who is adorned in a white gown, reminiscent of plantation days. This woman seems to be going to the ball, alone; and appears to be a guest of honor.

She enters the door from the upper balcony and looks far below at a ballroom full of people dancing and mingling. She stands alone, peering at those below; but soon she is interrupted by a butler, who says, ‘Madam, shall I take your wrap?’ ‘No. I shall not be long,’ she says. Suddenly, the woman changes into a soldier of long ago, perhaps from the days of The French American War, or before. Suddenly, he jumps into the midst of those below and begins to socialize. Soon, he goes into a side room, where he takes off his soldier disguise, and appears again as the woman in the ball gown.

‘How long shall the ball last?’ she asks a fellow soldier, dressed in blue and yellow. ‘Until the water gets hot,’ he says. ‘Then, take the garter and be off! Go! Be off! For, the journey is long.’ He reaches for the garter, takes it, and reads the inscription, ‘I take the cake.’ The woman sits in front of the window and begins to cry as she watches him disappear into the darkness. For, snow is deep outside and she fears that the man shall not make it.

‘Madam, madam,’ someone says from the party. ‘Are you alright?’ ‘Sure, I am fine,’ I say, looking again at the snow outside, then at the key on my wrist. ‘Let us cut the cake. It is your birthday, and we all wish you well,’ a young man says. Then, he cuts the cake. In the center of the cake, it says, ‘Best wishes’, and around the perimeter is written, ‘How can you say no to friends?’ The friendly, young man, with golden hair and blue eyes, cuts the cake into eleven pieces. ‘Let us eat,’ he says, ‘for the night is coming, and the snow is falling heavily.’

Then, the nice, young man gives me a saucer with a piece of cake and he says, ‘Eat up!’ I take the cake and eat the whole piece. Immediately, it begins to expand in my stomach and I feel very full. The young man, sensing my fullness says, ‘Come and stand by the fire; for, the cake has done this to all of us.’ ‘What kind of party is this; and what kind of cake would look so good, and be like dead weight in one’s stomach?’ I ask.

This is a party for your rise to nobility; and the cake is the food for your soul,’ the golden-haired man answers. ‘For, your rise may seem good; yet, the weight of it makes you heavy.’ ‘Nobility!’ I am of no nobility,’ I stammer.

Amidst the scene, I hear you speaking, My Lord Jesus, ‘Cut, Child, Cut!’ This reminds me of someone stopping a scene in the production of a film. Then, I find myself standing beside the altar, where I began, the key, still on my wrist. As I look at the radiant key, I realize that the writing has changed on the stem of the key. On one side it reads, ‘I believe’; and on the other, 'In miracles.’ My Lord, this whole episode makes little sense to me."

"Child, where did you begin?"

"On my knees at the altar."

"What was before you?"

"A large, beautiful, stained-glass window and radiant, white door; but how is this relevant?"

"The window is the window to your soul; and the door is My door to another part of you"

"I don’t understand."

"Child, did I give you a skeleton key with the word, ‘surprise?"’

"Yes, My Lord. What is the surprise?"

"My Door."

"What do you mean?"

"What is behind my door, which opens another part of you?"

"A festive gathering."

"It is a party in your honor."

"What does ‘hidden treasure’ mean? "

"Look at the key, Child. What do you see?"

"I see that I love a certain man very much."

"And he loves you likewise."

"Who is this man?"

"Child, go into the tent and deal the cards to the man. What do you see?"

"I see all hearts; but who is he?"

"Open the label on the back of his shirt."

"My Lord, I see my husband’s name."

"He is your hidden treasure."

"My Lord, he is not hidden to me; I know he is my treasure."

"Yet, Child, the depth of this treasure is hidden to you."

"My Lord, help me to understand the depths of what you are telling me."

"I shall. Who is giving you this party?’

"I do not know."

"These are angels from above."

"Why is this party taking place, My Lord?"

"It is because you are cherished."

"They sing for me?"

"They do."

"This is the surprise?"

"This and more."

"What more?’

"Rainbows and flowers, Child."

"My Lord, I still do not understand this."

"Child, take the book, which is wrapped in ribbons; remove the ribbons, look on the inside cover and read."

‘It says, ‘To: Linda Newkirk, With Love. We are your brothers and sisters of another space in time. We honor your path. Signed: The Quorum of The twelve and Blessed Saints of another era.’ Oh, how I love these precious souls! Bless them, My Lord! Please tell me more about this book."

"Child, see ‘From the Mountain Series.’"

"Yes, My Lord; but why have they signed the inside cover?"

"Child, it is with love that these do so, to honor your work. For, they play a role, of which you are not conscious, like being at the ball."

"So, they prepare a party to celebrate the completion of this work?"

"‘Tis so, Child."

"But, the cake makes me sick."

"Child, it not only makes you feel ill; but also the ones, who served it and ate it."

"Why is this, My Lord?"

"Child, this party is festive, for the work is published; but it is heavy and hard to digest."

"This, I know, My Lord."

"Child, you digest it even though it is heavy; and you celebrate in spirit with those, who give the party. They watch this work carefully and do a work behind the scenes, of which you are not aware."

"What kind of work?"

"Thought transfer, protection and imaging, to name a few. Child, you were selected for this work before you were born."

"Yet, I shall be persecuted for this work?"

"Yes, by some."

"And I shall be killed for this work?"

"Your life shall be cut short for love of Me."

"My Lord, let it be so; for there is no better reason to die. Give me strength, My Lord, to do your will in all things. I have one more question about the woman in the carriage, is this me?"

"Yes, Child, you change from being in the carriage, driven by the horse of the material world to being driven by My horse."

"Why do I look like a woman, then a male soldier?"

"Child, you may look feminine, but you are a warrior, a soldier for Me."

"Why the antiquated uniform?"

"You have been a warrior since times of old."

"Why was I dancing with others at the ball?"

"As a warrior, you dance with many angels. This is the warrior way; for, you need them in your work."

"Who is the soldier in the blue and yellow?"

"This is your son."

"I ask my son how long the ball shall last?"

"‘Tis so."

"But, why?"

"Child, do you speak with him in a side room?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, he is not a part of the ball?"

"I suppose not."

"‘Tis so, Child. He does not celebrate this work."

"Why, My Lord?"

"For, he does not rejoice in things of the Lord."

"Please explain."

"Child, he believes that your spirituality will last ‘until the water gets hot.’"

"What do you mean?"

"Until bad times strike. He does not know the depth of your spiritual life."

"Why does he take the garter, which says, ‘I take the cake?’"

"Child, does he not take the cake?"

"Yes, My Lord, I suppose he does."

"You see him in the depth of his coldness toward you, toward your family and toward Me. He has gone out into the coldness, and you fear he will not make it."

"My Lord, I fear so that his soul will be lost. Please don’t let him be lost."

"Child, look beside the fireplace. Whom do you see?"

"I see the soldier, dressed in blue and yellow."

"Does he eat of the cake, Child?"

"My Lord, he does. I see him stand near the fire and his stomach is bloated. He is rubbing it like the rest of us."

"Do you see others you know?"

"Yes, my brother. My mother is in bed, but eats of it. My husband studies at a table behind a glass wall. I cut a hole in the wall, and offer him a piece; but he says, ‘I am full.’ He has eaten of the cake as he has it on his mouth. I see my sister, who has tasted the cake; but she runs from the room and out into the snow. ‘Bitter, bitter,’ she says, ‘I will not eat this cake.’

"The cake, My Child, is the book."

"How many will eat the cake?"

"Child, look, … ‘millions.’"

"My Lord, in this vision, it is snowing at the birthday party; but my birthday is in the summer. Explain this, and also explain what is meant by, ‘How can you say no to friends?’"

"Child, this comes in the winter of your life, and it is your birthday before Me."

"How so?"

"It is the day you have birthed these writings to the people; and how can you say ‘no’ to your friends, the ones, who love you?"

"I see, My Lord, but why eleven pieces?"

"Child, watch 11 months from this month. Then, you will know why. You will know also why you must eat; for the depth of winter is truly coming and a deep night is about to befall you."

"My Lord, please explain this rise to ‘nobility.’ You know that I am a simple person, who loves your simple walk and do not care to be known in any other way."

"Yea, Child; but others shall put you in a slot above. And, you have no choice in this."

"My Lord, regardless of what others may do, I cling to simplicity. That of the world has little value to me."

"‘Tis so, Child; and this is known. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, … Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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