From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have come back to My Holy Mountain after great prayer and seeking. You have seen a dark angel sent to make war with you, but neither this one, nor any other will win; for I call them back as fast as they are sent. If the one praying for these is not careful, I will loose them on him and confound him; for he wishes his will over mine. Now, Child, come back to My upper room on this Mountain; and I shall answer your questions. Write as given and seen."

"My Lord, I find myself once more amidst Your splendor of peace and calm; and my first question is about the specific date for the invasion of Israel in 1999. So, I go to the page of time, sit at this desk, take the quill, and place a single drop of living water on the page. Immediately, I see many military tanks around Israel and rockets headed toward her. I hear the words, ‘Beirut’ and ‘Iraq’, and there are more, who are part of the Arab Alliance and the ‘United Nations; but NATO is disbanding. I see the date, ‘September 05’, emerge; then I see a fierce black beast attack a lamb. However, this is no ordinary lamb; it is made of a very hard substance, like solid porcelain; and when the beast attacks the lamb, it only scratches the surface. On one side of the lamb is written ‘Israel,’ and on the other side is a hidden door, which suddenly opens. An Israeli soldier stands in the door and converses with his commanding officer. The officer proclaims loudly, ‘We are reinforced to the hilt and we shall not be defeated!’ The soldier shakes his head in agreement and slowly closes the door. As they disappear from sight, I see these words appear on the door, ‘UN Dead Here’; then, the door is gone. As I ponder once more on this attack, I see the flashing date, ‘Sept. 05, 1999.’ On his first attack against the lamb the beast barely makes a scratch; then he backs off.

My Lord, from the message of Oct. 30, 1997, I see the UN takeover of Israel as Oct. 15, 2001. Three years from this date is Oct. 15, 2004. If the gentiles occupy Israel 42 months, we proceed forward from this date of Oct. 15th another six months and we arrive at the 15th of April 2005. Is this right?
"Child, you have asked a very good question because you believe that you have made an error, but you did not make an error."

"My Lord, I don’t understand."

"Child, take the scroll and read it."

"My Lord, this scroll is blinding with a white light and I cannot read it."

"Adjust your Son-glasses."

"I focus on this writing, which reads, ‘July 2001, UN takeover of Israel, Defeat of Israel Apparent.’ So, the takeover is in July, 2001, rather than October?"

"Read on."

"I see ‘UN preparing to move for total takeover of Israel, August, September, October, 2001.’ So, the actual date of this takeover is not altogether clear."

"‘Tis so, by degrees. The lamb loses first a leg, then a chunk from its side, then an ear, an eye, etc. Israel goes slowly, bit by bit. The actual date for the UN takeover will be argued; but you have not seen wrong. You have calculated and seen as I have shown you."

"My Lord, I was worrying about making a mistake."

"Child, this is known. Now, take this pitcher, drink from it, and receive this anointing; for, you shall need it."

"My Lord, I have consumed all the radiant liquid within the pitcher and it bathes me with a great peace from the inside. I am lifted up in Your complete joy and radiance! You are my Life! Thank you, My Precious Lord!"

"Child, you receive My power and anointing. Go in My strength; for, where you lack, I make you whole."

"This, I know."

"I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 31st day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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