From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, after much prayer, you have been guided back to My Mountain, most pure. Give gratitude for the great work being done to draw others to this Mountain; and, remember: as you grow in spiritual strength, so do others, who find this Mountain and do the work to stay herein. You have asked for more information about the Arab Coalition and its rise against Israel. Take your Son-glasses, look far below, and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I have fine-tuned these glasses and am looking below at a gate, which reads, ‘Israel, Israel, double, double, toil and trouble.’ Saddam Hussein lights a match by the gates of Israel; and the match starts a fire, which makes a ring around Israel. The flames burn high and seem to follow the course of an accelerant. Many bodies are brought through this fire; they are wrapped in white sheets and placed on stretchers. The bodies are put in red helicopters, with gold writing, which spells ‘US Naval Hospital.’ The fire ceases, leaving a black trail all the way around Israel. Inside the trail, I see movement, which looks small ants plodding along; but as I look closer, I see that these are men on all fours, spying. German and Chinese soldiers are eagerly waiting in the distance. The Russian bear is hobbling from war, but is sending a steady stream of trucks and tanks. Israel is surrounded, My Lord. What will she do?"

"Look to the left, Child."

"I see Queen Elizabeth in her castle, dressed in her queenly garb, sitting on a stool and talking to the Israeli leader. ‘I need reinforcements,’ he says. ‘I need backups.’"

The Queen has a sparkle in her eye and glee in her heart. Smiling, she says, ‘Servant, get me the ketchup. I fear I will throw up!’ She hangs up the telephone and drinks a bottle of Heinz Ketchup. Her face turns red, and her arms turn red; then she turns to a soldier and says, ‘Send it through the back way. You know this is forbidden.’ A line of ships heads far out to sea; and they drop anchor, watch, and speak among themselves, ‘It is forbidden. It is forbidden.’

The fire moves from the perimeter spreading slowly over Israel; and where it travels nothing but charred ground remains. My Lord, will you please explain this."

"Child, who has gone to the gates of Israel?"

"The Arab Alliance."

"And, more."

"Who else?"

"Clinton and his, the Germans, Chinese and Russians; but these are not all. See the clones."

"All are against her?"

"Do you see any for her?"

"No, My Lord. So, these have decided that Israel will fall soon after the USA falls?"

"They have made this decision, and it shall come to pass."

"My Lord, what year does this occur?"

"See the banner."

"My Lord, it is blank."

"Adjust your Son-glasses."

"I see a large O."

"Go into the O."

"I am here at a counter, and behind this counter is a ticket man."

"Take the ticket. Read it, and touch it."

" I have it, and am looking at it and touching it. It reads ‘2001.’ So, My Lord, Israel stands for about three years after we are invaded."

"The worse three years in their nation."

" Surely, they will get help from others!"

"From their own kind worldwide. This allows them the three years."

"So, they are taken out bit by bit?"

"Child look beneath the ground where many stay. They have been far wiser that you; for they have known what is coming, and have prepared; you have not. Still, starvation and disease shall be rampant."

"My Lord, are they able to fire upon their evil neighbors?"

"One against a multitude."

"My Lord, I have seen that Lucifer occupies the Rothschild Man at times. Please tell me when he takes hold of the Syrian."

"Child open the locked trunk, which reads, ‘Syria.’"

"I am doing so, My Lord. Oh, what a foul odor! Something is flying out, like the brown spores of the dried mushrooms, we used to call ‘Devil’s Dust.’"

"Pull out the lead apron, and put it on."

"Put it on?"

"Yes, Child, put it on. And, put on the visor to protect your face. Then, get the metal file and start sanding off the word, ‘Syria.’ Beneath, you will find a plain envelope."

"My Lord, I am sanding and sparks fly everywhere. This is a lot of work, but the word ‘Syria’ is finally gone; and a little yellow envelope protrudes from the opening of a small mailbox. I am trying to take this envelope, but something is growling at me. ‘Demon, I curse you in the name of Jesus Christ to cease and desist immediately!’ I see him, My Lord, he is cowering behind the hole.

I have the envelope, which is now oozing a sticky mess. ‘I curse this sticky mess to nothingness in the name of Jesus Christ!’ Now, My Lord, the goo is gone and I am opening the envelope. Some rusty trinkets fall on the ground and a rusty piece of folded paper is inside. The paper says, ‘I come to thrill and kill in 2002.’

"Child, curse this deception."

"I Curse this deception in the name of Jesus Christ, and command this information to be absolutely true and accurate."

"My Lord, I see ‘2001’. Would you please verify this."

"Child, look at the chalk board in front of you."

"I am having trouble seeing."

"Take the numbers in your hand and feel them."

"My Lord, I have ‘2004.’"

"‘2001’ is not correct?’

"Remember, Lucifer first inhabits the German."

"But, not constantly."

"‘Tis, so, but enough to do great, great harm."

"After the German is killed, Lucifer takes over the Syrian in 2004?"

"‘Tis true."

"Israel will go down by degrees?"

"They become paralyzed through germ, chemical and nuclear attack. They will be devastated, Child, devastated!"

"Do the Arabs take over Israel?"

"The One-Worlders take over Israel."

"What is this about Queen Elizabeth and the ketchup?"

"Communism to the core. She will not go against the Germans and One-Worlders who say, ‘Israel must go!’"

"My Lord, from the vision of 09-16-97, Hussein took a sword, cut the USA in half, cut the trees in Russia and her Russian Allies, and then did a jig on England. Please explain."

"The sword to you is an invasion of you. You see it go from the Gulf northward to Canada as this is the invasion route; then, they fan out from the central route."

"I am seeing the general area of invasion from I-55 northward through Jackson, Mississippi."

"‘Tis so."

"If they allied with the Russians to bring us down, why would they go after them?"

"Threats to their goals of world dominion. "

"What are the trees of Russia?"

"Those, who stand tall in Russia, the leaders."

"So, they start picking off the leaders?"

"‘Tis so."

" My Lord, I must sign off with your love and protection, in Your Precious Name, as interruptions prevail."

"So, it is, Child. Go in my power. For, I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22st day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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