From the Mountain, Book II



"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Welcome to My Mountain, most high and pure. You have come with healing on your mind; and know that this healing comes quickly. See the wings of healing."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Reach and take the wings of healing, Child, and bring them to your chest."

"My Lord, I take these wings of white fire and bring them to my chest. I have never seen healing come on wings."

"Well, you have now. Absorb them, Child, for they are my gift to you. Be healed. Be whole."

"My Lord, I thank you from the depths of my soul."

"Child, you shall see many miracles; do not discount them. Know that I am the source. In the future, you shall use the wings of healing to heal yourself and others."

"My Lord, I am deeply humbled beyond words. I know that through my own merits I am not worthy to receive this gift, that this gift is a pure manifestation of your love to be shared with all, who are sick and dying. No words of gratitude can adequately express my feelings of deep, abiding love toward you."

"These healing wings are a gift from me, though they may not be available to you at all times, as I do not wish to heal some. Others may not truly wish to be healed. At other times, you and the one, who is sick, may have to fast and pray before these healing wings come to you. Now, Child, there is much work to do, as time passes quickly. Many souls shall be lost, so the truth must go out."

"My Lord, please expedite the publishing."

"This shall be so, Child. Now, take the Son-glasses, which you find in your hand, and sit in my chair of truth, power, wisdom and love. Look far below to the base of The Mountain and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, down below I see a black train traveling along with many boxcars full of wood. The train passes through a tunnel with a red caboose trailing behind. As the train passes through the tunnel, it comes to a halt, with the red caboose stopping not far from the dark tunnel.

I see a very long line of Chinese soldiers beginning to enter the train from the caboose. This line extends across sandy plains and seems to come from mountains far in the distance. Search as I may, I cannot see the beginning of this line of soldiers. I watch the soldiers board the train, and as each does so, he tosses a cigarette butt along side the steps. These butts are creating a small pile of smoldering cigarettes; and the soldiers don’t seem to notice that they have started a small fire. Each gets on the train, salutes an officer of the Red Chinese Army, and piles into the boxcars with the wood. The soldiers are standing on and around this wood, packed like sardines, as the engine of the train chugs along. On the side of the train are the words, ‘Main-Line Train.’

As the train pulls off, I look back at the pile of smoldering cigarette butts and to see a most peculiar thing. The cigarettes have ignited, forming a small fire, which seems to follow the train. Popping, cracking sparks follow alongside the train, reminiscent of the sparks made by a fuse when a stick of explosive is ignited.

In its course, the train travels across great stretches of desert terrain; and nothing is visible in the distance but mountains, which seem to be very far away. Soon, the train comes to a second tunnel, and as it passes through the tunnel, the nose of the train emerges as a subway train in New York City. As it comes to a halt, many, many Chinese soldiers hurriedly exit. They carry machine guns and chase behind a leader, who runs down the street toward The Empire State Building. As they run into the building, I see a flurry of papers whirling about thickly in the air, as if they are caught up in a great wind.

One of these Chinese soldiers throws something into the interior of the building; and as I look closely I see that it is a bomb in a suitcase. Then, the soldiers flee this building; and I see them fan out and go into the Trade Buildings, placing a suitcase in each building. Next, they go to The Statue of Liberty, and in and out other skyscrapers. In each skyscraper, these soldiers leave suitcase bombs, which are set to detonate. Then, I see these soldiers scurry; they run far, far away from the tall buildings. Now, I look to see that Chinese soldiers surround New York City.

I am looking for the number of these suitcase bombs and I see the number ‘20.’ Then, My Lord, I look again to this steady stream of Chinese soldiers; and as I look at them, I am curious about the number of Chinese soldiers coming into this country. I see the words appear, ‘in excess of 400,000.’ My Lord, I am looking for the date in which these bombs are placed and I see ‘December, 1998.’ I am searching for the day. Here it is: ‘December 12.’ My Lord, please explain this to me."

"Child, you see the black train filled with wood as it passes through the first dark tunnel. Look above the tunnel for a label. Go there, peel it back and read what you see."

"My Lord, I am here above this tunnel beside the label. As I pull it open, I see written, ‘Clinton’s Surprise.’ What is meant by ‘Clinton’s Surprise?’"

"This tunnel."

"Whose tunnel is this?"

"European underground. See them emerge."

"My Lord, what European underground? As I ask this of you I see some writing emerge before me. It says, ‘NATO, George Bush and Co., German elite, Spanish Inquisition, All hell breaks loose.’ This is what I see, My Lord."

"Then, Child, ‘tis so."

"You mean, through these connections, the Chinese are brought in?"

"Through these and more."

"Like, what?"

"Through your trade agreements, Child, you handed them power over you; and who is most responsible for this?"

"The Congress and Clinton?"

"And, more."

"What do You mean, by ‘more?"’

"Through your shipping fronts, your ports. These avenues have allowed huge numbers of Chinese soldiers onto your soil, unknown to you."

"These soldiers are here, already?"

"And, building all the time."

"So, they have come in, and NATO and others will betray us by allowing others in?"

"‘Tis so, Child. ‘Tis so. You do not know even a small part of what is being done steadily to whip you into shape."

"My Lord, the train travels over great expanses of desert. What does the desert represent?"

"Child, let’s go back to the train before it went through the first tunnel. You believed that it was carrying wood, did you not?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Was it carrying wood?"

"I do not know. Where did this train originate?"

"China, of course."

"When it went into the first tunnel I could not see soldiers, only wood. Were the pieces the wood really soldiers made to look like wood?"

"Child, the train went first through the tunnel of obscurity and you did not see what went on in the tunnel, only that it went through the dark tunnel. Is this not so?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, look in the tunnel and see what goes on."

"I am looking, My Lord, and I see the train stop in the tunnel and disappear completely. In its place, I see Chinese peasants getting into dingeys in the middle of the night and paddling out to a large ship called, ‘America Bound.’ My Lord each looks to be a Chinese peasant; but as each gets on the ship, he salutes officers of the Chinese Military. These so-called peasants go into various rooms at night to study maps and terrain of the USA and cram bits of English; then I see them swear allegiance to China and swear to bring down ‘the great whore.’

Each is given a hydrogen cyanide capsule to ingest in case of being caught. I see them look like Chinese soldiers, then peasants, soldiers, then peasants. They hide in various wooden crates beneath rows of manufacturing goods. They are very small people, and two can fit into a single crate, stowed away in secret compartments. When the ship docks in America, some Chinese meet the ship. The soldiers are smuggled off and the crates are filled with stuffing. This is a huge racket and I hear that they are hiding in ‘every eighth to tenth crate.’ So, they get through the first tunnel and appear to be coming from a desert. Please explain this."

"Child, let’s go back to the train and the 400,000 plus Chinese, who ride it. You see them come from

hills far away and cross the desert."

"Do you mean actual desert?"

"Child the faraway hills are China and the desert is the USA."

"You mean actual desert?"

"I mean desert of despair; for many of them shall live a desert of despair. And they are doing so, even as I speak."

"So, My Lord, they go from the desert of despair and plant bombs over New York City?"

"This is so, Child, but not just New York City."

"Are there more areas?"

"Primarily, New York City, DC-Maryland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston."

"But, My Lord, I saw Russians bomb most of these areas."

"‘Tis so, Child, these get a heavy dose."

"How many illegal Chinese soldiers are in the USA at this time?"

"Look, Child, ‘in excess of 25,000.’ Yet, by the time you are invaded, this number will exceed 50,000."

"My Lord, I have seen that 400, 000 come into this land!"

"Child, 400,000 men to rape your women and children. This is partially what is meant by ‘snare’; as you have no clue that these, who have total allegiance to China, are within your country."

"Why would they want to bomb San Francisco? There is a Chinatown in San Francisco."

"They consider these to be traitors."

"So, what do they consider us?"

"A whore, a slut, to be reckoned with. Remember that these have been programmed by the state from an early age. The Chinese have sent their most promising, their most faithful, among you."

"So, the Chinese are strongly aligned with the Russians, just to bring us down?"

"Just to bring you down. They despise Christians and a freedom; it must not be allowed. Child, you know who the author of this is."

"Yes, My Lord, it is Satanic to the core."

"Child, blame no one but yourselves. For, you have opened up to this."

"My Lord, I do know this. I do know it. But, I ask, ‘Why would they wish to surround New York City, when it will be contaminated with nuclear war?’"

"Child, they do not burn all buildings, but leave some for themselves. They burn all that is green, human, and animal. Do you see? The fire you see sweep the land will leave them access to a part of the city they want."

"But, My Lord, I have seen the ocean move in to reclaim 80% of the city."

"Child, the ocean does eventually reclaim 80% plus, but not at first. Earthquakes will not allow them to keep their plans; but initially they do believe so, and they will set up shop in some of the buildings."

"My Lord, you say ‘earthquakes?’ When will these take place?"

"See, ‘ Feb. 2000.’ There is more fire with great earthquakes. See the rocks falling from the sky."

"What are these rocks, My Lord?"

"Great meteorites hitting you."

"Why, My Lord?"

"Look at the screen, Child, in front of you. What do you see?"

"I see something pass The Earth, which pulls The Moon from its orbit. The Moon looks like it is tumbling. It is tumbling and the Earth lops over as a planet passes the Earth. Rocks are falling everywhere as the Earth flips over. It looks like the force of this passing planet causes the Earth to flip, and the oceans move in and claim many cities. What am I seeing?"

"You see what has been called by some as ‘the lost planet’. Yet, it is not lost to me."

"My Lord, tell me of this planet."

"Child, your science keeps this from you. Since your world will be in chaos, they do not wish you to know. It returns and moves between you and Mars, moving close enough to you to pull the Earth from its orbit. The Moon will roll like a ball, over and over; and it will give no light. The Earth will receive no sun, as great dust clouds shall be stirred everywhere. Many volcanoes on the verge of erupting will erupt, and millions will be swept out to sea as the ocean sets new boundaries. Huge rocks will fall from the sky everywhere. A new continent will rise from The Pacific off the coast of The USA and a series of mountains will rise in the South Pacific. You will know great darkness for three days before the Sun begins to shine again. All these calamities will claim billions of lives." (This is foretold in Isaiah 13:10 and Isaiah 24:1.)

"How many billions?"

"In excess of two. Those near the coast will be inundated with tidal waves greater than 100 feet high, and this water will go inland for 200 miles in some areas. Great mountains will split in half, tossing great boulders into the heavens, which must come down somewhere. Child, many of these huge rocks will come down on you, your cities, your homes, and your animals.

Many animals will become wild; as the disturbance in electrical vibrations created by this approaching planet will affect their sensitive hearing. They will become insane and so will many of you. These vibrations, new to you, will cause many of you to experience temporary insanity, strange illnesses and to exhibit bizarre behavior. These manifestations will begin to show six to eight months before the passing of this planet and continue for six to eight months after it passes."

"My Lord, what shall we do? For, all looks so bad."

"Child, None of you shall escape the effects of my wrath. For, truly, I shall turn your lives upside down and I shall whip many into submission. As I have told you before, all need areas underground. Your military has known about this planet for years; and your space program knows of this approaching planet, even now. Child, they wish to keep you in the dark, that the greatest numbers perish. For, if there are fewer, you will be more easily controlled."

"My Lord, how will the passing of this planet effect the war?"

"Child, you have seen the war escalate and cover Europe. The effects of this planet passing cause many to be even more unstable. The evil ones, seeking world dominion, will be thirstier to run the world; and they will not be slowed. For, they will see how you have been weakened by this great disaster. Those without a strong attachment to Me will be mowed down like grass. For, they will be confused and unstable, Child, like cinders in the wind; and they will be conquered easily."

"So, Germany will rise?"

"Not as easily as they think. For, once you are out of the way, she will have no real friends among the other renegade communists. Yet, they collude in appearances for a while, as you have seen. Eventually, Germans go against the Russians, the Israelis and even against European countries. Germany has no allegiance to anyone; and when her so-called ‘allies’ find this out, Germany will be no more. This is the intricate web, Child, which is thick with evil; but the Germans will not fall as quickly as many think. The war and catastrophes will go on for years, as you have seen.

Now, Child, your horror is known at all this. Let us stop for a while. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of October, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

Note: Receiving these healing wings led to a complete healing of gallbladder problems, which had plagued me for months. The medical profession had really let me down. Expensive tests indicated a problem with the gallbladder; and even in the face of pain and other problems, the doctor assured me that the gallbladder was fine. .

I call down the power of Almighty God on the lying, stealing and thieving doctors, with whom I have had far too many dealings. Let the wrath of God rest upon them. For, they have come to love a lie, to love the dollar above the welfare of human beings.

I believe that God has shown me so many horrors in the medical profession so that I could speak destruction into a sick system. Praise be to God! Jesus Christ is the Great Physician. I speak this from the depths of my soul, for I know this to be true. Jesus, how great the name!

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