From the Mountain, Book III




"Precious Child, pick up the pen and write. You have sought me long and hard in prayer, speaking mightily through My Spirit. You have brought closure to longstanding situations, which begged for closure; you have barred lies and you have caused My Spirit to pour forth a true, living water, where needed. In ways that you do not know, you have brought miracles, and to the ways of the wicked, you have brought curses. Nay, Child, the wicked shall not stand, but shall burn as stubble in the last days. Woe to the wicked, and to those whose love runs cold for me. They are in the clutches of Lucifer and My foot is upon them.

Now, Child, look around, for you are in My Upper Room of My Mountain. Indeed, all is glorious with My radiance. This is The Sabbath, a day or rest in Me. Yet, around the world so few rest in Me. Indeed, My place in their hearts is reduced to a token and their love for Me runs cold. I am squeezed out by the lure of the material illusion, but not for long. For, I shall forge a place in the lives of many through adversity. Many, who squeeze me out amidst comfort, will come on bended knees, amidst upheaval and destruction. Yet, in their time of plenty they knew me not. Shall I be quick to respond to those, who have loved the material over me? Nay! This shall not be. Many shall come to a dry well; for I shall forsake them for a time."

"But, My Lord, you are all-forgiving."

"Child, ‘tis so. I shall forgive when the heart and spirit are ripe for forgiveness; many of them shall go a long time before they are ripe for forgiveness. Child, you have been there, you know. It takes much time for the threads of darkness to be removed from one’s spirit, one’s body, one’s being. And, evil demons will stalk those with these threads. Have you not seen this?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, many shall come before Me with dark, evil threads in their make-up, and with minds and hearts bearing a pittance for Me. Shall I illumine this with My Spirit? Nay, It shall not indwell this, but will indwell a heart, a body, a mind, a soul, which is totally broken, humbled in deep sorrow. The majority of these shall not know deep sorrow; for they have lived an insincere existence, founded on a lie, the lie being that they have loved Me all along. Nay, they have often on perverse preachers of the word to bring them truth. Yea, they have relied on the lost to feed the lost. In their great day of need, these shall be caught up in a dark whirlwind of their own making. Child, I have placed a curse upon the USA through the mouths of My prophets, and it shall prevail a long time."

"How long, My Lord?"

"Its remnants shall be upon the land for 250 years. And, even though The Millenium shall emerge and My Light shall befall this planet, many, who live in the USA, will struggle. For, you are a stiff-necked people, once blessed, but now accursed. You have prostituted the minds of the children and carried whoredom and prostitution into the homes of innocents the world over. Yea, you have a debt; and even in the face of bounty the world over, The United States of America shall lag behind."

"My Lord, this is great. Please have mercy upon these people to come? I beg this!"

"Child, your requests are known. Yet, My inroads into the minds of the offspring shall be slow and well into The Millenium before great prosperity will be known again. The USA will be reduced to rubble. See it will sparkle again in 350-post millenium. And it will thrive again until near the end of My millennial reign, when it will know downfall afterwards."

"What about the evil ones in Germany and the Syrians?"
"Even their fate shall not compare to that of the USA; for you have polluted the
entire world for decades. They will kill millions, even billions; but you were once My chosen, My blessed, and you deserted Me as a nation for love of Satan. In your love for him, you brought millions into his clutches. Yes, what you have done is great; for, you have stolen My place in their hearts and made them ripe for destruction. Child, you cannot know the depths of what you have done as a country, but it is deep, very deep. You have other questions."

"Yes, My Lord, I have questions about the two prophets, who will prophesy during the last few years of UN rule over Israel."

"Child, it would do no good to name people or show faces; these are My chosen prophets. You ask if they are Elijah and Enoch. I say, ‘No, these are not Elijah and Enoch, but will do works just as great.’ You ask if they have worked as My prophets in other lives. I say,’ Yes, even as you have been the prophet, Aaron, and others of lesser stature, these have been prophets in other times, even Samuel and Zechariah. Yea, these have been mighty prophets, who wished to return. Called and chosen, they know who they are; and I am preparing them to return to Israel from different parts of the world. They have been called to this Mountain, even as you. Child, these are the latter days and Satan has his most powerful governing the world. I, likewise, send My most faithful to carry out My work. Let it be known that many false prophets will show up in Israel, believing they are the chosen; but they will go by the wayside readily. The two, true prophets, who are not only chosen, but have requested and desired to do this work, shall stand amidst great harshness. But, I am with them, and until it is their time, they shall have all power over evil. Yea, Child, these are My mysteries revealed to My tried and true servants.

You read yesterday that Tony Alamo believes himself to be one of the two and that he believes his wife will be raised from the dead to be the second. Nay, this is not so, but of his own imaginings. Child, he never made it to the top of My Mountain. No one can receive deep prophecies from me, unless this one makes it to the top of My Mountain. You have experienced the great opposition Lucifer exerts to keep all off this Mountain. This opposition, darkness, and evil of Satan and his servants strives to stop each and every one from rising to such spiritual heights. Yet, My desire instilled in My Chosen is a strong force, which attracts and propels. And, the evil ones cannot defeat what I have decided will come to pass. My will is supreme and in accord with that of Our Father. Child, remember this."

"My Lord, I never cease to be amazed and humbled. At times I feel life a small ant before such power; I feel so inadequate and lacking."

"Child, this is known; but My Spirit empowers you. It brings ability, where you are lacking; and it provides power, truth, and wholeness in abundance to My faithful. Your cup runneth over."

"My Lord, what is meant by Your Spirit is ‘sealed’ to me, as Your Apostles said when they blessed me. I have also read in the Bible that Your Spirit was sealed to The Ephesians."

"Child, look in Revelation and see where mine are sealed in their foreheads. These are the 144,000 and these were decided upon before the foundations of the world. The Ephesians, though not large in number, were sealed to My Spirit, as you have been sealed, in the forehead. Yet, this was known before the foundations."

"What is this sealing, exactly, and what does it do?"
"It is a promise, given of me, that you know the depths, the heights and breadths of my word, of my mysteries. It is a promise that you will have The Holy Spirit at all times to empower you; for you have been tested; you have been tried; and you have been found worthy to have this honor. You know and show Me to be your first love, your truth, your way, your light, and your life. And, you honor Me in this way continually. You go often on your knees to seek forgiveness, to keep your cup clean and overflowing with My Living Water, My Spirit. You humble yourself before Me and you abhor evil. Child, in this way, My Spirit is sealed to you. This is My Holy Spirit of Promise; this is My Promise. And, yes indeed, Child, you keep my commandments and you detest a lie. When you think that this is a difficult walk, you think right. The Ephesians had others to walk with; but, Child, you walk alone; this is the difficulty of the path. And, even though The Ephesians had others to walk with, they stumbled and lost favor with Me; for, they began to put eating, drinking, and socializing before Me. That of the world began to take precedence over Me and My Spirit. This is why I had something against them. The Greek translation is right in this; for I had something against them."

"So, they were among the 144,000, selected before the foundations. Are some of these back now?"

"Child, many are back and upon My Mountain. Read Revelation and you will see the 144,000 upon My Mountain. These are virgins; their cup is pure; it overfloweth with My Spirit; and My Spirit is sealed to them. They are undefiled with love of the material; they love Me through and through."

"But, My Lord, are some of these 144,000, who appear with You on Your Holy Mountain, in spirit?"

"Child, some are in spirit, but are bound by this common thread: they were chosen before the foundations. You ask if all know who they are. Some do, but these are few. Child, let us stop for today. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


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