From the Mountain, Book III

Another Look at The Page of Time

"Precious Child, you ride upon the wings of My Spirit to the Upper Room of My Mountain. Come in, Child, and eat of the Tree that you might be restored."

"My Lord Jesus, I humbly thank You for allowing me to eat the fruit of this tree. There is such abundant radiance here, as compared to the Earth below. The Tree hums with life and I eat eagerly of the fruit’s fleshy pulp, with its delicious tastes of cinnamon, vanilla, banana, and apricot. Such sweetness bathes my soul with a white fire, as radiant diamonds appear in my mouth and explode. This radiance renews me and brings me peace of mind, soul, body and emotion, an experience so vast that it defies adequate description."

"Child, your sincere heart is known and recognized."

"My Lord, my attention is called to my body, which rests in the house below. I am aware at this time that an evil entity has entered our house and is standing near my body. I have taken a moment to descend from the Mountain, to bind the entity, and to cast it out, along with its black baggage. Fortify Your shield of protection around me, our house and the property surrounding our dwelling. My Lord, what brought this into our house?"

"Child, it was sent upon you."

"By whom?"

"By someone, who is close to you."


"Child, he is lost and the devil has him by the tail, using him to gain access to you. You love this person, even though he is lost."

"My Lord, I know who this is, and I do love him even more because he is lost."

"He is a child of God, lost to evil like so many. He had better get a handle on his life, for he shall pay a price in due time."

"My Lord, please help him. Circumcise his heart and speak to his mind. Help him forsake the love of evil and cling to You, My Precious Lord. I am so worried about his soul."

"Your prayers are heard and will bring him salvation when he expects it least. Now, Child, you are back in My Inner Sanctum; go to the Page of Time."

"I am seated before the Page of Time, and I take the quill and place a single drop of Living Water on the Page. It pops, crackles and spews forth a red and yellow fire. From within the fire comes a red devil with a pointed tail. He pauses a moment and then dives headlong back into the fire, which has become spinning, concentric rings of red and yellow light. Suddenly, the devil and the spinning rings of light disappear; and a black door, built into a black wall, takes center place."

"Take your keys and go through the black door. You have the fire of My Spirit and four warrior angels."

"My Lord, a large key shines above the rest, and I place it in the large, dark lock. As the door swings open, I see the current Pope, Pope John Paul II. He is wearing a white robe with a little, white cap; and around his neck are numerous gold chains. The Pope is seated in a booth behind a thick plate of glass, reminding me of the glass enclosures for the ticket sellers at movie theatres. At the base of the glass, and to the rear of the Pope’s desk, an archway is cut into the glass, making a way for others to stick their hands through the glass.

The Pope has a roll of tickets in his hands. He unwinds them, one by one, and breaks them off individually. Then, he breaks each ticket in two and he punches one half, which he puts into a large green trashcan. He puts the other half into his desk drawer.

A most interesting thing is going on with the trashcan. At the base of it and on the side away from the Pope is a small door; and mice, dressed up like cartoon characters, steadily come and go through it filling up tiny wagons with the punched tickets. Hurriedly, they pull the tiny, loaded wagons to waiting boxcars. Each, tiny car is stacked high with mounds of punched tickets and topped with cellophane, which is pulled tight to hold the tickets in place.

The Pope, who is very busy punching and tearing, does not seem to notice that the tickets are disappearing from the trash can. From time to time, one, a pirate comes up from the basement to get the load of tickets, or to bring up a load. Wearing pirate’s clothing, decked out with many gold chains, flaunting few teeth, and laden with black filth, the pirate comes repeatedly up the stairs, clears his throat and spits something out the window, which is situated alongside the stairway.

The pirate carts the tickets to the basement, where they overflow large, round cardboard containers. The tickets are processed and sent along wide, black conveyor belt to their destinations. Workers walk along the dark conveyor belt as they help pile up the tickets and route them properly. Now and then, a worker, walking the conveyor, will hit a grease spot. And when this happens the unfortunate soul will be carried the length of the conveyor, and dumped off. Without fail, each person hits his or her head on a rock at the base of the conveyor and is knocked unconscious.

As a witness to these tragedies, numerous dead and decaying bodies lie at the end of the conveyor. Forsaken and forgotten, they are foul and putrid but bags of bones. Once a poor soul meets this end, there is no way out; but business continues on as usual. Oddly enough, the poor lost and dead souls seem to be largely women.

Outside, large, black dump trucks arrive frequently full of fresh rolls of tickets. The tickets are shoveled into the tall round, cardboard containers and rolled into the basement for storage. The Pope busies himself day after day processing the tickets; and the pirate and the mice do what they always did. My Lord, tell me more?"

"Child, go inside the Pope’s mouth."

"My Lord, I could get lost in here. It looks like a large, black, hollow cave. A simple, wooden stairway ascends to the left and all around the roof of his mouth is railing. I get a strong smell of something burning, and it is coming from the back of the Pope’s mouth. My Lord, I see papers back there burning, smoldering, smoking, and giving off flickers of fire here and there. I need to get out of here; the smell is taking my breath away."

"Child, reach back there and take the protruding page from the fire."

"I have it, My Lord. It is charred a little around the edges; but across the page are several obvious red streaks. Within these streaks are words in white, which say: ‘There is some monkey business going on between the Pope, China, Cuba, Russia, England and more.’ Okay, My Lord, I have read this and I am outside the Pope’s smoking mouth. Please explain this."

"Child, go to the dump truck and read what is written on the truck."

"On the door of the truck, a white sign with red writing says, ’Khruschev is dead, but his spirit lives on.’"

"Child, pick up one of the tickets from the bed of the truck. Look at it and see the common thread, which is on it, and all tickets."

"I have one of the tickets and I see a thread on it. The thread is on all tickets and it is wide and gold, with a line of green at the base."

"Child, what is this common thread?"

"It is gold interwoven with the currency of The USA."

"’Tis true and more."

"What do You mean?’

"It is gold, US green, and the lapidary stone."

"I’ve missed something."

"Child, what is around the Pope’s neck?"

"I see a large stone."

"Then, the rock is also part of the common thread.’

"My Lord, what is the rock?"

"The Rock of Gibraltar."

"Of Gibraltar?"

"Yes, Child."

"You mean, the Gibraltar plot, which involves Clinton, also involves the Pope?"

"Yes, indeed, Child, and the Swiss Banks."

"Tell me more."

"Go back to the tickets and observe what the Pope does with the small, round area he punches out."

"He keeps it, because on each piece is written, ‘Mine.’"

"Child, ‘tis so."

"Now, look on the front of each ticket."

"My Lord, on each ticket is a small, arched section of the gold and red concentric circles the devil jumped into at the beginning of this vision. This arched section is made to look like an gold and red rainbow."

"Child, remember the devil and the concentric circles on The Page?"

"Yes, My Lord; and I saw the devil jump into these circles.’

"So, what is the devil doing with this arched section of the circle?"

"He is processing this part of his evil domain through the Pope."

"Exactly. The Pope does his part; he plays his role in the devil’s work, and don’t ever forget this. He is adorned in white for appearances and he is draped in gold, processing the devil’s work."

"My Lord, who are the ones, who slip and die on the conveyors?"

"Child, these are the ones, who have slipped up doing the pope’s evil work. The inevitable for all, who slip up doing his work, is death. There is no way out."

"And, the pirate?"

"Child, pirates steel from others. The Pope is fed by that, which is stolen from others; and he does as he will with what he takes from the good of heart."

"Tell me about the mice and the little train."

"Child, who are the mice?"

"I don’t know."

"Is a door cut open in the trash can so as to feed them the tickets?"

"There is a door."

"Well, he knows. The Pope knows they are being fed."

"But, who are they?"

"Child, look on their tiny back and read."

"It says, ‘True Servants of God.’ My Lord, this is very sad. These precious souls are being fed crumbs. This reminds me of the story of Cinderella and the wicked stepmother. My Lord, what about the huge piles of tickets brought in by the trucks.’

"Child, read the back of each ticket.’

"My Lord, on the back of each ticket are the words: ‘I love money.’"

"Child, the Pope is not what he seems and all will find this out soon enough. He is black to the core, yet on the outer he wishes to convey something pure. He is working hard for the dark forces processing their work. Their love of money feeds his love for it. The dark forces thrive on gold, and US currency feeds them all. The pirate brings tickets to the Pope, which are pirated from many good people. The Pope keeps half of what he gets for the desk of the Pope and even sneaks some for himself. He puts half back into the trashcan, where a small amount goes back to the ‘lowly ones’, who love Me. The Pope is living high. Do you get the picture of this evil machine and the ones he colludes with?"

"Yes, My Lord, I have known this."

"Yes, Child, you have known this; but something shall happen within the next six months, which will remind you of this very conversation."

"You mean, something negative about the Pope?"

"Yes, the Pope. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of December, 1997
Linda Newkirk

Note: And, something did happen within this six-month timeframe, regarding the Pope. I turned on the news one day in the spring of 1998 to see the Pope down in Cuba making headlines as he publicly forged a friendship with Castro. Fidel Castro even made the statement that communism and religion can get along with one another well.

Hello! Is this the same Castro, who has a history of persecuting those, who love God? Is this the same one, who has made himself a god among men? Yes, indeed, communism and religion can get along fine, as long as each serves Lucifer.

Anyone, who saw this show between Castro and the Pope, and did not do a double take, is sound asleep. Folks, the Pope is not who you think and soon this whole dark web of the Vatican is going to tumble down on those, who love its darkness. Woe to those, who depend on dark institutions for their connections to God! You will be lost in the coming darkness as world communism fights to push out God’s Light.

Get in your prayer closet and build your own connection to Jesus and to our Precious Father. Do not get caught up in religious charades, which distract. The temple of God is within. Go there for your spiritual strength!

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