From the Mountain, Book III


"Precious Child, I have brought you to the zenith of My Mountain on the wings of My Spirit because of your great prayers. My Upper Room is open to you; come and eat of the Tree of Life, that you might be strengthened."

"My Lord Jesus, I am so grateful to be once more on Your Mountain in the presence of this healing tree. It restores my soul and gives me life. I shall take a while, My Lord, to commune with this tree and feed myself with this rare and perfect food. Once more I eat this divine nectar and once again I marvel at the radiance which fills me to completeness. Thank you, My Wondrous Master, that I am allowed in the midst of such pure joy and beauty. My Lord, You are my life and I rejoice in You. Praises to Your Precious name; glory to Your Precious Spirit. I love you with all my heart, My Lord; guide me in all things according to Your pure will."

"Child, I have chosen you because of your love for Me, and I shall not forsake you."

"My Lord, give me strength to fight the attacks of the evil one. Was it he, who gave me the horrible dream about someone wanting to kill me?"

"Child, sit in the chair at this desk in My Upper Room. The dream was of Me as there is someone, who wishes to kill you; and it is Lucifer, working in the minds and hearts of others. He wishes to kill all, who love Me."

"My Lord, in the dream I was given a test. At first, there was only myself and another person. The math seemed easy enough, but I knew that I was failing the test."

"Child, you have been tested with many problems, especially financial. You have often thought that you would fail, as you have had to juggle numbers. Yet, did you fail the test?"

"My Lord, I believe that I would have failed, but you brought someone to show me how to work all the problems and I completed all in the dream with help."

"This is right, Child, you shall complete all financial problems. You shall have help."

"My Lord, the last problem in the test was a prophecy problem and I got it right."

"Yes, Child, you got the prophecy problem right with the power of My Holy Spirit."

"But, My Lord, the prophecy is that someone wishes to kill me."

"Yes, Child, this is true, as you have been told. Lucifer, working through the minds of men, wishes to kill all prophets, all saints and all, who love Me. Yet, you have seen that this he is bound for now. He is jailed; but as you have seen in the dream, he cannot be held for much longer."

"My Lord, what was the main reason for this dream?"

"There are two reasons: 1. To answer your request for a financial blessing; 2. To warn you about what lies ahead."

"My Lord, I understand and I ask only that you give me an abundance of Your Spirit. Answer this my Lord: explain to me why I had to pray so long today to receive Your Spirit,"

"Child, you are tried and tested over and over. Would you pray for great lengths until you saw My Spirit come to bring you here? Would you get on the floor on your face? Would you work to bind every entity, great and small and cast them out? Would you persevere? This is the nature of doing My Work. All must persevere, as times shall get very hard."

"My Lord, I understand."

"Child, go to the Page of Time; for I shall show you things to come."

"My Lord, I am here at the Page; and I take the quill and place a single drop of living water on the Page. As I do so, a white light shoots from the Page. Amidst the white light are the burlesque dancers, who beginning to emerge. Surely, these are the Illuminati."

"Child, as you would say, ‘Right as rain.’"

"The dancers are kicking up their heels on a stage; and on closer scrutiny I see that they are ‘ugly as sin’. They look like men in drag, dressed in tutus. Some have beards, and some even have Arab head wraps. What a strange mix! Among them are Yeltsin, Clinton and Queen Elizabeth; and hiding behind the curtain, watching, is the evil Rothschild man. Even Hussein is in on the action, with runners on his feet, like those on tanks.

Overhead, I see a parrot, which watches the dancers intently. The name on the parrot is ‘United Nations’. Now and then, the parrot says, ‘Good dance, Boys, kick ‘em high.’ Hussein is kickin’ ‘em high; and Clinton keeps trying to dance’, but is slippin’ and slidin’ because the evil ‘R’ man keeps tossing banana peels under his shoes. The Queen stands on stilts with her nose held high, obviously above the others. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait dance opposite each other. A large, slimy, black, white and red snake slithers among the feet of the dancers; but they never notice it. On the back of the snake is written, ‘Lucifer to the Core.’ The snake wraps itself around the feet of this one, then that one, biting each up and down their legs; but none seems to take notice of the snake, and all keep on dancing.

From the back of the stage comes a string of drummers, followed by several flutists. On the drums are the words: ‘Cairo Egypt, Cairo Egypt, Cairo Egypt.’ The flutists play the same tune over and over, ‘Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.’ On the rear ends of the flutists is written, ‘Germany fooled you.’

The evil ‘R’ man lingers in the back and embraces a black box. He opens the black box, which is labeled, ‘My Dark Secrets’; and out jumps the green spirit of evil. ‘Master, shall I serve you?’ ‘Yes,’ the ‘R’ man replies to the evil spirit, ’get me a handkerchief. I shall have to wipe my behind.’ And, a box appears before the evil ‘R’ man, who takes the handkerchief and wiped his behind of foul feces. Then, he throws the feces-laden handkerchief in front of Clinton.

‘Get on down there, Sonny Boy. Take a smell,’ he sneers at Clinton. Then, Clinton falls on a banana peel, called ‘ambush’, and rubs his nose on the stinky handkerchief called ‘sabotage.’ ‘I’ve got you,’ the Rothschild man growls. Clinton tries to get up, but the floor was so slippery from all the banana peels that he cannot. On the end of his nose, the nasty napkin is stuck, but he cannot remove it because his hands are so sticky with the slime from the banana peels. The harder he tries to get the stinky napkin off his nose, the worse it sticks and smears. He tries to stand up, but the more he tries, the more impossible it becomes. He keeps slipping and sliding on the banana peels and he is down and cannot get up! However, the burlesque dancers keep on dancing. They are kicking their heels high and never seeming to pay much attention to Clinton, who is no longer able to dance. ‘Hmmm,’ says the Queen, ‘serves him right. He should keep his hands to himself.’

The evil ‘R’ man takes a grappling hook and drags Clinton off the dance floor. By this time Clinton’s pants have fallen down to his ankles. He has banana peels all over his knees, feet, and elbows; and the feces-covered handkerchief is stuck firmly to his nose. Clinton sees the evil, green monster looming from the box and says, ’Oh, you again. I should have known that you were behind this.’ The evil spirit looks at Clinton and contorts, ‘That’s right, Sonny Boy, and I’m here to stay.’

The evil ‘R’ man takes his big, black shoe with runners like a tank and he kicks Clinton until he is unconscious. ‘Bring in the Mop Squad,’ he orders! And, the Mop Squad enters with a mop, a broom, and a large dustpan. They sweep up Clinton and the mess with him and they put him into a dump truck. On the truck is written, ‘Iran is the victor.’ And, the Mop Squad speeds off with Clinton in the truck.

The truck pulls up to a stop at a place called, ‘Swiss Bank Scandal,’ and dumps Clinton in the street. Clinton tries to pull the remnants of the handkerchief off his nose; but he cannot get all the defecation off. He hurriedly tries to clean himself up and make himself presentable for a large meeting at the bank; but the peels are stuck tightly and the foul poop just won’t go away. Looking a mess, he takes a seat in a large meeting room. A huge man, dressed in black, comes in and offers Clinton a cookie from a tray. The tray is piled high with cookies and on each one is written, ‘Take your cut now.’ So, Clinton reaches out and stuffs his pockets, front and back, with the cookies; and he nervously waits for others to arrive.

But, none come, save a pack of laughing heinous; and on their backs is written, ‘You’re sorry now.’ The dogs laugh and laugh and laugh; and as they turn to leave the writing on their rear ends says, ‘International Monetary Fund.’

A whore named ‘Gibraltar’ comes in and nuzzles Clinton. She has bleached hair and overflowing breasts; and Clinton sticks his stinky nose between the whore’s breasts and says, "I make a bet on Spain.’ The whore sits in Clinton’s lap and fornicates with Clinton; and they drink champagne. In the bottom of the champagne glass is a note, which reads, ‘You’re fired, SOB.’ Clinton gets up to find the whore dead; and a black hearse comes and carts her away.

‘How did this happen,’ Clinton says. ‘I am no monster.’ Then, the laughing heinas appear again as Clinton stands behind the hearse, scratching his head. ‘We’ll take you share. We’ll take your share,’ the heinas laugh and cajole. Clinton is confounded and he goes and sits on a curb; but he does not realize that a drain is beneath his legs on the street, or that the drain leads to a series of underground tunnels. These are sewerage tunnels; and soon the stench begins to reach Clinton’s nose. Faint words are written on the stench as its waves drift upward: ‘Russia at it again.’ The stench is full of toxic chemicals, which cause Clinton to swoon; and he lies on the sidewalk and goes to sleep.

Beneath the sidewalk in the dark tunnels are long lines of soldiers, dressed in black. They whisper, ‘He’s asleep. He’s asleep. Catch him now. Catch him now’. And, as Clinton sleeps, the submarines cover the depths of the waters surrounding the USA and the soldiers plot their strategies. The man in the high tower above Russia cries, ‘The time is now. The time is now.’ And, the submarines line up in the dark waters and fire upon their planned targets. The date, which emerges on the Page of Time, is Dec. 12, 1998. Their plans are to hit the large cities and military installations. They say, ‘We shall destroy the whore in one day!’ However, the Russians were not alone. The leader of the orchestra is the evil ‘R’ man. ‘How sweet the sound,’ he crows! ‘A symphony in perfect tune! My Soul is bathed in victory, the ultimate victory!’

But, this is only the beginning of the covert, German ways; the evil ‘R’ man will bring down many from the shadows. On the Page of Time, I see that Canada is invaded in 1999. Australia is invaded in the fall of 2001 by hoards of Chinese and Arabs.

"My Lord, I wonder about the Stock Market crash and the problems in the Orient. Will Japan be involved?

"Child, there will be natural calamities in the Far East, which will affect several countries. A volcano will erupt in Japan and they have earthquakes and tidal waves.’ Calamities in Japan will lead them to withdraw money from the USA; and they will begin to recall debts."

"My Lord, my mind if full of questions."

"Child, this is known; but we shall proceed another time. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of December, 1997
Linda Newkirk


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