From the Mountain, Book III


The Bitter Fruit and a Message for You

"Precious Child, blessed are you! For, you have come long in prayer, seeking Me, My will and direction; and I have brought you once more to the heights of My Mountain. Come into My Upper Room; yea, even to the second level of My Tree and eat."

"My Lord, I am looking at this tree and its fruit, which is plentiful on each bow, but each piece is wrapped in a box and tied with a ribbon. I stand before it, wondering how to proceed."

"Child, eat, as your soul requires it. The fruit is bitter, but I shall make it sweet."

"My Lord, I am ready to eat it; but as I start to pick the fruit, a powerful beam of light falls upon me and illumines me with white fire. I am overcome with tears of joy and humility, as I know that this fire is a special anointing from You. Amidst this powerful beam, I stand beneath the tree and pick the first fruit. I hungrily devour the fruit: box, ribbon and all. My Lord, it is not sweet, but bitter; and sits like lead in my stomach. Suddenly, I am filled with great sadness for what lies ahead."

A precious angel appears before me with a handkerchief, and I take it and wipe my tears. The radiant light upon me reflects back to me from the handkerchief, and I know your powerful fire bathes me. My Lord, do you mind if I sit here beneath your Precious Tree and shed a few tears? I am suddenly so overwhelmed with grief for what is about to unfold in the world, and my soul is heavy through and through."

"Child, your sorrow is known; for, your walk is difficult and others revile you. Even other prophets, called by Me, mock you with phrases like ‘off-beam’ and ‘misguided.’ Remember that the mockers are young minds, thinking they know all, and are themselves guided by their own minds. Unless they repent, I will withdraw My Spirit from them. Let go of these hurts, Child. Send no more correspondence unless I direct you specifically to do so. I will deal with some of them, who think they know it all; for, I shall cut them off from My Spirit, and they shall be deceived.

Now, Precious One, eat. For, whether you believe it to be so, this bitter fruit will strengthen your walk"

"My Lord, I voraciously eat one, then another; and I swallow them quickly as the taste is so bitter. I am feeling very heavy and bloated, as if I am carrying great weights in my stomach and I am beginning to swell. I can eat no more."

"Get up, Child, and stretch."

" I get up and stretch; and as I do so, I shoot straight up, like a tall pole. This is very strange, My Lord, I was short, stubby and bloated, then suddenly became very tall and free. And, from this vantagepoint, I smell the most beautiful fragrance. Funny, I did not notice this before. Suddenly, I am hungry again, and I ravenously eat a piece of fruit, then another and another. I continue to eat until I am full once more and am heavy with the fruit, but am content and peaceful."

"Child, an angel comes with something for you to read."

"My Lord, I take the tablet from the precious angel; and it looks to be light, but is heavy. The tablet shines with a great brilliance, and on it are words in a heavenly language. I take the delicate son-glasses from my pocket, put them on, and read:

‘Oh, Cherished Ones of Mine’

‘Oh, Cherished Ones of Mine, called and chosen before the foundations.
Why is it that so many of you go "My-My, Me-Me",
And fail to see My hand in your lives?
You get together and gossip.
You spread rumors and lies about one another,
Even and especially about others, who are likewise chosen.

Do you believe that this behavior builds you up?
Do you believe that it makes you wise?
Do you believe that it makes you superior to others when you pass judgement?
Nay, this kind of behavior makes you low.

It steals My space in you.
It causes you to stumble and to falter in the darkness.
Yet, you continue with your egos gone awry.
You continue with your pride and go "Me-Me, My-My."

You do this in My face, and you sadden Me.
You bring deep sorrow to Me;
For, I have called you and chosen you for this journey from before the foundations.

Why have you let me down in this way?
Do you suppose that I allow each prophet to know all?
Nay, only part.

Have you not been told this?
Have I not shown you that what one is given may be different from what another receives?

That your journeys may be different.
Do not degrade the journey of another,
Or think your wisdom is superior about their journeys before Me.

I have opened your eyes to different messages,
And I have made manifest within you different gifts.
Stop the nonsense of judging or criticizing one another.

Have you been told to judge?
You have been told to love.
You have been told to be obedient.
You have been told to be wise.
You have been told to be faithful.
You have been told to harbor no will.

Yet, some of you spread malicious rumors, or outright lies.
My tolerance runs low in this;
I expect the best of My Chosen.
I expect the best; or I shall desert you
And allow you to fend for selves.

I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of December, 1997
Linda Newkirk

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