From the Mountain, Book III

Blessings Given, Blessings Denied

"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus; and I bring you upon My Mountain by the power of My Holy Spirit, where the door to My Inner Sanctum is open. You sorely need My love, power, direction, and blessings."

"Yes, My Lord, I fall on bended knees before Your precious presence. My soul is aching because the chaos in the world escalates so rapidly. Many have blasphemed me because you have spoken that reincarnation is true; and I am saddened and troubled about the bickering that goes on, even in my own family."

"Child, raise up, be blessed; and write as given and seen."

"My Lord, there is someone here in white raiment, with a small white, rounded cap over his head, whom I believe to be The Apostle, Paul. A pure, white light bathes him as he places his radiant hands on my head; then gently pushes my head into a river of clear, sparkling water. A cool, clean glow of absolute pure light caresses my head; then, he picks me up and submerges me totally in this pure water. ‘Be blessed,’ he says, ‘in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Receive the power of the prophets, and likewise the wisdom; for you shall surely need this.’ I stand up from the stream full of light, peace and joy, holding a very large, radiant sword. As I pull the sword from its sheath, it glistens with pure light and power. On the sword is written, ’The hand of God is With You.’"

"Child, place the sword in its sheath, and fasten the belt around your waist; for, you shall need this sword. Where this sword goes, the hand of God goes; this is part of the power of the prophets."

"My Lord, I see a mighty armor come down all around me; it is thick, and surrounds me like a huge cylinder. It is radiant with a constant, pure, white light and even though it has the appearance of being solid, I can take my hand and pierce it."

"Yes, Child, but little reaches through to you, save what you bring in. Therefore, you must be careful what your bring in, lest you have a penalty to pay. I will be much harsher on you than another; for I give you more and I expect more."

"My Lord, I understand.’

"This armor will not always be obvious to you; nonetheless it is yours, a powerful gift for protection. Worry not about the criticism of others or the evil darts they shoot at you. Their evil will be returned upon them ten fold. Thus, they had best be careful what they do to harm you; for this is My promise to you. You are a chosen one, given a difficult role; and you will have My power to back you."

"My Lord, you commanded me to go yesterday fasting and take healing to the one, who is quadriplegic, the teenager, crippled in the football game. I went there with a powerful anointing given by You and did my best; but the family would not let me into ICU. They viewed me with suspicion, as they were black and I, white. When I went up to a group of them and began to speak with them, they fled. The mother shunned me and looked down at me with crossed arms and a cold, unbelieving expression. I was turned away, but returned a second time and waited. A second time I was turned away, unable to anoint this young man as you had commanded."

"Child, you did your best. You had the anointing, and you called aside the mother to pray for her, to anoint her, to take the anointing in to her son. I blessed you in this. This young man will walk again. He will run and pray again, … even, as I have told you, but not as soon as would have been; for I sent you there on a mission, and they would not honor this completely. Therefore, I will honor My promise slowly. Child, know that I speak truth, and this one shall be healed in time to do a work for Me.’"

"My Lord, I went out to go to the hospital and the car was totally empty. I knew that the reading on the gas gauge was accurate because the car was sitting on level ground; and I knew I would not have enough gas to get across town to the hospital. I said, ‘Lord, look, this tank is empty! You have commanded me to go, but I have no gas.’ Then, you commanded me to anoint the gas tank with The Holy Spirit, and told me that there would be gas. As I started out the yard, the tank read, ‘empty’; but as I went up the road the hand steadily climbed upwards to nearly a quarter of a tank. I was in awe. You commanded me to pray for an anointing on the tank and I did it, but when the gas miraculously appeared in the tank and kept climbing, I knew that I was witnessing a miracle. What a miracle!

However, those suffering people at the hospital had no way of knowing the blessing you had given me to for them. The racial tension was so strong, heavy and clearly visible. I went only with love, but they could not receive my love because of their own distrust. I wanted nothing except your perfect will for them and a healing for this precious, young soul. My Lord, I am deeply saddened because of their sorrows, and my prayers and thoughts are with all of them through this terrible tragedy. Praise you, my Precious Lord. You are Lord of Miracles."

"Child, you are seeing My Miraculous Word in action. Many speak love for Me, and many proclaim to serve Me; but few see miracles. I am not with these, who only profess verbally a love for Me; they do not have My Spirit."

"Child, you are pondering the ‘shock’ you are to receive within forty-five days. The forty-five days are almost up; and you shall know this shock, this surprise, before day’s end. Mark My word on this."

"My Lord, I know I will receive this today. Your word is truth and Your Way is honor; and I look forward to knowing. I wonder how I shall address many, who have written, criticizing these prophecies; and how shall I address the one, who is spreading many lies that I love New Age?"

"Child, write them as time permits; but, let nothing come before this work. As for the one, who accuses you of being New Age, tell him: Thus saith the Lord, Jesus Christ, Lord of Earth:

‘I am a patient, one with God, and recognize his diligent pursuits in Me. I recognize his plodding over much time. I am just and fair, yea slow to anger. But, I will not continue to tolerate blasphemy against one, who loves and serves Me.

I shall begin to slap him with his own words when he expects it least. He has not been called to prophecy. Nay, this has not been done. Thus, if he continues to lambaste one of My chosen without thought or reservation, I shall smite him physically in his lower body.’"

I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, yea Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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