From the Mountain, Book III


"Precious Child, as you know My voice to be true and that of Jesus, I speak to you and your family myriad blessings this day. I speak peace where there is conflict, wholeness where there is disease, and comfort, where there is despair. Child the whole world is in a state of turmoil. Even those, who love Me and do My work, are weighted down with the state of the world. Sadly, this state is degenerating minute by minute; but, let Mine rejoice in Me. For, My Spirit brings joy. It brings completeness in Me. Be not carried down by the negativity, but rejoice in Me. For, where you are lacking, I bring completion. Where you come up short, I fill in the gap.

Precious Children, raise up your eyes to a new day in Me. For, all must come down as it now stands. Be at peace when you see the evil people and governments fall by the way. For, My hand is in this. Even though millions of you shall die horrible deaths, this season must come to an end, that a new day can begin. Be strong in Me, My Sheep. Stand in the face of adversity and fear not; for, I am with you. Turn not from Me in your time of need; but, turn to Me in greater measure, that I can comfort you; for, My hand is upon My Cherished Ones. When you see all falling around you, remember: I am in this. The evil one runs rampant, but this time has been prophesied. Be strengthened in this; for, it is the word of God manifest.

Now, Precious Child, you are aware that through My Holy Spirit, I have brought you to new heights on My Holy Mountain. Come into My Inner Room, for it is opened to you. Write as seen and given."

"My Lord Jesus, I float into this room upon the wings of Your Spirit; and before me is the Tree, buzzing with life. I am drawn quickly to this tree, as I am so thirsty for this fruit. I long so to drink of its sweet nectar and to bathe in its radiance. As I pick my first fruit and consume its sweet fragrance, I taste apricots, bananas, pineapples and vanilla. The copious amounts of juice bathe my hands and trickle down my clothing, forming rows of radiant diamonds. This radiant liquid quickly flows into my mouth, and through my head and body. It travels its own roads and makes old places new. Its journey is smooth, easy, and deeply soothing to my soul. I eat and eat until I feel very full, satisfied and peaceful. Amidst such beauty, I am faintly aware of the rustle of the sounds of Your Spirit within and around me, weaving in and out the branches of the Tree. What joy! It fills my heart with glee and love for You, My Precious Lord and I am bathed in pure beauty!"

"Yea, Child, but today we shall go on a journey. Adjust your son-glasses and get ready to travel."

"My Lord, I do as you ask and suddenly feel myself rising from the base of this tree, lifted upon the wings of Your Spirit, rushing ever upward. Suddenly, I come to a stop before a wooden door built into a dark mountain."

"Child, take your key called ‘destiny’ and open the door."

"My Lord, I put the key into the lock and turn it. The key is very large and so is the lock. As the key turns, it makes a very loud click; and the door grinds, squeaks, and pushes forward inch by inch. My Lord, where does this door lead to?"

"Child, look above."

"My Lord, I see a set of rails etched above the door, yet no train. On the railroad ties, I see some words, which are too dark to read."

"Shine My Light upon them."

"My Lord, as you say this, I look upon these railroad ties and light comes out of these glasses. This light illuminates what is written; and it says, ‘Destruction, Destruction, Destruction to the good OLE USA’. My heart is sinking as I fear what I shall see."

"Child, proceed forward."

"My Lord, I now enter a very large room with an extremely tall ceiling and a floor made of black and white marble squares. A cold draft courses this vacant room, which leads off into a dark cave. Overhead, many black bats are clinging to the ceiling; and suddenly I hear rustling sounds, like the sounds of wind among leaves in autumn. Drifting from the back of the room are lugubrious sounds of a distressing dirge. The steady beats of drums add to the darkness of the moment, and airy sounds of flutes rush forth to mock the darkness. What a cacophony now, as a rumbling foghorn rolls forth, adding its own distressing dimension! Goose bumps rise on my arms, a personal statement of my own sense of fear.

Suddenly, a large bat flies down from the ceiling and clings to the wall near the entrance of the cave. The bat is looking at me, one of its eyes a gold rotating disk. It caws like a crow and suddenly defecates a large pile near the entrance of this cave. The stomach of the bat is very large as if it is pregnant; and before my very eyes, it is changing into a man. He is wearing black and white striped pants and very large, black, clown shoes. His hair is red like that of a clown, but only on the sides; he is bald on top. With his large clown shoes, he begins to do a jig on the black and white tiled floor; and as he dances he whistles…’I’m off to see the wizard’. Over and over, he whistles the same verse, dancing merrily along, seemingly oblivious to my presence.

Now, he is singing:

I have no regrets,
No regrets, no regrets,
I am a prostitute,
A whore among men.

I like being a harlot,
A slut, a harlot, a harlot,
A slut am I.

Doo-doo, we do,
Doo-do, we do.

Then, he takes a black cane and breaks it over his left knee. My Lord, please explain what is going on."

"Child, look at the bat with the rotating eye of gold. Who is this?"

"My Lord, this is Germany; but Germany falls and becomes a man."

"Child, Germany hangs high in the ceiling of its dark cave with the eye full of gold; yet, he falls in his very cave and becomes a clown."

"My Lord, I see this. I am curious about the train tracks outside the cave, which tell of the destruction of the USA."

"Child, you see no train, only the tracks. The role of Germany in the destruction of the USA is not obvious at first and will not be obvious for quite some time. For, the bat hangs in darkness. But, the bat shall fall to the black and white floor and the clown dance shall be seen."

"My Lord, why is the floor black and white?"

"It represents good and evil. When Germany falls to the floor of good and evil, all shall be known."

"And, when shall this be?"

"Child, see … 2002."

"It will take that long?"

"Oh, yes; for these are the ones with the white hats. Remember?"

"Yes, My Lord, the white hats and the black hearts."

"So, Germany does the jig and breaks the cane; but why?"

"Child, what is written on the cane?"

"My Lord, I see a piece of paper hanging from the broken cane, so I will take it and read it. It says: ‘The German European Consortium is a Lie.’ Please explain."

"Child, who is running the show in Europe?"

"Primarily, The Royals and the Rothschild Family."

"Yes, Child, but primarily the Rothschild Family. Do you not remember how they spy on the Royals and how they do things, which lead to the death of some of the Royals, even to the death of the Monarchy in England? They work constantly behind the scenes to do much double dealing, even to set up the destruction of the USA. The bold voices, which speak now through the Russians, the Chinese and the Arabs, are backed by Germany, who heads the United Nations behind the scenes. This family is primarily responsible for the control of the monetary system in the USA, of course in concert with the Rockefellers and the Royals. Others play roles, but do not forget who the key players are. Never forget this."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, Child, watch the clown."

"My Lord, he is pulling an off-white ribbon from his back pocket. He pulls and pulls on this ribbon until there is a large pile of ribbon at his feet. The pile of ribbon grows to great heights and the clown diminishes in size until he becomes a midget standing beside a huge pile of ribbon. All his pockets are now turned wrongside out and his red hair is standing straight up, as if he has been electrified. The ribbon is, which comes out the end of his fingers, is stuck to his hands. He tries to shake himself free from the ribbon, but cannot because it is a part of him. He tries to run, but his feet are glued to the floor. Suddenly, a huge foot comes down upon the clown and squashes him into a grease spot.

On the large boot is written ‘Arab Alliance is angry as hell.’ Then the one behind the foot, who is Hussein, throws a match on the grease spot and starts a fire. The cave becomes thick with smoke, and others come from within the bowels the cave holding their throats and coughing. I do not know who they are; but they have been smoked out."

"Child, look on their foreheads as they come out and write what you see."

"I see written across their foreheads: ‘European Alliance’, ‘Trinidad’, ‘Poor Polish’, ‘Trickle-Down Economics’, ‘World Hunger’, ‘Air Pollution and Fallout’, and ‘Sugar Daddy No More’."

"Child, you know that the Arabs take out Germany in 2004."

"Yes, My Lord; but why are they so angry?’

"Child, this will be seen as a building up of tension over oil; for, oil will be used to control many. Israel will tap into the Mother Load of Oil; and this Mother Load will push the United Nations to take over Israel. But, this will not work, for it is clear that the Arab Alliance wishes to control the oil. Nevertheless, Israel will control a mighty Mother Load for nearly three years."

"So, these two buddies split fast over the oil?’

"Yes, indeed, Child, and you see who wins over whom; but Hussein shall be replaced by the Syrian."

"My Lord, I remember this. Now, tell me about the off-white ribbon?"

"Child, take a piece of the ribbon and walk into it."

"My Lord, I jump right into the ribbon through the power of your Holy Spirit; and I hear the power saws and see trees falling right and left. On the falling trees are names of countries: I see ‘Denmark, Samaria, Finland, USA, Canada, Australia, Most of Europe, Parts of China, and Russian Allies.’ So, this tape has to do with countries destroyed by Germany; and the more destruction the clown creates, the smaller he becomes, as they turn on him. The clown does not have the support of the people, so he has no power. My Lord, it is good the Arabs go into his cave and get him because Germany has done this evil for so long. Glory to the day when this evil is brought down."

"Yet, Child, he will kill many of My Cherished Ones, especially My saints and prophets."

"I know this, My Lord; but wherever we are, we shall rejoice when this evil is taken out."

"Precious One, go in Me this day and know the joy of Thanksgiving. For I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of November, 1997
Linda Newkirk

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