From the Mountain, Book III

Clinton’s Downfall, the Truth about the Murder of Princess Diana & more

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Recognize that I have brought you to the heights of My Mountain on the wings of My Spirit, but only after you have come in deep and sincere prayer. Child, you have disciplined yourself and your prayers have been honored. Come into My Upper Room and eat of The Tree as you like."

"My Lord, how grateful am I! This singing tree electrifies my soul. Once again, I pick this luscious fruit and hungrily devour its savory goodness. One after the other, I fill myself with the sweet nectar of completeness and my soul shouts with joy. I am caught up in Your glory, My Lord, and bask in the presence of Your Precious Spirit. A large shape, like that of a diamond forms in my mouth from the nectar of this fruit and explodes within me like a volcanic eruption of white light. With each piece eaten, I see a brick go on a wall."

"Yea, Child, with each piece you eat, you are building a greater spiritual strength, which is lasting. This fruit is not called the Tree of Life without reason. It adds spiritual life to you and increases many fold your spiritual power, which you sorely need in this day. Your work is psychologically, emotionally, and physically draining; but I give you strength and I give you joy."

"Yes, indeed, My Lord, I am filled with joy radiant happiness!"

"This is as it should be. Now, Child, let us continue with an explanation of the vision of December 11, 1997."

"Yes, My Lord, I have questions."

"Sit at the desk, Child, and we will proceed."

"My Lord, what are the red, blinking lights in Korea?"

"Child, see the word, ‘danger’, written on the lights."

"Yes, My Lord; but tell me about the yellow light around the edges."

"Child, see the words, ‘just fooling’, written on the yellow light."

"Tell me about the blackness, which takes over."

"See the words, ‘serious debt’, written on the darkness."

"I don’t understand."

"No, but you will; for all is not as it seems in North Korea. Remember, Child, that those, running the world are creating many situations, which look like danger, but are not."

"But, it says ‘serious debt.’"

"Oh, there is serious debt, but that, which fans the danger is the real scare, not the debt."

"And, this is?"

"Your New World Order intent on taking out the financial markets one by one until only one remains, that of the New World Order. Child, these schemers own enough around the world that they can crash any market simply by manipulating it. The roads are being paved for your own crash. Child, you have asked about whether this will take place within six months or so, I say, ‘Watch for a fall beginning within six months. It will be a manipulated thing, which will set off a chain reaction; and it will explode within the press. They consider you as pigs, which must be controlled and led to slaughter. Do you see?’

"Yes, My Lord. But, why is US Currency going into North Korea?"

"To prop up your own interests. Why else? Your businesses are concerned about foreign labor and exports. Get it? The ones at the top are grinning, laughing, and toasting one another, as everything is on schedule. This is just the beginning of their evil plots."

"So, the black changes back to red?"
"Yes, indeed. It is red, which grips the North Korean economy through and through."

"Tell me about the symbolism of the wreath."

"It is green and white. It is US money."

"What about the bullet clip with the bullet missing?"

"Child, what is written on the clip?"

"It says, ‘Communism Tomorrow.’"

"Child, what is on the bullet, which is missing?"

"I see it in Clinton’s pocket and on it are the words, ‘I spy on you.’ But, why does the Korean leader place this clip in his pocket?"

"He is deceived."

"Tell me more."

"Child, what looks like salvation is an invitation to conquer. You will see."

"How so?"

"Is Clinton on the up-and-up?"

"My Lord, he is as manipulative as they come."

‘’’Tis so, and what looks good is really suicide in the making."

"What about the meeting of the Geneva Banking System."

"Does Clinton speak of the holes in the system?"

"Yes, My Lord. Is this meeting to fix the holes?"

"Not at this time, Child. There will be even more holes before all is said and done."

"Tell me about Clinton’s fall."

"Does he fall because his feet are bound in gold?"

"Yes, My Lord. And, the gold is?"

"Child, look on the lock and read."

"My Lord, the lock reads, ‘Tick-tock, Tick-tock. An explosion is coming.’ Does this mean an explosion about Clinton’s gold?"

"This, you will see."

"Who will cause this?’

"You mean, ‘what’."

"So, what?"

"Child, the Rock of Gibraltar. Does it not give him a goose egg on his head and an affliction of his right eye?"

"Yes, My Lord, but I do not understand this."

"Child, the goose laid the egg on his head."

"And, who is the goose?’

"The one, who lays the golden egg on his head, is the Queen of England."

"So, tell me more about the Rock."

"Child, it is the albatross around his neck, which is seen to you as the Rock of Gibraltar, over which he stumbles and falls."

"Is there more about this rock than meets the eye?’

"See, Child, "Covert, Secret Deal in Arms.’"

"I see, My Lord; but, why does he wink?"

"Child, see that he winks and winks and winks with his right eye…"

"Yes, My Lord, I know this, but why?’

"Child, what does his right eye represent?’

"I do not know."

"It represents tax evasion."

"So, he winks at tax evasion."

"Every time he bats his right eye."

"Why the right eye?"

"Is the right eye not the right way, the tried and true way?"

"My Lord, I do not know, but if you say it is, I believe it."

" ‘Tis so."

"So, My Lord, He winks at the right way because he does not go that way."

"Child, he is out to fool all, but he will not fool all. For, he has enemies in high places, who wish to see his demise. Have you not figured this out yet?"

"Yes, My Lord, I have seen this and he must have figured it out also because he has been pursued around every corner."

"Yes, Child, but this Swiss Bank Deal will open the door for the wolves and foxes."

"Who are the wolves?"

"The Russians."

"And the foxes?"

"The Germans."

"Tell me more, My Lord?"

"Child, his stealth and cunning are seen by the wolves and foxes through and through; and they will bring his demise."

"And the Queen is in on this?"

"From the beginning."

"Yet, she wishes to appear otherwise?"

"For a while, Child, her role will not be known. Yet, she is evil through and through; and all will find out soon enough."

"My Lord, was Princess Diana murdered?"
"Child, she was murdered, just as surely as the Pope worships Lucifer."

"Who orchestrated it?"
"Whose name did we just mention in reference to England?"

"The Queen? But, My Lord, the bodyguard was drunk."

"Not as drunk as you have been led to believe. Those in high places have brought this about. Those in high places, working in collusion, have brought this about, and the whole truth will never be known. Remember, Child, those with enough money get whatever results they wish. You have had enough experiences with labs to know how they can lie. Understand that she was killed due to enmity between the Queen and Dodi’s Father. This was planned and executed well by secret order of the Queen. The white car responsible is scrapped, cut to shreds, in a heap to be melted down. When you think of Diana’s death, look no further that the Queen. Diana was blessed, indeed, that she survived as long as she did."

"My Lord, back to the vision of the 11th, why did the Naval Reserve hit Clinton on the other side of his head?"

"Child, we have spoken of the goose egg on the right…"

"Yes, My Lord."

"And, the Naval Reserve gives him one on the left. Is this about money?"

"‘Indeed, it is."

"Then, why did Clinton ask what it was?"

"Does Clinton wink all the time?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, Child, he knows."

"But, why did his assistant lie to Clinton?"

"Child, Clinton wishes to be lied to. He promotes others’ lying to him. He sees what he will and believes what he will. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord; but tell me about the Saudi bite."

"Does it nip him in the back like a small cat?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"This shall come to pass."

"In what way?"

"Through oil revenues."

"What about oil revenues?"

"He shall be duped, Child. Yet, he shall not see this, as he wished not be see this. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord. Tell me about the monkey business."

"Child, who is the monkey?’

"Saddam Hussein."

" Then, the monkey business takes place with Hussein. Do you see Clinton distracted by this?"

"Yes, My Lord, the monkey does distract him. Is this for real"

"Oh, he is truly distracted by the monkey, as he wishes to be distracted."

"And, along comes Congress and kicks Clinton in the stomach."


"What do the phrases mean, ‘Sick of You,’ and ‘Dead End.’"

"Child, your congress will have every right to start impeachment proceedings against Clinton. For, he is a liar on every front and an embezzler. The Jones lawsuit will not help, and his other immoral dealings will add more fuel to be used to burn him further."

"So, Clinton will be in a state of confusion and Russia will be on the prowl. Yet, Clinton, being asleep, will believe that the Russians are his friends. He looks at the angel of death and he has no clue."

"Child, this angel of death will come to visit many millions of you, yet Clinton will be asleep."

"Who is the Santa, who leaves the pickle?"

"The Santa is called, ‘All in your head,’ and the pickle is called, ‘Tough Times Ahead.’

"And the pictures within the pickle?"

"A movie of his life, which will flash before his face. For, he will see the evil he has condoned all his adult life; and he will not be able to eat it. You will be attacked in your Christmas Season as told. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of December, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

As I type these prophecies in August of 1998, which were given to me many months ago, I am astounded at the number of things, which have come to pass. I have had the hardest time going back to Book III and typing it because of the dream in which The Great Physician allowed me to read three pages from his journal. These were three large pages, and when I finished the last one, great darkness fell all around me. Jesus, The Great Physician, said ‘You will think that I have deserted you, but this shall be for just a while.’ In my heart of hearts, I have dreaded so to see this book finished because of the darkness to ensue after, but have known that it must be done. As I type along, I am surprised at many of the things, which are unfolding, or have come to pass. In the prophecies given on this date, you will read these things, which have come to pass and possibly others I am not aware of:

The North Korean Market fell and if I remember correctly there was a financial bail out. Television, I believe it was 60 minutes, showed this to be so bad that no one could drive their vehicles, as they could not afford gas.

The US Stock Market fell 800 points in June, but a prophecy given in Book II shows it below 2000 in October. Watch out, people! The USA is going to be in chaos and people are going to be hungry!

Just yesterday, a friend brought me a copy of The World News and it was speaking of a great fall predicted for the stock market in October of ‘98. Also in this article was mention of banks, which have fallen in Switzerland; and people are rioting in the streets. Have we missed this on the 6:00 news? As forewarned before, get yourself a shortwave radio for the truth in the evening news.

Hussein has continued with his monkey business, defying the United Nations and Clinton. He is stock piling weapons of mass destruction and biological and chemical weapons in great underground facilities (This has been shown in other prophecies.); but this will never be caught because Germany is in collusion with Russia and China behind scenes. Hussein knows that the United Nations intent from high up is an evil joke!

Even now, the newspapers are talking of impeaching Clinton. He will not be removed before the war, but this talk will seriously affect people’s faith in his ability to govern. The Stock Market, which is riding high, will take a near-fatal blow.

I never realized until about three or four months ago that there is a powerful bank in Gibraltar. I saw information about it on television, that it came up suddenly and out of obscurity. I also believe that I saw this on 60 minutes. It seems that this bank is one of the most powerful in the world. No doubt, it is one in which the powerful hide their money. You will hear more about his bank! It is going to suffer as the One Worlders manipulate their money.

We have entered the seven-years-period of tribulation. It does not matter whether you believe this. We are in it. Also, it does not matter whether you think you will be raptured out and not have to go through these trials. The truth is that if you live you will not escape the tribulations, which will come upon us because of the evil ones running the show. My advice to you is to get your head out of the sand and start seeking God with all your heart. Look to God and God will provide. There is not going to be an early out rapture. Jesus suffered and died a terrible death. His Chosen apostles and prophets were persecuted and many were killed. Do you think that you are above Jesus or His Chosen Ones? Wake up and get prepared for what awaits you. Lying and lost preachers have led many astray in this notion of early-out rapture. It is not going to happen. You have been lied to; and many will fall away because of it. Wake up!

Many will turn against God in anger because of this lie! Don’t be one, who falls away because of it. Read the Book of Revelation and you will see that the saints are killed and the prophets are killed. Folks, we are entering times like none other. The only way you will survive is to be able to hear God. If you cannot hear God, you need to listen to those, who can hear Him. He is sending out His prophets to advise and warn. Wake up! There is so little time. Jesus is our Way, our Life, our Light and our Truth. Know this with all your heart. Seek Jesus in all things! He is the heir of the Earth and He will respond the Sincere of Heart.


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