From the Mountain, Book III



"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Your cries are heard. Even to the depths of your soul, you beg for the highest good for others, that they not be lost. Come into My Radiant Upper Room and meet my angels, who are ready to greet you. Your energies are low but I shall renew you. Reach out and take the fruit from the tray. Eat it, Child, and write as given and seen."

"My Lord, I take this fruit, which reminds me of the fruit from The Tree of Knowledge; but it has no projections. It tastes sweet like grapes, but has a scent of almond. As I chew, it expands in my mouth and seems to be absorbed as pure, radiant energy through my tongue, my cheeks, my teeth, and upward into my head. This fruit travels down my throat as a liquid and seems to have a mind of its own, somewhat like water, seeking its own places. I see tiny white light stars beginning to form throughout my body. They begin to explode, like individual sparklers, each reaching out to touch another, creating an expansive explosion of light throughout me filling tiny recesses in my soul.

The heavenly nectar of this fruit spills onto my hands and runs down my clothing, creating a white light brilliance. I have eaten the whole fruit and am surprised to see that it has no core or seeds. Another fruit appears on the tray before me and I grasp it hungrily, as it fills a hunger in my soul like nothing I have ever eaten. I cradle it gently in my hands and devour its tender, juicy flesh. Its divine radiance bathes my soul, heals my wounds, and restores me with divine light. I consume this one and reach for another, devouring it in like fashion. The fruit has expanded within me and filled me exploding me with feelings of satisfaction, joy and peace. All around me, little stars of white light twinkle, colliding one with the other, to produce an explosion of white light, which burns within and around me a pure, heavenly melody. What inexplicable joy! Thank you, My Precious Jesus. You have brought great joy to a soul, which was weary with the sadness of the world. My Lord, I am deeply humbled and grateful beyond words. Please explain what has happened."

"Child, you have eaten of the fruit of The Tree of Life. This powerful fruit has restored you, renewed you, and brought you to a much higher energy level. It has healed you, brought you balance and peace of mind; and it has empowered you with a greater life force. This anointing is a gift from Me."

"Praises to you, My Precious Lord! Your love fills me to overflowing! As I look around, it seems that my spirit reaches far beyond its normal bounds and I am filled with great light."

"Child, you are not used to such depth of power; but you must learn to get used to this. For, this is just the beginning."

"Thank you, My Precious Lord! With this power, I pray for rapid printing of these books; and I see that in time all From the Mountain books are printed."

"Now, My Lord, I have a question. In June of this year (1997), You told me that Russia would turn on the USA in five months; but I have not seen this. You have told me to challenge You on what You say, so here goes."

"Child, it is good that you challenge Me on these messages; I expect this. Look far below to Russia. Russia does have, in fact, five other countries, which are part of a secret Soviet alliance, which will be known in time. You will hear more about this Red Alliance by the end of Nov. 1997. The days of Boris Yeltsin are truly numbered." (Note: This five-month timeline would come to pass almost to the day, just as Jesus said. Russia, China and France sided with the Arabs in Geneva against the strict policies of the USA toward Iraq in Nov. of 1997. As of this date, which is July 1998, there is widespread opposition to Yeltsin in Russia, with talk of impeachment. The Russian economy is hurling downward with many, many in government employ unpaid for months. The economy of Russia is said to be in ruins, and Russia is seeking more loans from the International Monetary Fund. The USA is the fat cow situated to the South of the hungry bear and all should be gravely concerned!)

"You told me that Yeltsin would be murdered by factions of Muslims."

"Child, you shall see all come to pass. The communists are getting ready to move; much is being done covertly and the cards are falling into place rapidly. The hard-liners will see the demise of Yeltsin and this will be sooner, rather than later. Look for a very black winter for Russia beginning with the winter of 1998. This black winter will lead to great internal chaos, which will be a time for them to seize control."

"The prophecy of June 17, 1997 states that Russia will take a stand against the USA and turn back red."

"Child, go back and check. I said that Russia will take a stand against you in five months, and that the government will turn back ‘red.’ Much is going on, which you cannot see, as your media is so controlled. Strong anti-American sentiments prevail in Russia and in many places around the world. The communists are building up much hate for you; the red tide is rising and you are a sitting duck." (Note: Within this time frame, I see that the Russian Parliament has a bill before it to stop Americans from adopting Russian children, one indication of the rising red tide.)

"So, by then end of November, 1997, I will see Russia take a stand against the USA?"

"You will see it; for I will bring it across your path. Make note of this; for you will have been told that this stand is coming." (See above note about the Russian stand.)

"My Lord, I have a few questions about the messages from yesterday. Let us start with the giant cave man. What is the star on his left front tooth?"

"The star on his left tooth is Lucifer."

"But, why the left tooth?"

"Why not?"

"I do not know."

"Child, I am the right way. I sit on the right hand of The Father. Lucifer, on the other hand is the opposite of the right way. He reaches far, far to the left, as far from the right as he can get."

"What does the cracked, right leg mean?"

"Child, Germany walks on two legs, East and West; and East Germany bears the crack. This crack is very obvious if you go there; and this crack will drain the giant in his walk."

"How so?"

"One with a cracked leg has trouble walking quickly and erectly. Know that the crack will bring problems."

"Tell me about his back trouble?"

"Child, see the disk problem, called ‘slippery elm.’ What is ‘slippery elm?’"


"‘Tis true."

"But how would this relate to the giant?"

"Child, that, which is slippery, cannot be held. It is constantly falling from one’s grasp."

"So, this is the snake part of this man? His slippery nature causes him to have problems walking erectly?"

"Child, his slippery nature causes him to lose face; and in time he will be unable to walk erectly among others. For, all will be seen and known."

"Tell me about the burning stripes."

"The ten countries, which follow after him."

"And, these are?"

"USA, Canada, Denmark, Poland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy (Oh, yes! Italy!), Sicily."

"What about Belgium?"

"You will see and hear much about this little country as time goes along. Child, do these double deal with Hussein and his?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Are these the only ten?"

"These are the ten stripes."

"I do hope that I have heard and written these countries correctly."

"Child, your fears are known."

"When Lucifer crosses the stream, does he then take the body of the Syrian?"

"Yes, indeed!"

"My Lord, explain the chess game."

"It is a game in which Iraq is the pawn, along with Iran, Pakistan and anyone, who thinks he can outsmart this one."

"What is the fuel?"



"Yes, Child, ‘tis so."

"What does this mean?"

"Child, what is limestone to you?"

"It is a very porous rock, which is a common earth substrate. As it is very porous, water dissolves it and often creates caves or pockets beneath the earth. But, why limestone?"

"He pours out destructive, porous material around the perimeter of the desert and any, who might cross, will be dissolved, just as water dissolves limestone."

"Is this a destructive substance he has concocted?"

"Yes, indeed."

"Not yet known to man?"

"Yes, indeed."

"So many innocents are killed?"

"Exactly; for, this looks like crushed limestone."

"And, what about the flying saucers?"

"They will activate this substance through beams of light."

"Is this like a radioactive substance?"

"It looks like crushed limestone, but emits a poison, a toxin, which travels."

"What kind of diabolical mess is this?"

"It is diabolical."

"So, this is the ‘fuel’?"

"Yes, indeed."

"What star they are watching for?"

"It is he, Lucifer, who comes in a flash of light. This flash will be visible over the desert; and he will make his presence known when he takes over, as there will be many unexplained phenomena. Some will rejoice, but many will quake in their shoes; for they haven’t a clue what is happening. Mine will not rejoice in this because they know Me and My word; they will know that this show is Luciferian to the core."

"I have seen this Darth Vader look-a-like machine twice. Does this represent the Arab Alliance? If I once knew, I have forgotten."

"Remember, the men in black, the clones, … the swords of light they use represent lasers. They are using high tech to wipe out large segments of standing armies, to vaporize them literally with these beams. It may look like Star Wars, but it is not. This is real Luciferian."

"So, he attacks the Arabs, then the Chinese, and they all fall in line?"

"He wants to think this. Indeed, they are powerless to his sophisticated machine. They are in a state of shock, … mesmerized."

"Tell me about the false prophet."

"See him (Lucifer) pull the man from the casket? He is sleeping toy soldier when Lucifer dusts him off and gives him a double dose of his power. This one will appear within very few weeks of the appearance of the Antichrist. Watch for this; for, he will do many things you believe to be miraculous, even heal the sick. But, do not be fooled; for, I have told you in advance what to expect."

"My Lord, this seems like science fiction. It is so bizarre."

"Child, I see you tire. We will get do more at a later time. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As dictated, witnessed and recorded this 5th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


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