From the Mountain, Book III


The Crown of Life

"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus; yea, one with The Father and full of His power. As you have come in great prayer and seeking, and with great humility, I have anointed you heavily with the fire of My Spirit. My fire burns brightly in and around you. See the lapping, white flames."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, proceed with the work to get the first book published as directed; and get 100 copies published. Worry not about how this work will go forth. I will make a way.

Yea, you see that you are in The Upper Room of My Mountain; and your vision is clear. The Apostle, Timothy, is present and you will note him behind you adjusting your crown. Yea, this is The Crown of Life."

"My Lord, I am so humbled, and feel so inadequate. I have never sought any kind of crown or recognition. I have only wanted to serve You, because You loved us so that You gave Your precious life for our salvation. I was lost in the darkness and you loved me, brought me out of the pits of despair, and gave me a reason to live. You are My Life and my reason for living; and I owe you all. Life without You, My Beloved Master, is no life, but a prison of darkness. I do not know how to express my deep thanks for this gift. My Lord, just look at my heart; and if you will, My Lord, please explain this crown."

"Child, this crown is given to those, who are set aside to do My work. These are they, who persevere amidst great hardships and adversity. It is a crown of My life through you, an ever-presence, which will lift you up in the most difficult of times. This crown is My honor, given to you, because you have worked hard in Me and My Way; and I am your Life."

"My Lord, I accept this with deep love and gratitude. I love you with all My heart, and only wish to do as You and Our Beloved Father so desire. You are my life, and have been for some time."

"Child, you are entering a new phase of you existence, one before the public scrutiny. Your every action and word will be weighed and analyzed. As I have given you many truths about the evils of the world, the evil ones will come after you in full force. Many "Christians" will come after you with a vengeance and will try to batter you. But, Child, look at My thick shield around you, your husband and your household. I have pruned you, nurtured you, and prepared you for this day. I know that you worry about whether you have seen wrong or written incorrectly. Child, leave all as is unless I direct you otherwise. To this point, have I directed you to make changes or alter visions in any way?"

"No, My Lord, I have altered grammar and spelling."

"Then, Child, continue in this way. If I wish otherwise, I will tell you. Know that I have brought you to My Mountain, and I have made you see.

Yes, many will be shocked to know that there are women apostles. I set aside My apostles and I teach them. I guide them and I give them great authority over evil and especially healing, as you have seen. As I have told you, I have called you to be an apostle and set you apart, though many will not believe this. Nevertheless, Child, to this end I have called you. And, for this reason, I have cut you off from associates of the world except as I see fit. For, there is no time to waste on diverse friendships. In addition, I have blessed your husband with computer skills and he has done well; but he has not begun to see the blessings he shall reap for doing as told.

Now, Precious One, go in My power and strength this day. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of February 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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