From the Mountain, Book III

The Crown of Perseverance

"Precious Child, I have brought you upon the wings of My Spirit to the radiant top of My Mountain. Come into My Upper Room and see My Precious Servant ready to greet you."

"Yes, My Lord, I know him to be the Apostle Peter."

"It is I," says Peter; and he places a crown on my head."

"This crown is a gift to you, ’ says Peter.

"My Lord, I do not understand why I am receiving this. The last few days have been so very hard, and I feel that I have made so little progress."

"Yes, Child, but you have persevered, even amidst constant attacks by Satan. Some you have met on the Internet have prayed to stop you, to cause you to be bound by Satan. They have caused you to be attacked by demonic entities, who have placed chains around your legs and your wrists while you slept, even around your throat."

"Yes, My Lord, I have seen them this morning in prayer and have worked through Your Precious Spirit to remove them. I felt to heavy and down and out emotionally."

"Yea, Child, but the power of My Spirit has been your ally in overcoming. You noticed your right leg aching all night; and this was from the spiritual chains digging into your leg. Touch this part of your leg with your right hand and all pain will be gone."

"My Lord, I do as you say, and the remnant of the pain vanishes immediately."

"Now, Child, look at the crown and you will see that it is old."

"Yes, My Lord, I see this."

"Child, this is a Crown of Perseverance, which will give you strength through great trials. This has been and shall be My promise, which is interwoven in the crown. You see it now, but it will quickly fade from your awareness. Just remember that the crown is with you and when your life gets difficult, remember My promise through this crown. Unstable, diabolical types will come at you from all directions; but I shall strengthen you to withstand. Child, I empower you with greater power of God, with more of My Spirit, and with greater vision.

Yea, Child, your heart is heavy for one called to prophecy, who ignores the devil and his demons. You have spoken truth go him as regards your fights with evil. But, he has also spoken truth to you when he said to keep your eyes on Me. You strive to keep your eyes on Me and you work hard for Me, much harder than most. And, I have led you into great spiritual battles that you get to the top of My Mountain to receive My Word.

Many called to prophecy will not make it to this level. You have spoken My promise to this man that My Mountain awaits him, but only if he has the means to stay on this Mountain. He refers to My sword, given to you, as an ‘imaginary sword’; but you know differently. For, you have fought many a battle of evil with this sword.

Child, with this crown, I am increasing your power to withstand and with it comes more and mightier miracles. Demons sent to derail you will quake at My power operating through you; but they will still come."

"I hear your thoughts, Child, and you are right. When I sign off as ‘Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth’, many mock this. They do not believe that God, the Father and I are one; and they do not believe that I have been given dominion over Earth. If they do not believe this, they cannot believe that I will return to rule the Earth. They are lost. Do you see, Child?"

"My Lord, these mockers believe that you are the Son of God. That is it."

"Yea, for many it stops here. But if you consider that the Father is The Tree and I am the branch of The Tree, how can you separate Me from The Tree? For, The Tree and I are one. I do the will of The Tree. Do you see? The Father and I are one, He in Me and I in Him."

"Yes, My Lord, I understand; but many do not see this connection."

"Child, they do not have to see this; but realize that every work I do is a work of our Father Jehovah, working through Me. I cannot separate myself from Him; I am an extension of His will, I in Him and He in Me."

"My Lord, I know this to be true. May I be worthy, My Precious Lord, to do a tiny fraction of Your works."

"Child, you shall do as I have done and more. You shall perform many miracles, which shall surprise you. For, I send the Spirit of God to empower My Sheep. Child, you are my precious sheep, surrounded by wolves. Would I not give you the tools to defend yourself! However, do not expect Me to do what you can do. Would you ever grow if I did?"

"No, My Lord."

"Then, Child, you must discipline yourself and love one another; but do not follow one another. You may end up like the blind leading the blind. Follow Me. I am Jesus. Yea, even Jehovah, the Most High God, speaks through Me to you."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of December, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


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