From the Mountain, Book III


Words of Encouragement

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have prayed long and hard, and I have poured out My Spirit into you and around you in great measure. I have brought you to My Holy Mountain and back to Tree of Life, where I have fed you. Now, Child, you sit at My desk in My appointed Room; and remember: I love you dearly; for, I have called you and chosen you; and I have nurtured and groomed you.

Yea, I have chosen many for special walks in Me and My ways. For, these are the latter days, and My angel stands ready, with the trumpet to his lips.

Child, worry not about the criticism, rejection or aloofness you receive from others. I am at the helm of your ship. Depend on no one for spiritual strength; for all will desert you at some time; yea, if for only a short season. But, I, being in charge, will provide you with what you need at any given time. You feel bewildered that others have rejected the notion that there are women apostles. Worry not about this. Look before you at the writing, which appears on the Timeline. Read and record the same."

"My Lord, this is what is written: ‘Among you are women apostles and to disregard them is wrong; for, I call whom I will.’"

"Child, you have seen and written as I have shown. Now, be comforted in this; and lift up your eyes, for I am before you on My Holy Mountain and I bring you peace, beauty and joy."

"My Precious Lord, I see You above me and Your brilliant radiance illumines all. How grateful I am to behold Your glory; I love You with all my heart."

"Yea, Child, I have given you the Crown of Life. Let some be jealous if they will; but this crown is for all, who persevere in My works amidst great hardships. Yea, Child, I will give this crown to all, who put Me first and make Me their life. If some reject this crown; or, are jealous about this, so be it. For, few have given of their time and life to Me as intently as you have; and I honor your love and obedience. Go your way, Child, and get the second book finished. I am sending you help with the publication of these works. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of February, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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