From the Mountain, Book III

Fall of Market in North Korea Foretold, and more on Invasion of USA

"Precious Child, you have come and prayed long and hard. Times are exceedingly difficult, as you find yourself in a world gone awry. You know such sadness, for many are lost spiritually and know it not. Just yesterday, you witnessed Oprah Winfrey speak out on behalf of gays and in support of Ellen Degeneres. You heard her say that all should be allowed to live their own truths."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, what kind of world would exist if all are allowed to live their own truths? Clearly, there is a right and a wrong, a left and a right. There has been an orderly society since mankind was given the Ten Commandments. Your schools have order, your streets have order and you are governed by rules and laws. Yet, Oprah Winfrey is saying that everyone should live according to their own truths. Child, this is dangerous thinking; for living one’s own truths can lead one into a life of torment, a life of chaos, and into an afterlife of great darkness.

Within the soul of each is a piece of the Divine. Does our Father say, ‘All is well and fine. Do as you will.’ Nay, he does not. Our Father lives through Me and you, and He is a firm taskmaster. One cannot grow in the Light of God if he or she accepts every behavior as just fine with no restraints. One grows in the Light of God by discipline over baser desires. The nature of spiritual strength is through mastery of the commands of God. Remember, do not follow the masses; for the masses are lost. And, do not follow Oprah Winfrey’s ideation in believing that everyone should live their own truths.

It is true, Child, that she does much to help others. I cherish this and I honor this. She has a good heart; yet, she is wrong in believing that everything goes sexually. It is not just fine for everyone to choose and accept perverse, sexual behavior. Sexual perversions steel the light from one’s soul.

"I hear your thoughts, Child. You think that this one or that one says that lesbianism is just fine. They say that the gay lifestyle is grand. Child, how can one be fine when he or she is lost to sexual perversion? It is true that various cult churches have sprung up around the world embracing sodomy and other sexual perversions. I am not in the midst of this and neither is My Spirit. This is Lucifer’s domain. This lusts of the flesh is of man and most often supported and encouraged by any number of demons.

Yea, indeed, you are lost to this in great numbers, and your media pushes you toward blatant sexuality. You, as a country, are lost to sexual perversions; and the whole world is quivering beneath the weight of this darkness. This is one reason why you, as a country, must be destroyed, the rich and the poor, the black and the white, the straight and the gay. You have taken those things sacred and made them cheap, and I am bringing down this system. Mark My word on this. If you die amidst perversion, you die in it. If you die amidst love for Me, you die in it. Those, who love darkness and spread darkness will follow on into darkness. Those, who love Me, and honor Me through obedience to sacred laws, will see My face and know glory. This is simple enough.

Now, Child, you see that My Spirit has brought you atop My Mountain. Come into My Upper Room and eat of The Tree."

"My Lord, I am so grateful to be here; and my soul is so thirsty for a taste of the pure, Divine River within this fruit. Hungrily, I pick and eat one piece after the other until a great, radiance of white light begins to build within me. My Lord, I hear you say, ‘This can heal cancer.’"

"Yes, Child, you will be healed of this cancer as I promised you. You have a right to be afraid of the medical profession; for they have tried to kill you by lying about a large mass in your left breast. Fear not, Child, I shall heal you as I have spoken. And, I shall also take care of those, who have tried to kill you. They have only begun to see the curses, which shall carry them into an early grave and on into great darkness. For, you are not the only one they have tried to kill, but one of many."

"My Lord, remember all the other women, who have received silicone breast implants. Many did it because of vanity or terrible insecurity. Others got them because they lost breasts to cancer. Many, many have been made terribly ill and have even died; but the manufacturers continue to hide, to cover up and to lie with bogus research. Major universities have gotten in on the cash flow to lie and cover up. Labs across the land have lied and covered up and radiologists have lied on films. My Lord, this is one horrible disaster and the people in general have no idea. Huge numbers of doctors have been wined and dined by these manufacturers to lie and cover up and the poor women, such as myself, have had to depend of these liars and thieves for treatment. My Lord, deliver me forever from their hands and help these women. Expose this evil and guide these poor women. This is a horrible thing, a terrible scab on society. Open it up, My Lord, and expose the puss and corruption. It is in Your hands, and may Your precious will be done in all things. My Lord, I know I shall be healed. I have no fears as I rest in the palm of Your hand."

"Now, Precious One, let us continue; for our time is short."

"Yes, My Lord, I know this."

"Child, go to the desk in this Upper Room and look at the globe. A certain area is blinking. Write as seen and given."

"My Lord, the area, which is blinking, is North Korea. I see a red, blinking light, which is bright like fire, with yellow extending around the edges. The blinking light gets smaller and smaller until it disappears, leaving only a very small red dot. Amidst the surrounding darkness, I see much smoke and a very small fire, but the darkness is otherwise all consuming. Within the darkness a human form emerges. He has a shovel, and he is shoveling something onto the fire. The shovel is full of US currency. This currency is feeding the fire and the fire begins to ignite and to burn very brightly. The roaring fire hops to another location, then to another, then another. Many fires are springing up around the country. The black, which was once thick, has totally disappeared and now there is a bright red light everywhere.

Here comes Clinton with a wreath of green with white lilies. He gives the wreath to the leader of this country. The leader takes the wreath and goes inside a building with Clinton. Clinton says, ‘I am sorry for your loss. Maybe, this will help.’ And, Clinton pulls out a bullet clip from a gun and hands it to the leader. ‘Oh, it looks like one bullet is missing,’ Clinton says.

The leader takes the clip, puts it in his pocket and says, ‘Oh, I see that it is missing. I will take care it this.’ Then, he asks Clinton if he wishes to dance; but Clinton says, ‘No, I’ve got to get back to the White House. There is an emergency meeting of the Geneva Banking System. Something’s got to be done. This thing has more holes than a pair of nylons.’ Then, Clinton leaves the meeting with the Korean; but he is having a hard time walking because his feet are bound in gold chains and locked with a padlock.

‘Hurry, Mr. Clinton,’ an aid calls. ‘We shall miss the summit if you are not careful.’ Clinton tries to hurry, but he falls and hits his head on a rock. A huge place swells on the right side of his forehead, and turns black and blue. Clinton tries to get up, but he has been seriously cold-cocked by the Rock. ‘Help me,’ he says to the assistant. ‘I’ve been cold-cocked by the Rock.’ And, on the Rock is written, ‘The Rock of Gibraltar’.

My Lord, the vision seems to have stopped."

"Child, it does not stop. Proceed."

"Next, I see Clinton get up and he is unable to walk. So, his assistant drags him to a waiting Air Force One. When the plane lands in the USA, huge numbers of military men greets Clinton. They see that Clinton is unable to walk and they also see that every time Clinton attempts to say anything, he winks with his right eye. ‘What is wrong with Clinton,’ they ask. ‘Every time he says anything, he winks with his right eye.’ ‘Oh, we can fix that,’ a naval officer says. ‘Let us punch him on the other side.’

So, a big foot named ‘US Naval Reserve in Combat’ hits him on the other side of his head. ‘What was that,’ Clinton asked? ‘Oh, Sir, it was just the wind,’ his assistant said. And, about that time Clinton felt a bite on his rear end. ‘What was that,’ Clinton exclaimed! ‘Oh, it was just a pussycat,’ the assistant said. However, it was no pussycat but a lion named ‘Saudi Arabia.’

‘What was that,’ Clinton asked again? For, something had landed on his right shoulder. ‘Oh, it was just a little monkey business,’ the assistant said. In fact a large monkey had landed on Clinton’s shoulder; and while Clinton was distracted with the monkey, a big boot kicked him in the stomach. Clinton doubled over from the pain, ‘My, what was that? It was awful,’ Clinton howled. ‘Oh, it was just a little gas,’ the assistant assured him. But, on the big black boots was written, ‘Congress Sick of You’ on one boot; and on the other, ‘Dead End.’

Clinton was truly in a state of mental confusion and amidst this confusion he thought he saw an angel overhead. ‘Look,’ Clinton said. ‘There is an angel overhead.’ But, Clinton was deluded again by his lying help. ‘Oh, yessir, sure is an angel.’ It was no angel, but the grim reaper riding atop a tank; and on the tank was written, ‘Russia on the prowl.’ ‘Go to sleep, Mr. Clinton,’ the aide assured him. ‘You are tired and need some rest.’ So, My Clinton lay on the sofa called, "Dead to the World,’ and snored loudly. On each snore were the words, ‘Can’t get up! I need a rest!’ And, Clinton slept and slept and slept.

While Clinton slept, it snowed outside and someone with gray hair and a beard came to his window. ‘Mr. Clinton, what would you like for Christmas? Sir? Sir,’ he called! But, there was no response from Clinton. So, the old man with gray hair left the window, scratched his hair, picked his beard, mounted his sled and got ready to pull off with his reindeer. ‘Give him a pickle,’ one of his elves said. So, the old man threw a large pickle outside Mr. Clinton’s window.

Clinton slept all day and all night and in the early morning hours an aide awoke him, ‘Mr. Clinton, Mr. Clinton, this pickle’s for you, Sir. It is for you.’ And, Clinton took the pickle, smelled it, sliced it, and rolled the pickle around. But, he could not eat the pickle; for it was not pickle at all, but a series of pictures he could not understand. ‘This is not pickle,’ he said. ‘I do not know what it is.’ And, while Clinton pondered on the strange thing before him, storm clouds gathered and troops in black uniforms gathered outside his cheery room. The troops called on a megaphone, ‘Mr. Clinton, Mr. Clinton, surrender, surrender!’ Yet, he paid them no attention. ‘We have you surrounded!’ But, Clinton was not concerned, as it was the Christmas season!

‘Mr. President, they have us surrounded, Sir. We must move. The Russians have us surrounded!’ Clinton looked out the window to see soldiers in black and fires here, there, and everywhere. ‘How did this happen? How did this happen? How did this happen,’ Clinton exclaimed! ‘You were sleeping, Sir,’ the aide interjected!

"My Lord, this is awful!"

"Yes, Child, and we shall come back to his. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of December, 1997
Linda Newkirk


…And the stock market did fall in North Korea. Last pictures I saw showed them so poor that vehicles were all parked and the streets looked deserted. The people could no longer afford even gas. How much aid poured into North Korea?

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