From the Mountain, Book III


Through the Fire of Adversity

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Yea, you have been through great trials. Lucifer has come up against you with a fury; and this adversity has created problems in your home, in your health and in the lives of others around you. He has attacked the weak links in your life, be it people, places or situations. Child, you have been through the fire of adversity, but you have come daily for prayer, even when you have been too sick for little else. You have seen so-called friends turn on you with a vengeance; even family members have turned on you with fangs; but Child, all has been for a purpose unto heaven. Yea, this has been a time of purification, of breaking, of molding, and of sorting; and you have persevered. I am not angry with you that you have not finished typing Book III. Yea, you have needed every last bit of energy to survive at times; but, be advised, Child, that I see all and I know all. At times, you could have done more, but I do not know of one, who is perfect among you.

Yea, I gave you the dream of the prophecies turning into steamrollers, and I told you to sell the books. You harbor regrets about selling My Word, but let go of these regrets. I command that the books be sold and in time will provide the best way. In the meantime, sell them through the Internet. Child, put the works first and all shall be added unto you. Make it a priority to finish Book III. The world is full of those, who will take, take, take; but few wish to pay the price. If they want the prophecies, which tell of their future, let them pay. Child, you have paid a mighty price to receive them.

Now, you ponder on the Stock Market. Yea, it took a dive in June as I told you it would in December. It will continue dipping and many, who gamble in it, will not see the crash coming until one day soon, when there will be a panic. The truth will burn them that their president is a liar, cheat, thief and sexual deviant; and this problem will hang your stock market. When your enemies see your fall, they will seize the moment. Child, you worry about how all of you will make it through this tribulation, but know that even now, I make a way. Trust in Me. I will not let you down.

Yea, as there was a danger in running the sprinkler on your roof, I sent an angel to break the turn-on valve on the hose. Water was getting into open wires in your wall, and nearly started a fire. Child, I hold you in the palm of My hand. Rest in Me and know that I love you and reach out to you, even in your sleep. Now, look before you and see the bright door."

"My Lord, I see it."

"Knock three times."

"I do so, My Lord, and as I finish the third knock, the door opens. I see myself as a small child, and before me is Moses."

"Yes, it is Moses."

"Moses picks me up and puts me on his knee. He is full of love and kindness and tears stream down his cheeks."

"Child," Moses says. "Jehovah loves you very much and the angels of heaven watch over your every move. They cheer for you and they cry because of your great trials. Remember that I have given you my rod, which bears the full power of God. I love you and petition Jehovah frequently on your behalf. I, myself, have petitioned Him for a publisher for these works and for financial blessings for all of you. Come together often in prayer and fasting before Yeshua and Our Father. We are aligned in agreement toward the dissemination of these works and for the salvation of many souls through them. I embrace you with love, Child; for your trials are many. This walk is steep, but there is none other. Do not be discouraged, because many will continue to scoff at these prophecies until you are invaded. Then, they will listen. Put one foot in front of the other and continue on.

Dennis is going to get a dream, which will change him in many ways. You will see, Child. Remember that you are greatly love and that many, many in these realms are aware of this work, and are doing things to help you. I bless you, Child, with keen vision, boldness and strength in God. Be blessed. I am Moses."

"Child, Moses is your deepest friend. He loves you dearly, for you are the only one he has talked to in these latter days, and with reason. Our Father has sent him, for your work is so hard. Now, Child, be strong and seek Me in all things. Go in peace. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of July 1998,
Linda Newkirk


Aug 13, 1998
My Dearest Fellow Travelers,

As I type the last chapter in this book, I am fully amazed that it is finally done. Finishing this book has been one of the most difficult things in my life. A deep dread settled in on me for months every time I would think about typing it, because I would remember the dream in which Jesus let me read from his journal. In this dream, I had finished reading three pages, when great blackness fell upon the world. I felt great distress because I felt so alone in the horrible darkness. Jesus told me in the dream that I would think that he had deserted me, but only for a short while.

I have known that the great darkness would fall soon after Book III was finished; and by delaying, I had some irrational notion that perhaps I could postpone the inevitable. During this time, I went through great personal trials and was very sick; but Jesus was with me through all; and I feel that we are all better for having endured.

The day after Moses promised the dream to my husband, he received it. He came out that morning and said, "Honey, I had a really weird dream. Then, he went on to tell how he had been driving his car when a hand came down and made scratches across the windshield. "I thought I could see fine," he said. "But, where the hand scratched across the windshield, all was clear; and I became aware that there was a film on the windshield. Then, I was troubled by the film because there was such a contrast between it and the area with the scratches."
I thank my precious husband for the role he has played in these works. He worked tirelessly to build the website and to publish the books. In addition, I thank a prophet named Douglas Swaffield, who read the prophecies and knew they were the word of God. He has helped to make these works a reality and has suffered as many have scoffed and made fun of him because he believed. God has special blessings for those, who step out in faith. Many times, the faithful go against things cherished by the pack, and are persecuted for taking a stand.

The masses believe they understand God’s ways. But, I am here to tell you that as God reveals more of Himself, the wise and even more humbled and frightened. We have an awesome God, who is to be loved deeply and feared. He blesses the Sincere of Heart; but woe to the fakes, the phonies, and the worldly. If you love the world, God will let you. Because He has given you a free will, He will let you drown in your choices if these choices push Him out. If you want God in Your life and what He has to offer, you had better clean up your life. Get down on your knees and get truthful with God; and look to His Precious Son, Jesus (One in the same as Yeshua.), and do your best to live the Laws of God, seeking forgiveness when you fail and forgiving others for what they have done to you. Do not let your own darkness, or the darkness of others, continue to weight you down. Forgiveness is the key to open all dark doors; and love sweeps out what is hidden behind them. Wherever there is darkness, The Light of God is not.

I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ that so long as you seek His truths, you shall find them. Those, who love the truth, will be blessed by these prophecies; but those, who love a lie, will be accursed. Now is the time of the harvesting of great numbers of souls. Get a fire in your soul for God and awaken to the simple messages of His Precious Son. Above all, love Our Father and His Beloved Son with every bit of your strength; and fill your days with prayer and praise them. Make Our Father, Jehovah, your Life and He will give you Life. Make Him your Truth and He will give you Truth. Make Him your Light and He will give you Light. Make Him your Way and He will provide you the Way. Jesus is the Truth, the Way, the Light and the Life. Get busy. The way is narrow; and few find it, and stay on it, because The Way is at odds with the world.

Go in the Light of Our Precious Lord, Jesus; and be true to God in your affairs.

Jesus is our Life,

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