From the Mountain, Book III

Jesus’ Message about Prophets

I have been so blessed in recent weeks to meet a number of God’s precious prophets via the Internet. As I read of your journeys, I often recognize so much of my own path. I know your joys, your hurts, and sorrows. My heart is heavy, as I have seen the destinies of many, who wear the white robes.

As I spoke with Jesus this morning, He gave me a few words about a prophet’s calling. I am sharing these with you, as I have been directed to do so. What is contained herein may be old to many of you. To others, it may seem very strange. I hope this is a blessing to you in some way.

Long ago, I learned to follow through on what I am told to do, no matter how strange it may seem to me at the time. So here goes with my message:

"Precious Child, you have come to me with a weary soul, as others blast you as New Age and a crystal worker. Let all go, as their words will come back on them with a mighty sting. For, I shall burn them with their words.

Few there be, who are as dedicated as you, who come day after day, seeking my truths that all may be the wiser. This one in California, who continues to spread lies will know great tragedy, as he has not listened to my warnings to stop smearing your name. I shall smite him as promised.

Now, Precious One, I have brought you to new heights, yea to new levels, to newer and unknown fruits of This Tree."

"Yes, My Lord, I did not know that this Tree (of Life) has many levels, and different kinds of fruits."

"Yea, Child, I told you that there is much upon This Mountain, which you have not seen."

"Yes, My Lord, and each time I see something new, I feel so totally humbled to think I ever knew anything at all. For, Your mysteries are so great."

"Yea, Child, you wonder about this second level and why you see fruits hanging from The Tree in gift boxes. When you eat the box with this fruit inside, the fruit is bitter, sour or stringent."

"Yes, My Lord, I wonder about this."

"Child, this is part of the nature of the bitter cup. The more you receive the more alone your walk, the more bitter your cup. For, fewer and fewer reach these levels on This Mountain. Fewer and fewer will know of what you speak or have testimony of its veracity, save it be through My Spirit.

Even many prophets called of Me in these latter days will not be able to verify some of what you see. For, it will seem strange to their minds, and their minds will reject some of your visions, … not My Spirit, but their minds. Since many are young on The Path, they will perceive that their interpretations are right.

Child, look for this in a seasoned prophet:

This one hears my voice through My Spirit and knows I am He, sent to save you. All have this knowing; otherwise, they cannot be prophets.

This knowing is pervasive and includes a knowing of the veracity of that which My Spirit speaks. Many younger prophets struggle in this, Child. Speak encouragement, as you have been there; but, do not lead them to big-headedness, which is easy for the beginner; as this one sees himself as special before me, and may forget humility.

Initially, my prophets may only hear my voice, and be told to go forth with my messages. I expect this obedience. All is built upon obedience because prophecy is a journey.

Through discipline, I open up the visual channels. Young prophets would experience overload if they saw great visions immediately. Very few are given this. Child, you know this to be true.

With great discipline over time, I bring all prophets back to My Holy Mountain. What they are allowed to see upon This Mountain depends upon their discipline before me over time. As you know, there are many levels on This Mountain.

I will allow all (prophets) to eat of The Tree of Life, as they overcome. Yet, to overcome (to get to this level on the Mountain) is a great battle.

One cannot overcome, save one be a seasoned warrior, and have great faith.

Child, you know that the nature of this journey is one of great struggle. You fight the devil on every corner.

Your great faith as prophets will bring you many a miracle. As you discipline yourselves over time, I will bless you with more and more of My Spirit.

Child, as you have seen, I will seal My Spirit to you; and I will send legions of angels, as you have seen.

As prophets, I will not forsake you, but am your constant companion. Yea, I am Your Light, Your Life, Your Truth and Your Way. This is the knowing of the prophets, expanded within you from day to day.

I am The Miracle Maker manifest through you according to your faithfulness in me.

Child, encourage the prophets, who come along. Send them this, that they be helped in some way. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."


We have so much to do and so little time. I cherish the walk of each and every one of you.

In Jesus’ Precious Name,
Linda Newkirk


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