From the Mountain, Book III

Level Three of The Tree of Life

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. I bring you to the heights of My Mountain of the wings of My Spirit. Come into My Inner Sanctum and eat of the third level of My Tree."

"My Lord, I thank you so for hearing my heartfelt prayers and for bringing me to this Mountain once more. I am here at another level of this tree and I see new things. Around The Tree are resplendent, vibrant colors of blue and pink; but The Tree dances with the purest of brilliant, white light. A most, pervasive scent of jasmine gently bathes me. Shimmering with these radiant colors of pink and blue, I step toward The Tree, and electric stars twinkle brightly all around. My Lord, might I eat of the small, radiant fruit?"

"Child, I have brought you here to eat but, beware; all is not as sweet as it smells."

‘My Lord, I pick a single fruit, which is radiant, but is heavy, like lead. I try to take a bite, but the exterior is tough like leather. Slowly, the skin of the fruit breaks, releasing its contents in my mouth. The flesh of the fruit is a deep blue and the tastes bitter like quinine. Oh, My Lord, to eat this is more like punishment."

"Yes, Child, it may seem that way; for, it carries bitterness like you have never known."

"My Lord, why did you bring me here to eat of something so utterly bitter?"

"Child, your soul is ready."

"My Lord, I feel that I shall be sick."

‘Nay, Child it shall not make you sick, but strong. For, it shall soak into your soul in bands, yea in layers, like nothing you have ever known. It creates new levels of Me in you."

"My Lord, this is a mystery."

"Child, as the fruit is tough, it entwines you with tough sinews; and as it is dark blue, it writes a hidden message into your soul."

"My Lord, what is the hidden message?"

"It is hidden; and when you expect it least, it shall make itself known. It is a new dimension of Me in you; and when you see it, you will know it. Child, you are thinking about eating one more fruit. Eat five, altogether."

"Very well, My Lord. I pick the second fruit. It, too, is tough like leather, and oozing a rich indigo life-force; but as I get to the center it tastes like peanut butter."

"Yea, Child, it tastes like peanut butter; but it is far from peanut butter. You will have more understanding about this in time."

"Now, My Lord, I eat the third piece, which is also tough like leather and oozes the bitter dark color; and its center contains a round ball with a slimy covering. When I try to eat the slimy ball, it moves around in my mouth."

"Yea, Child, swallow the ball."

"Now, My Lord, I pick the fourth fruit. I chew through its tough exterior; and liquid gushes into my mouth and washes away all remnants of the previous fruits. The blueness has disappeared altogether and I see clear, radiant water coming from the remnant of the piece in my hands. A white fire starts burning in my mouth and covers my hands; and it grows quickly, consuming my entire body in glory and freedom."

"Child, eat the last fruit."

"I pick the last fruit, bite through the tough exterior and taste something sweet, like bananas. This thick pulp swirls in my mouth, moving of its own accord. Then, it travels quickly down my throat with no need to swallow. The white fire is still within me, pushing outward and creating a perfect, radiant forcefield. My Lord, I cannot understand this; but I know you do, and I pray to be worthy to understand."

"Child, you shall know soon; for I shall open another door and show you what I am preparing you for; and you shall be amazed at the many things you shall come to see and to know.

I have given you two weeks for inner rest, that you can prepare internally for the very busy times ahead, and for your great destiny in Me. You have not been mistaken in taking this break; it has been afforded you.

Child, a great train is coming. You will enter this train with your husband and you will toss out My Word. Get ready for this. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of January, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

I have needed every bit of strength to get these three books written and typed. This has been such a war. The devil has fought me on every corner through those I know and through those, who are total strangers. People have turned on me, whom I have tried to help; and Satan has seized every opportunity to oppress these works and me. I have had to deal with constant satanic attacks on my health and on my family; but Jesus is bigger and the power of God overcomes.

As long as we live, we will have to fight. We are in a war for the souls of men, and Satan would snare all if he could. Glory to our Precious Father, who gave us life; and to His Precious Son, who brought us salvation. Let us always be grateful for our precious gifts and let us keep our eyes of Jesus. He is our Way. There is none other.

My husband and I got on the spiritual train. I received the books and he has worked tirelessly to set up the Internet site and to publish the books. God has gifted him mightily with skills needed to get these works out. Praises to God, Our Father. He is all knowing and all-powerful. Glory to His Name!

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