From the Mountain, Part III


"Precious Child, I am with you, even and especially until the end; for, you are among My Chosen, who were before the foundations. If one lacks faith, let him lack faith. If one lacks vision, let him lack it. If he lacks direction, let it be so. Worry not about those things you have no control over. Focus on Me and what I control.

Many will rise up against you, as they call you New Age or ‘lost’. But, many shall sink even further into the mire and be more confounded. For, I have chosen you as a latter-day-prophetess to carry My messages. Worry not about what others communicate back and forth about you; for you rest in the palm of My hand, and I will protect you until it is time to submit in the physical. Then, you will come home on the wings of My Spirit with many angels. Neither worry about the publication of these prophecies; for, I say that they shall be published. What you must do is to write as told, and do as I say."

"But, My Lord, there seem to be so many delays."

"Yes, Child, but this is for only a season. There is a time for all things. Now is the time to get all prepared. Little One, see yourself once again upon My Mountain in My Upper Room, where you wish to eat once more of the fruit, as it sustains you."

"Oh, yes, My Lord, I am so thirsty for the fruit. Hungrily, I pick a piece and bite into its rich nectar. Many, tiny diamonds burst forth from the pure, heavenly food and fill my mouth, dripping from my hands. A taste of banana, pineapple and vanilla soothes my soul and bright white light takes shape in my hands, then my mouth and begins to radiate throughout my entire body. White flames lap upward from my legs as Your Precious Holy Spirit envelops me. This radiant, white fire catches me up and whirls me ever upward above the radiant branches of this perfect tree. I grab hold of one of the limbs and float for a moment amidst its beautiful perfection and harmony. My soul is at peace and I am living in this moment of perfect joy. Long live Jesus Christ, Lord of Earth, the name above all! May Your will be done on Earth."

"Yea, Child, for I have been given dominion over Earth."

"My Lord, bring the people into submission; such great numbers are lost in folly and darkness! Most are in great rebellion."

"My Child, I am about to do so. The fall of your stock market will mark the fall of an era, where Lucifer has taken too many souls to the Pits of Hell. Yea, Child, I shall purge Earth of evil; for My reign shall not tolerate what you see today. Yea, I shall rule with fairness and gentleness; but My rule shall be one of iron. For, evil shall not thrive."

"My Lord, I have questions about the Millenium. We know little about things to come."

"Yea, Child, you know little. But, I shall allow you to know more. For, I shall speak through you what many shall see. Go to the Page of Time and write as given and seen."

"My Lord, I go to this desk and sit in the chair. Suspended in this white fire, I take the quill and place a drop of living water on the page. Straightaway, I see a pool of water, which is at first blue; but immediately forms gold ripples of light. Quickly, these ripples turn into pure, white light, which radiates from the pool.

My Lord, I see you emerge from within this pool of white light wearing a white robe. You show your hands with the visible scars, made from the piercing of the nails. Then, you pick up your feet and show me the scars made in Your feet by the nails. My Lord, this makes me feel so sad, as I see the holes in your feet, which go all the way through. My Lord, You are bathed in a radiance of pure, white light; and on Your head are many crowns. Suddenly, the crowns disappear from your head, which is flowing with long, brown hair.

Beside You is a very large lamb, a sheep with pure, white wool. You touch the sheep and a white light comes from it. Then, You sit on a rock beside the sheep and You open the back of the sheep revealing many tools inside of it, things like wrenches and pliers. On one wrench handle is written: ‘My Words’; and on the handles of the pliers are: ‘A better’ and ‘Way.’ As You open up the lamb, a river of clear, radiant water begins to flow, and it flows out over the land, creating a crystal-clear river. Within the river are tiny fish and on each is written, ‘I feed My people.’ Long lines of people, dressed in white, come to the River and each bears a white, paper cup, which reads, ‘I love Jesus.’ People come from all over the world on pilgrimages to drink of this water and the line is very long. The river bubbles and speaks to the people saying, ‘I am living water.’ The water provides physical and mental healing, and spiritual renewal. What an amazing thing to behold!"

"Yes, Child, I come and I bring My Tools."

"My Lord, what does the sheep represent?"

"Child, the sheep represents you. You are My Sheep. Tools for a better way, a better life through Me, will reside in you; and I open you up to My Living Water. Child, this Water will flow among you, as real, radiant stream, which is visible; and you will drink of it. You will touch it and you will behold its living, miraculous qualities. This Water will not be just in the spirit any longer; but I will cause it to materialize, that My faithful can drink of it and be renewed."

"My Lord, how long will people live?’ Will each live to be 1000 years old?’

"No, Child, each one will not live to be 1000 years; but all will live longer than you live now, as long as you honor Me, and My Laws, and drink of My Living Water."

"I see many go on pilgrimages to drink this Water?"

"Child, ‘tis so; for it will flow out of Jerusalem."

"So, many will be born during this time?"

"Yes, indeed, Child, many will be born and many will die. But, those, who are lost to the causes of darkness, shall not be born. They shall not live again until after the Millenium."

"Who will be born?"

"Child, those, who are good souls, will be born: Those, who know that I am Lord of Earth, and have something good to give back. Many will choose to be born, who do not have to ‘go out’ again."

"Will all saints live during the Millenium?"

"So many as wish the earthly travail again."

"So, some will go home to such beauty and not wish to leave?’

"Child, eyes human have not seen what awaits those, who overcome; and many will wish to rest in this beauty. Even under My rule on Earth, all will not be perfect. There will be sickness, disease and death; and many will have to come back due to unfinished business. These are not they, who love evil, but those with work yet to be done. By the end of My rule, the Earth will have great numbers of people once again, though not as many as now."

"How will Your rule be set up?"

"Child, I have divided the Earth into sections; and I will establish one as a ruler over each section. Each ruler will report to Me and I will appoint others to work with these chosen ones. There will be no taxation; yet, he will give, who has the most to give. All proceeds will go to a common pool, from which government expenses will be met. The poor will be encouraged to work and care for self and the sick will be taken care of freely through My Spirit and my Living Water. There shall be little need for hospitals and greedy doctors and medical establishments shall not rape the poor. Usury shall be abolished and I shall encourage the growing of herbs and limited eating, that the soul may grow. Many souls shall choose to come back and work in My service, who have overcome; for they have a great love for Me."

"My Lord, I am getting a picture of great freedom and creativity."

"Yea, Child, and great worship across the land for Our Father and obedience toward Me. Great truths heretofore known shall emerge; for I shall teach the hidden. Many shall be shocked at what enfolds. I shall destroy religiosity and there shall be only one church. In these last days, Satan shall attempt a cheap replica as he tries to force many to bow down to him. But, Mine shall come eagerly and many souls shall be fed great light. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of December, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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