From the Mountain, Book III

More Disaster from The Page

"My Chosen Child, I have brought you to new heights in My Upper Room. Yea, in this room there is a depth of My Spirit you have not known before. For, as you are faithful, I give you more and more Spirit; and I add new dimensions to what you have. Child, reach out and feel the pure power and peace; and write as given and seen."

"My Lord, this great power is definitely new and I do not know what to make of it: it is cool, yet hot. I find that I am in awe and really without proper words to describe what I am experiencing."

"Child, sit at the desk and write from the timeline. You have written from it many times; but now you are in a new space. A new door has been opened, see?"

"Yes, My Lord, I am aware that I am in a new and greater dimension. I sit at the desk and even without placing any Living Water on the timeline, I clearly see the face of Saddam Hussein emerge on the page. Beneath his face is written, ‘War, 1998.’

Hussein fades quickly and I see Queen Elizabeth with her ball gown pulled up, revealing a garter on her right leg. She takes money from the garter and gives it to Clinton. Then, she gets up, takes his hand; and the two of them mingle among others as they dance. A large sign beside them reads, ‘Ball for the Elite’; and beneath the sign is a flashing red-light sign, which says, "No Secrets Here!"

Suddenly, Clinton gets his foot caught in the Queen’s dress; and as he struggles to maintain balance, his shoe tears a hole in her royal attire. It is most amazing to see a large knife in its sheath adorning her left ankle. On the knife case are the words, ‘Bad Boy Syndrome.’ Amidst the faint light on the dance floor, the handle of the knife catches the light wonderfully, as it is made of platinum and gold. The Queen can no longer dance because of the torn dress, so she walks away, the torn piece trailing behind. A closer look at this torn piece reveals the words, ‘No More Falkland Islands!’

Suddenly, The Queen gets a nosebleed; and blood is running profusely down her face and onto her clothing. She catches the blood with a handkerchief called ‘I bleed for you!’ Once it is saturated with blood, she passes it to Clinton. He grabs it eagerly and puts it in his left coat pocket, which is plastic-lined; but Clinton cannot get the blood off his hands.

In short time, a bloodhound called ‘Rothschild to the Core’ sniffs out the blood and stares intently at Clinton’s hands. Suddenly the dog turns into Robinhood; and he shoots many arrows into the ankles of Clinton. At least they seem to be arrows, but on closer examination, they are revealed to be knives. Clinton tries to walk but the knives constantly abrade one another with their bumping and clanging; and in short time the friction starts a fire.

Aids, congressmen and secretaries gather around Clinton in Washington and whisper, ‘We shall lose him. We shall lose him!’ But Clinton sees them looking at the knives and whispering; and he breaks them off even with the flesh. Clinton walks with a little limp, but is still able to play tennis. On the tennis ball in his hands is written, ‘I am the winner!’

Bill Clinton goes to a river called ‘Corrupt to the Core’, and sits on its banks. He smiles and laughs with his daughter named ‘Chessmate;’ but he does not know that ‘The Russian Giant Bear’ is watching. Behind the bear is Saddam Hussein with the red flag bearing the star and half-moon.

Clinton is basking in his happiness, and he is unaware of the watchers. They have sent a large mole; in fact it is so large that it looks like a beaver; and it is tunneling its way underground, cutting away the area beneath Clinton and his daughter. Soon, they are left sitting alone on a tiny island, called ‘Doubt and Confusion’; but Clinton is caught up in his own world, and does not notice that he and his daughter are isolated.

Suddenly, the bear rises up with a big broad chessboard and says; ‘Play chess, My Clinton?’ ‘Sure’, Clinton says. But, immediately, the huge bear takes a gigantic hammer and breaks the board into many pieces. Mr. Clinton looks at the shattered pieces in surprise. Then, the bear stands very tall and clobbers Clinton over the head with the huge hammer. Clinton sees stars, but he attempts to get up. Soon, however, he realizes that his feet are pinned to the island of Doubt and Confusion.’

Meantime, many dogs surface in the lake, carrying on like laughing heinas. They laugh and mock Clinton, and he becomes so angry that smoke is coming from his ears. His eyes bulge with anger, and he swells up as he growls. The black bear flees into the forest, but does not go far. I see August 1998. Clinton tries to walk but he cannot, as he cannot get off the island. A plane flies overhead with a banner, which says, ‘Give it up, Clinton;’ but Clinton would not and could not budge, as he was stuck on the island. He called up to the plane and said, ‘Know Mother Teresa?’ She is gone now, but I need some help.

The plane flew ‘round and ‘round Clinton, dropping piles of manure on him. Big clods fell on his head and hit him all over his body. On each clod was written a word; and these are some of the words I saw: ‘narcissism; foul heart; bigheaded; proud; vain; deceitful’, and similar words. But, to Clinton the manure looked like valentines and he picked up each piece and held it to his heart. ‘Thank you, God, I needed this,’ he said.

Clinton sat there on his island, and started to realize his plight. He called up The Reserves and The National Guard; and he called up new recruits. ‘Get ready for a war,’ he said. ‘We shall take on those, who have done this. This is November 1998; and Clinton should have kept his mouth shut. Before he could move, the bear organized his allies in the night and moved against Clinton, who was already surrounded."

"Child, you know the rest. This is part of the drama, which you shall see unfold before your very eyes. Watch August and November 1998. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of January 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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