From the Mountain, Book III

The Moses Papers, Part 1

"Precious Child, blessed are you among women; for you love Me, you love truth and My way. You shall be blessed mightily in very few days in ways of which you know not. But, when these blessings come, you will say, ‘Yea, for Jesus, himself, told me.’ Indeed, I have brought you again to My Holy Mountain where the air is pure and the energies are radiant. Yea, your soul is refreshed and the feelings of illness are all gone."

"Yes, My Lord, even thirty minutes ago, before I started to pray, I felt very ill. I believed it to be from the juice of Cabbage leaves and turnip roots."

"Yea, for this is strong, but very cleansing. Continue with the fast until I lead you to stop. I will fill you with My Spirit and take away all hunger."

"My Lord, I know this is true and I deeply thank you for taking away this ill feeling. I beg you to honor this fast for greater spiritual strength and direction.’

"Child, this is known and honored."

"Come into My Inner Sanctum."

"My Lord, I enter and see someone, attired in a white double-breasted coat with gold buttons and white knee pants. His head is adorned with a white wig, like someone from the George Washington era. Glancing at his face, I am aware of a harelip; otherwise, his features are unremarkable. He offers me something from a tray; but I decline, as I have no idea who he is or what he is offering. The items on the tray are cut into squares, and he has one on a spatula, which he is pushing in my direction. What shall I do?"

"Take a square in your hand; for all is not as it seems."

"My Lord, I have learned one thing from these visions: little is as it appears. I take this square in my hand and suddenly the man disappears. In his place, I see a brown-haired child, peeking from behind the open flaps of a small tent. The child says, ‘Come on in.’ I am hesitant, as this is a little strange."

"Go in, Child."

"My Lord, I enter the small tent, and this child says, ‘Take a seat. I am the child of Israel.’ I sit in a child’s chair; but suddenly the child disappears and I am in the tent alone. A draft is stirring and the temperature begins to drop quickly. In an instant, the tent vanishes and I am surrounded by a winter wonderland of ice, alone in the child’s chair. An old man appears with a lamp and a small table, and he says, ‘Sit at the table’.

Looking to the small lantern, he says, ‘I shall turn up the light, and this shall create great heat. The amount of light will blind you at first, but soon you will adjust; as this is your calling. Then, he reaches down beside me and takes a sheet from the clipboard, holding The Moses Papers. ‘Remember, you have been given The Star of David, and you have been anointed of Our Lord, Jesus and Moses to carry this word. The power of The Light of God shall make all clear. Fear not; pure faith casteth out all fear.’

Suddenly, the old timer is gone, and I see four angels around me in white attire, all with golden hair and eyes of white fire. Each carries a mighty sword. "My Lord, I am in awe; this is deep."

"Yea, Child, but touch The Star of David on your chest. See and feel its radiance. You are not forsaken, but have great support. Now, read and write as written and remember that you are under heavy anointing of Me."

"My Lord, I shall do my best. At the top of this white page, which is rolled under like a little scroll, is gold writing. This page radiates such brilliant, white light that my eyes are having trouble adjusting!"

"Yea, but your eyes are anointed and so are your ears; and as you see these words, you shall hear them well."

"My Lord, the title is ‘Chamber of Silence’; and it reads as follows: ‘Take my hand and let me carry you through The Chamber of Silence. For, it is a chamber deep within the soul of each, which is ignored, lost and forgotten. Touch your heart and open the door to The Chamber of Silence. Take the golden key from Jesus, Our Christ. For, it is the only key, which will open The Chamber of Silence.’

"My Lord, I see a golden key, dangling before my face."

"Take this, Child, and open the door."

"My Lord, I have they key and am inserting it amidst The Star of David right into my heart."

"Open the Chamber."

"My Lord, I open This Chamber, and I see a door, which goes into a library. There is only one table with one chair; and the shelves behind the table are full of old books, and all bound and titled. The binding along the top of each book is a dark shade of red, and within the red area is the title of each book. There is much dust in this small room, as if no one has been here for some time; yet, the air is crisp and clean. I see words of bright light, enclosed in a glass box above a bookshelf and they are blinking like a neon sign. Little, white doves fly around in the glass enclosure; but cannot get out into the chamber. The blinking words say, ‘Jesus Lives Here.’"

"Yes, Child, these doves cannot get out; but the key to the Chamber is attached to the waistband of your robe, and it is yours to keep for a long time. Now, come back to the table and proceed."

"I continue to read: ‘This inner Chamber is lost to The House of Israel, as this remnant stands as a nation; for, it can only be accessed through this key, which says, ‘Jesus, Lord of Earth.’"

"My Lord, they will not accept this."

"Nay, Child, not at this time; but, in time, yea; for all shall be revealed. Then, they shall know My laws to be true and shall abide by them. Now, proceed."

"I read as follows: ‘Knock on the door of My Inner Chamber’, thus saith the Lord, ‘and, this Inner Chamber shall be opened to you in time. Much awaits those, who find this key … much truth, much love, and many honors among men. For, few find this key, or know what to do with it.’"

"But, My Lord, Is it not true that many have found this key, which is You?"

"Child, there are few; for many seek; but few shall find."

"My Lord, I feel so lowly and unworthy.’

"Nay, Child, for if you were unworthy, you would not have the key. Read on."

"I read as follows: ‘Little differences can mean big miles of separation from God. Little differences create deception, fraud, and draw one away from the concepts of truth and righteousness. Yea, the ones, who split hairs and look to make divisions create gulfs within themselves and separate themselves from God. Great trauma is created by little differences! It is said that one ‘makes mountains of mole hills’. Nay, one makes gulfs out of molehills, gulfs between one’s self and God. It is said, ‘Forgive the little things that these not be allowed to fester and grow into big things.’ I ask, "How many of you have little things against your son, your daughter, your employer, or your neighbor? Will you find The Inner Chamber as long as little things weight you down? Nay, this shall not be. For, these little things are as grains of sand against a naked foot in a shoe. They abrade the spirit. They aggravate the soul and steal the Light of God. Nay, hold nothing against another; for, your grudges will keep you from God. Forgive and you shall know God’s true glory. If you will not, you shall wobble amidst self-deception. No preacher of The Word or attendance in any church can absolve you of these sands upon your soul. Only you can forgive another; and as you do so, Jesus will forgive you.

It is mightier to forgive with love, than to gift another with all the gold in the world. All gold is to be viewed with caution, lest it mesmerize you into thinking it is real, when it is only an illusion of happiness, loved by those, who are truly lost. Yea, gold will satisfy the senses, but destroy the soul. Look to Your Father in Heaven and to Jesus, Lord of Earth, for the eternal "gold", which is everlasting life. Jesus is the author of eternal life on Earth; for, he came in the flesh and gave His life to save all souls. I am Moses.’"

"Now, Precious Child, you have written as seen and given. Do you have questions."

"Yes, My Lord, who is this George Washington type with the hair lip?"

"Child, what did he give you?"

"Something from a tray."

"And, this was?"

"An invitation by a child into a tent."

"Yes, and who was this child?’

"I do not know."

"A hidden part of you."

"You mean, The Secret Chamber?"

"Exactly. But, you question about the one in the attire."

"Yes, My Lord."

"He is an image to cause you to question, to seek deeper."

"Well, it startled me, like the image of the hobo-clown."

"No need to fear, Child, look on the rear end of this man and read."

"It is written, ‘Another space in time, William Penn.’ So, William Penn had a hair lip?"

"Not that you would know. What is written on the hair lip?"

"It says, ’A journey into you.’ So, a part of me from another life, William Penn, offers me something, which reveals a trip into this chamber?"

"Child, you have seen communication from your Inner Chamber."

"This explains the child and the chair."

"Yea, for a child is teachable."

"And the cold?"

"The cold is also a part of you, along with the white."

"How so?"

"You must go through the cold and be purified to get to the heat of my white light."

"You mean, each of us must be purified by the cold of ourselves?’

"I mean the absolute coldness of yourselves and the harshness of the world. You will have to endure bitter cold before you come into My Light."

"I have seen this coldness of many toward these prophecies; and I have endured great aloneness to receive them. I know that we must be child-like if we are to have a one-on-one with You."

"When you are child-like, you are teachable."

"Let all receive this, My Lord, and draw closer to You."

"I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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