From the Mountain, Book III


"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Because of your great praying and seeking, I have brought you once more to My Mountain, where the door to My Inner Sanctum open. Come amidst my radiant energies into My Upper Room.

You have looked below to see two entities, which have needed to be bound. For, they have come into your home through TV and Internet; Child, these are two of the devil’s avenues to infiltrate the homes of the unsuspecting. Yea, the gates of hell are opening to release many of these dark demons, that they may persecute those, who love Me. You have the learning, the power and authority to bind them and send them to The Pits; but most do not have this knowing or ability, for it is a work and no easy one. Moses has told you that your work will get harder. Yea, you will be attacked more; and you must fast and pray often to have power over the demons. I promise you greater power with each fast. Now, Little One, come into My Upper Room; and write as given and seen,"

"My Lord, the door to Your Upper Room is open and I float in upon the wings of Your Spirit; all is bathed in great brilliance and peace. Before me is a sturdy, old door made of faded wood. Suddenly, two white, fighting cocks appear in front of the door. Their claws aglow with radiant, white light, they fiercely attack one another. To the rear of the cocks and beside the old door are The Moses Papers attached to a clipboard, hanging on a nail. A sign above the door reads, ‘Secret Chamber.’"

"Yea, Child. It is ‘secret’, but you have the key."

"Yes, My Lord, I have the key, but one question: what do the cocks represent?"

"Look on their backs."

"On the back of one, I see a piece of paper sticking up. I take the white paper but it disintegrates in my hand. Suddenly, the cocks are gone; and I see that the door to The Chamber has raised up a few inches, making enough room for me to crawl under. I will crawl through this opening, but the fighting cocks still linger in my mind. My Lord, what do they represent?’

"Parts of you."

"Tell me more."

"They represent your fear of what lies behind the door."

"I am afraid?"

"You fear the unknown."

"My Lord, please remove this fear with Your Holy Spirit; I wish to bring only faith upon this Mountain."

"Child, you fear your inadequacies before Me; but if you were not found worthy, you would not be here. You are worthy to open the door with one full sweep; for you have the key."

"My Lord, forgive my insecurities. I feel so young and foolish at times, standing before such wisdom and power."

"Child, look behind; the door is open and radiant, white light flows onto you."

"Yes, My Lord, and the glass box above the book shelf, which was enclosed, is now open. The white doves are flying about, thick everywhere, all over me, in my hair, on my arms and feet. This is a glorious, precious, sweet time of joy and peace. The pulsating, words of light, which were in the box, are gone and a window is open, bringing in an abundance of pure, radiant white light. This light hits the table bathing it in its purity. The books have taken on a golden hue and radiate this pure light. All remnants of dust are gone and the table has changed from wooden to glass, acting as a prism, separating the fragments of this pure light into its realm of beautiful colors. On all four sides of the room, glorious windows have miraculously appeared, all open, with this pure light coursing through them. I stand amidst beams of such pure and perfect radiance hitting me from all four directions and I feel so weak, like a tiny being in caught up lightening. ‘My Lord, that I may be worthy!’ Suddenly, I am sucked off my feet, levitating above this table, tightly clutching The Moses Papers to me breast. ‘How glorious this day of freedom in You, My Lord! I do not understand this; but I know that a new day has opened in you, My Lord. Long live the name of Jesus, Lord of Earth! And, blessed are those, who love and serve Him.’"

"Child, do you remember when I brought you to My Upper Room and told you, ’There is another you have not seen.’" (Before the first trip to the Upper Room, He told me that there were two I had not seen.)

"Yes, My Lord."

"This is it."

"See the many books."

"Yes, My Lord."

"These books will answer your every question."

"For, this is The Chamber that many seek, but few there be that find it. To be worthy to behold what is herein and to grow in My power will take great work, yea continual dedication, prayer and fasting."

"My Precious Lord, I pray to be found worthy; for, you are my life, my light, my truth, and my way. Empower me, Precious Jesus, that I may bring Your truths to others, that the greatest numbers may be saved."

"As we go along, Child, I will show you what is written in some of these books. But, for now sit at the table and read page two from The Moses Writings. Notice that the door closes behind you."

"My Lord, I read as follows:

Dedication and Sincerity


Strike the heart of the insincere from the records, from the books of God’s dedicated ones. For, the Insincere of Heart will fail in every measure before God. They will fail in kindness and in love. They will fail in receiving spiritual gifts. Nay, they shall not know the fullness of The Word, but shall thrive on bits and pieces. They shall never make it to The Mountain of the Lord, but shall perish in the dark forest of the Adversary.

Raise up your hands, O’ Sincere of Heart. Raise them up high to Almighty God, the one who carved the oceans in the Earth and made canyons from rivers. Raise up your hearts to Almighty God, who made you in His image, that you too should know the gifts of His mighty Spirit.

Nay, Sincere of Heart, you shall not fall. You shall not be neglected in the last day; but shall rise to new heights in your love for Your Lord, who is Jesus Christ, Lord of Earth, even one with God, given dominion by Him. Sincere of Heart, plow ahead with determination, and with love and honor for Your Lord, Jesus. For, if you love Him, you truly strive to live spiritual laws, given you for your own good.

Would a loving child obey his parent? Yea, he would obey; but the rebellious one disobeys. The rebellious one is lost in the dark forest of Satan and knows it not. The rebellious child is unteachable and is not counted among the Sincere of Heart; this one is lost to the cunning ways of Satan.

Look around you. How many are sincere of heart? Nay, not many; for most try to manipulate the world to suit selves. They deceive; they lie, and walk on the feelings of another to get ahead. Yea, this is the way of the world. Little Ones, be in the world; but, not of it. Take television from your home; it fills your house with darkness. Fathers and mothers: Guard your children from the Internet; it is a snare, ready to dig into the soul of the innocent child. Likewise, the Internet has lured many an adult into the evils of pornography.

Yea, pornography is bondage; for to lust after another is to commit fornication in your mind. You married men, who lust after the darkness of pornography commit adultery; and this drives a stake in your relationship with God. You attract evil entities, which feed on your lusts and drive you through thought transfer to lose control, so that you are in a war daily for your very souls. When you abide pornography, you shall in no wise have The Spirit of God. Instead, you fill yourself and your home with evil entities, which are set to destroy you. You, who love pornography, go in ignorance thinking that what you do is harmless because you have forsaken spiritual laws and walked away from the tried and true. You believe you can do as you will with no consequence, but you cannot; for every action, good or bad, has consequence. In the closets of your mind, you have stuffed the truth: You reap what you sow. When you hurt yourself, you hurt those, who love you. To hurt yourself may seem innocent to you, but your actions reach far into your environment in ways that you will never dream. Where you go, the end results of your actions go, whether to a super market, a school, or telephone; and you never escape who you are and what you do. Your unrighteous behavior makes wide sweeps, but in like fashion, your righteous acts affect many. The power of the Holy Spirit goes with the righteous and carries wholeness wherever it goes; yea the power of the righteous to bring lasting changes is great, indeed. Righteousness avails much.

Long live the Sincere of Heart, those, who truly love Our Lord through and through. For, theirs are kingdoms without end! I am Moses’


"Precious Child, we shall stop here for today. Go in the power of this anointing. You think about the child with the broken neck. Go there and take healing from Me. Within six to eight weeks, he shall feel again, and he shall walk again, a gift from Me. Tell him so, and that he must dedicate his life to serving Me, lest worse befall him. Go fasting and praying, and you shall see Me move in this. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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