From the Mountain, Book III

The Moses Papers, Part 3

"Precious Child, blessed are you indeed, among women; for you come daily to humble yourself before Me in deep prayer. Child, I know you are concerned, for the roof has sprung a leak over one of the computers. Do not start up this network until all is dry. For, not one drop of water shall remain before it is started, and all shall be fine. Yea, Child, I have spoken My power through your voice and you have commanded this leak to cease with the anointing of My Spirit. Before your very eyes, you have seen it stop; it is an attempt by Satan to ruin your equipment. Child, when I am for you, who can prevail against you?"

"My Lord, You are my strength and I only wish your will in all things. This leak sprang when there was no rain; and I knew that the evil one was at work. With my own eyes, I beheld the leak stop immediately after I commanded it to cease in Your Name through the power of Your Holy Spirit. When I prayed, I felt great power from You come over me."

"Child, My hand is upon you. And, My Spirit is your constant friend, companion and servant. I send My Spirit to do My bidding through you. You are my servant, and you shall see many a miracle, even as you saw last evening when you prayed in My name for the owl to move on. Yea, you prayed seven times for it to leave, and it was gone. Child, these are the miracles, which come through service. You are brought once again to the heights of My Mountain; and you see that the door to the Upper Room is open. Come in; for, My Spirit brings you here."

"My Lord, oh what power and purity in this glorious, rarefied light! The peace and joy, which enfolds me is beyond any human words. Every time I come here, my soul craves this space; I feel so drained by the darkness of the world."

"Yea, Child, look down at the gray and black energies swirling around certain places. Here and there within this darkness is one, who loves Me, one, who radiates the power and light of My Holy Spirit."

"My Lord, I see; and I see that they are most often alone, except for the company of angels."

"Yea, Child, here and there one leads a congregation of souls; but most often this is not the case. Child, you enter My Upper Room. Write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I see a box, a wooden chamber, which looks rather small. Suspended above the box in the light, the box looks ominous to me. I know it is the Secret Chamber; but, My Lord, how is it that the chamber was in the Upper Room all along, and I never saw it?"

"Child, there is much herein, which you have not seen, and much that you will never see. You see what I allow."

"My Lord, your works are mighty and I am thankful to take a small part. You are merciful and full of grace. You loved me when I could not possibly even love myself. Glory to the name, Jesus, the name above all. Forgive me, My Lord, for assuming anything about this precious space."

"Child, never make any assumption about what is and what is not. My Spirit reveals all when the time is ready; yea when the soul is ready to receive."

"Yes, My Lord. There are many of us, who think we have the whole picture, but we have only a taste. I have been there, thinking I knew it all, but was lost in darkness."

"Yea, Child, this is EGO, ‘easing God out’; as you have heard. Those, who think they know the most know the least; the first shall be last, and the last first. Child, the humble heart is teachable."

"I beg to be teachable, My Lord. Strike down piousness and know-it-all behavior in me that I may be humble and teachable. The more I see, the more I learn, and the smaller I become in my own eyes. My Lord, your power frightens and humbles me."

"Child, I know this; now, come down to the wooden door, take your key and open the door."

"I insert the key into the door and it opens immediately to show the four beams of light as they meet in the center of the room above the table. As I approach this room to enter, two more leaks appear in the ceiling below in our humble abode; water is steadily dripping from the ceiling. I leave this room and mountain to go and pray over the leaks. One leak stops immediately, but the second continues to drip water."

"Yea, Child, when one is plugged, another erupts; I have allowed this to show you the armor of man. So, it is, when one hole is plugged another is leaking. But, all shall be stopped within 15 minutes. Get up and time me. Prove me in this. For, this shall be so, and your prayers shall not have been in vain."

"My Lord, this will be 8:47 AM; I have marked the time."

"Now, Precious One, I bring you back to My Mountain. For, I am Lord of Earth. And, upon My Spirit you come once again with your key to this door. Child, open this door and go in."

"My Lord, I have entered and am met with the four beams of white light and I see a pale image of the fighting cocks."

"Child, take them to heart and address these fears; for, they have no place herein."

"My Lord, I grab hold of these fighting cocks, and I feel a deep sadness. This sadness begins to grip me and I feel a deep sense of mourning, of loss and sorrow. Great tears begin to flood my eyes and fall down my face. From the pit of my stomach, a great sorrow, dread, and fear well up. I fear that in some way, I shall lose your love; that I shall be unworthy and you will cut me off. I fear that I shall lose face before you as I am lowly. I continue to embrace these fighting cocks amidst great sobs. Huge tears bathe my face and fall downward. Suddenly, I am keenly aware that the cocks have disappeared and I am embracing a single, white, porcelain object; it is a white, polar bear, piggy bank. The tears fall into the slot on the bank and makes clinking noises, which remind me of the sounds made by the leaky ceiling. My tears have become radiant, golden coins and the light from them rushes upward, bathing my face and soothing my eyes. This light is warm and calming and the polar bear now radiates great warmth; it is furry and cuddly. I love this bear, I embrace it and cuddle it. As I embrace it, it becomes smaller and smaller until it is gone and there is nothing left but a ball of pure, white light."

"Go and place this radiance on the table and sit.’

"My Lord, I do so, and find myself amidst these four beams of pure, white light."

"Take the Moses Papers from the angel, Kikiara, and write as seen."

"My Lord, I have the next page; and this is what I read:


"Judgement is mine," thus saith The Lord.


Bright eyes and ears adorned with radiance of The Holy Spirit, hear the resonant voice of The Lord. For, His spoken word is clear to those with the bright eyes and ears bathed in such a way. Hearken to the voice of The Lord. For, unto Him is given to judge, to condemn, and to sanctify before the measure of truth and right. Yea, He is given the measure, the rule, by which all conduct is measured over time.

And, so have you been given the rules by way of The Commands of God, brought by me and brought to new and greater levels by Our Lord, Himself. Fall to the ground in obedience to His Word. Follow His laws, that you be not lost and confounded. But, leave the judging to Our Lord.

How many of you have condemned another to hell, when ‘the pot was calling the kettle black’ as you say? How many have tossed the first stone from a glass house? How many have left the homeless to starve, and gone living amidst luxury and plenty? Are you, any of you, so perfect, so mature spiritually, that you can condemn and judge? For, that, which you condemn and judge you have been, or you shall be.

To rise above a state does not give one a right to condemn others below. And, to fall below does not give one right to condemn those above. Yea, reach out to the lost not with condemnation, but love, gentle reprove, and compassion. And, teach them a better way through example. For, condemnation cannot help, but hurt. Rejection cannot bring up, but casts down. Deliberate hurt cannot heal, but destroys. Humiliation cannot bring together, but divides. Division of one against another by any manner of falsehood or negativity casts stones to the one, who divided.

Love and compassion are the mortar between the bricks of companionship. Gentle persuasion is that, which mixes the mortar. It holds together love and compassion. Let your thoughts be gentle, yea kind one to another. Wish no man ill will. For, this is the devil’s tool of destruction. Send thoughts of kindness, of love and compassion to your enemies, that they may see you with like eyes. The soft heart carries the ability to soften hearts. The wise among you learn these things early on. The rebellious spirit takes much time. I am Moses.’


"Child, I am Master Jesus. Yea, I shall judge all. My Spirit is one of long-suffering and kindness. I cherish those, who love me and I bless mine; yea, to kingdoms without end, into the eternities, I bless mine. Come Precious Children, from your rebellious ways. For, my hand reaches out to you.

"Stand up in My beam, Child"

"My Lord, I do so, and I feel myself start to vibrate. I am caught up in these swirling energies of great light. A white lily forms at the base of my feet, and I am drawn to sit on it. The smell is pure heaven."

"Breathe in, Child; you will be strengthened by this."

"My Lord, this smell is very pleasing and soothing; and I am beginning to feel relaxed, calm, peaceful and sleepy. How precious this blessing!"

"Yea, Child, this shall bring healing to your sinus allergies. Do not run the electric heater at your feet; for, this brings dust upward into your sinuses. Now, Child, check the clock."

"My Lord, it says 9:00 AM, and the third lead stopped long ago."

"I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, yea Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, recorded and dictated this 16th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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