From the Mountain, Book III


"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Yea, blessed are you for your great perseverance in seeking, praying, and desiring to do My work; for I shall not fail you in the latter days of your life. Yea, I shall strengthen you and lift you up in My power. Already, you go amidst ridicule and persecution; but let fear have no hold on you. I give you My Spirit to build you up in faith and carry you far above the confusion to My Most Holy Mountain. See that My Holy Spirit has brought you here, where the door to My Inner Sanctum is open to you. Move in and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I am floating high above Your Mountain on the wings of Your Spirit. I hear the rushing sounds of Your Spirit as I am carried aloft and through this door. As I cross the threshold, I am aware of a most beautiful, radiant tree with glistening fruit. It has old and gnarled roots, which shoot outwards from the bottom. The Holy Spirit moves like wind and whispers softly among the radiant leaves of this tree. Gently, Your Spirit lets me down at the base of this tree where I can appreciate its huge size. Great sprawling, radiant branches reach far and wide and a deep peace beyond words bathes me. The tree is singing a very high-pitched sound like that of many bees. Surely, the Holy Spirit is playing it as a beautiful lyre and I am hearing the leaves whisper high notes of love and joy."

"Yea, Child, you have perceived right; and you have been brought to the tree for a reason. Sit beneath the tree; pick the fruit, and eat as long as you wish; for this fruit will bring you to a new level in Me. With each piece you eat, a new dimension is added to you, like blocks placed upon one another to build a wall."

"My Lord, the tree is obeying Your commands. A bow has lowered itself to my eye level and I gently reach out to pick a beautiful piece of this radiant fruit. A faint breeze stirs among the glistening leaves and bathes my soul with love, peace and joy! I bite into the succulent fruit and luscious juice fills my mouth and bathes my hands. Copious amounts of this nectar run down my arms, past my elbows, onto my clothes and onto the ground, making radiant puddles of white light. The heavenly nectar flows gently down my throat, like a stream coursing over its bed; and tiny, radiant explosions of light can be seen forming here and there throughout my body. These tiny explosions quickly meet one another, forming a mass of white light, which grows in and around me, bathing tiny recesses of my soul.

I pick another piece of fruit and eat it in like manner, savoring its delicate sweetness. A great hunger stirs within me and I pick another. All the time, I am keenly aware that the rushing sounds of the Holy Spirit building within me. The same sound, which is manifest in the tree, is now manifesting within me; soon I am one with this sound. One by one, I have devoured the heavenly succulence of seven fruits and my soul is sated with a pure taste of heaven."

"Child, you have been brought to The Tree of Life and can come here as often as you wish. This is My promise. You have a new strength in Me as of this day and the power of miracles, which shall come through you, will astound you. For, through you comes the power of The Tree of Life. From time to time, I shall have you perform these miracles and you will write of them that others will know I speak truth through you, My Chosen One. Likewise, Child, your faith shall be strengthened by these miracles; and before it is your time, your works shall have strengthened the faith of many.

Child, yesterday you saw the emergency meeting of Russia with other countries on the behalf of Iraq at the Geneva Conference. Did I not tell you in June of 1997, that within five months, Russia would turn on you?"

"Yes, You did and it came true."

"Did I not tell you that Russia would go back ‘red.’"

"Yes, My Lord, you told me this."

"Child, see them align with China, Iraq, and others against you; as I am stirring up them against you. This will intensify by spring of ‘98 in great ways."

"Did I not tell you recently that within forty-five days you would be ‘shocked?’

"Yes, My Lord."

"Is this ‘shock’ of the Russians taking a stand against you with the Chinese and Arabs not near the 45 day mark?"

"Yes, My Lord, it is right at the 45 day mark."

"First, I told you that within five months, the Russians would take a stand against you; then, I told you that within 45 days you would be shocked, yet you could not know what would shock you. But, you were shocked to see that the 45-day mark also ended the five-month period for the Russians to take a stand. I have given you these two dates, which came true, just as I told you they would. Believe that others will also come out as I have said. Even yesterday I told you that before the day was over you would be ‘shocked’. Child, you will see more and more come to pass, as I tell you it will. Place total faith in Me and not in the world. If the world says rain, expect sunshine and vice versa. Listen not to the world, but listen to Me. I speak through you; I work through you and I shall smite those, who try to hurt you. Yea, even as in ancient times, many shall fear you; for, My hand is upon you. You are My chosen, and I make a way for My work to be done through you. Now, Child, as you sit beneath the tree, pick up the clipboard with The Moses Papers attached and read page four."

"My Lord, I have it and it reads as follows… My Lord, I have to adjust my vision, this writing is radiating a very white light! One question, My Lord, shall I be guided into The Silent Chamber?"

"Child, you are in The Silent Chamber."

"But, My Lord, it looked so small before."

"Child, did you not notice that when The Chamber was flooded by My Light, the walls disappeared?"

"My Lord, there is so much I do not see. I ask you, ‘Where are the books?’"

"Child, the books have been replaced with The Tree."

"I don’t understand."

"Child, you will eat regularly of this tree, and there shall be no need for any books; for all is contained within this fruit. It will give you access to any record of any book over time, as it is bathed totally in My Holy Spirit. It bears My Living Word of Truth and power. In this way, all is revealed."

"My Lord, I know I am extremely slow about some things."

"Yea, but I shall make you wise. You have been anointed with the wisdom of the prophets. Have you not?"

"Yes, My Lord, and this was from Paul, The Apostle?"

"Yes, Child, it was he. You saw him first in 1987 when you were lost to yourself, but others knew of your destiny."

"My Lord, I was caught up in such darkness and You loved me through all this, even enough to bring me out of it and set me free so that I can serve you. Glory to you, My Precious Lord. You are my life and my way in all things."

"Child, you have been called and chosen and there is much work for you to do. Continue on with the next page."

"My Lord, it says:

‘Never on a Sunday’

‘Blessed Ones, you have been told to never toil and labor on a Sunday. For, a Sunday, the Sabbath day of the gentiles, is a day of rest. Yea, let there be a day of rest among you, where you toil not, but dedicate this day to worship of The Lord, Jesus and Your Father, who is in heaven. Dedicate this day to forgiveness and making amends. Dedicate this day to a service of love for another.

This day is only one seventh of your time. Yet, you have chosen to neglect this day of service to The Lord. You have chosen to bypass this day for whimsical reasons and for love of the material. You have chosen to chase violent sports, like football, and have made this the god of your Sundays. You have chosen to eat, drink and be merry and even to carouse with harlots. You have chosen to rot off your spiritual leg, to despise your journey before Causes of Righteousness. Great numbers of you turn your faces in shame from the principles of good and right.

Yea, you stomp the heavenly commands, given you for your own good. You have denied The Lord that which is His; and have gone selfishly with your abundance. You have neglected your commitments to one another to chase vanity; and you have left your children to fend for selves. Yea, the very core, the very structure of the family unit, has caved in and allowed an unholy alliance between yourself and Satan to take hold of your destiny. You have forsaken the Lord, Your God; and you have blasphemed His Name. You have made cheap, Holy Places, and prostituted His Purity. You have sold His goodness to the highest bidder. Yea, you have trampled His Robe of Righteousness. You have chased after whore churches, which are empty and lacking of His Spirit. Yea, you are a proud, a haughty, a stiff-necked people; and the door of destruction is open to you the world over. I clap my hands three times over North America; for, all of you shall whine and have cause to seek the face of The Lord before your time is due. Yea, the clouds of destruction shall fall with a mighty wind and you shall cry out to God. But, He shall be slow in hearing. For, in your time of plenty, you chased false gods and gods of old. You have relied on your own devices and kicked Him out of your heart, out of your home and your life. You have brought up your children to serve false gods. Have you forgotten that He is a jealous God, that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow? Yea, you have forgotten this. You have strayed mightily and the foot of The Almighty God is upon you! A year shall not have passed before you see the handwriting of the wall. For, you are doomed as a nation and as a people. I am Moses.‘

"Precious Child, this from Moses, as ordained by Me."

"My Lord, there are those, who say I commune with familiar spirits when I get messages such as these."

"Yea, Child, this will be said. But, did you go seeking after them? Nay, you sought them not. They are sent of Me. You have sought no familiar spirit on this Mountain or at any time since I have been speaking to you. Blessed are you, Child, for you write as given and told. Yea, you shall be blessed mightily in ways you know not. Be strong, for I am with you. My Spirit indwells you.

I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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