From the Mountain, Book III

The Moses Papers, Part 5

Precious child, you know My Spirit and you know My Voice: I am Master Jesus; and you see that My Spirit has brought you once again to My Sacred Mountain, after much prayer and seeking on your part. Yea, Child, you are under the control of My Spirit, even as the ancient prophets. For, times change, but My truths do not. I am, indeed, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Many have discarded the lessons of the ancient Israelites to their own undoing. For, that which brought condemnation then likewise brings condemnation today. Now, Child, observe yourself aloft on the wings of My Spirit. Yea, peace enfolds you; it enwraps you and brings you back to another time when many of you knew this Mountain, especially those of the 144,000, known and chosen before the foundations. If you have had a difficult time in this life, it is partly due to these memories of perfection, which have surfaced in your wake and sleep. You have sought perfection and compared the rules of the churches with those distant memories, and you have never found happiness in any church; for, you have seen the charades before Me. You have rebelled against these games and have become a spiritual loner, seeking to build your own strong connection to Me through obedience. This has been a very difficult road, yet you have not given up, but have pursued in the face of many obstacles. Yea, you have forsaken the material, save it be what you need to live; and I honor this. This is the only way, lest you get caught up in the material illusions, the traps of Satan. Now, Precious One, come into My Upper Room, My Inner Sanctum; for, it is open to you. Notice that you carry My key, which opens many doors. Child, write as given and seen."

"My Lord, I enter through this door on the wings of Your Spirit, its rushing sounds moving through me and caressing my hair. A beautiful peace lifts me above all darkness below; it allays my fears and bathes my soul with joy. I ride on the wings of You Spirit to the Tree of Life. Gently, it lets me down at the base of this beautiful tree, where I am captivated by the rustling of the radiant, musical leaves."

"Eat, Child,"

"My Lord, the tree is alive with Your Word. Once again, one of the bows has lowered itself and is gently stroking my arm. A piece of radiant fruit beckons to me and I am eager to eat once more of its healing nectar. I sit in cross-legged fashion beneath this precious tree and bask in its glory. Praise You, My Precious Lord! Glory to Your Precious Name! I gently bite into this luscious fruit, which is at once a solid and a liquid; and with each bite its succulence bathes my soul with the freedom of its radiance, pushing away all darkness as it illumines me. Living waters from the fruit well up within me; they renew and restore me. A luminescent puddle of pure, white light forms within and around me as the radiant liquid of the fruit swells like a mountain stream in spring. Its sweetness is like none other, with tastes of almond, cinnamon, vanilla and banana, the flavors are ever-changing."

"Yea, Child, it is like none other; and, few there are who eat of this tree. Yet, in the latter days, all My Anointed prophets shall eat of it. For, I shall not send you into battle against the most evil, lest you be empowered of Me in the highest way."

"My Lord, My soul thirsts so after the fruit of this tree and I have already eaten ten pieces. I am learning a little about eating this fruit; it is not really necessary to eat it, all one needs to do is just suck its liquid nectar. It is a malleable and if I put it to my lips and suck on it, the juice follows its own course, like a stream. I have continued to eat until I have eaten fifteen and I am swollen with a great white light; but I am not heavy. This fruit has filled me with joy and I feel like dancing and singing Your praises. Glory to God! Precious is the name of Jesus! Around me are numerous, radiant butterflies, flying all around, and lighting on me. I feel like I could lie amidst the beautiful fragrance of this tree and rest for a while in its glory."

"Yea, Child, this is known; but there is much work to be done. See the Moses Papers to your right. Pick them up that we can proceed."

"My Lord, I pick up the next page from The Moses Papers and it reads:


‘Blessed is he, who loves the Lord, Jesus, with all his might; for the Lord will shield this one in His love. Yea, the Lord knows the Sincere of Heart and will not play second best. Those, who profess love for Him, must show real devotion; they must follow the Lord in simplicity and humility.

Very few will sacrifice the material in the face of plenty. Those, who know plenty, stand the greatest chance of becoming lost. In the face of plenty, they will cling to the material and the false sense of joy and security, which it affords them. Yea, they will become confounded the fastest.

Was Solomon not made the wisest of all Israelite Kings and blessed mightily with material wealth and riches? Yet, he forsook God’s laws. He chased harlots and those of pagan religions, even to the building of places of worship for pagan gods.

Yes, the one with plenty eases God out of his life the quickest, becomes lost the fastest, and knows spiritual ruination first. Remember this: Our God is stirred to anger when those he blesses turn on him to serve other gods. When His anger is kindled, He will allow dark forces to prevail over those He once blessed. Yea, he allows this destruction; He stirs up the evil ones to overcome, to overtake those, who have forsaken Him.

Yea, you say, "God is love." But, He is a jealous God; and He demands strict obedience to His laws or He will turn from you. Yet, He is a merciful God; and when those, who were blessed and turned away, come back, they are blessed again. God does not respond to the Insincere of Heart; He responds to those, who humble themselves before Him, and place Him above all in their lives. He wants all to love Him with the fullness of their hearts, not just a small portion. He wants all to think of Him continually and pray to Him all day every day, not just on Sundays.

He blesses those, who love Him completely. These are the ones, who will be raptured out. Many are confounded about the rapture process; they believe lying preachers of the word, who lead them down the primrose path. Those, who are raptured out are the pure of heart, who love God and His Beloved Son completely in honor and obedience.

Jesus is strict and demands that God’s spiritual laws be obeyed. When you walk in obedience, you honor Him and Our Father, who sent Him. In all things, you must show love for Our Father and His Beloved Son; and likewise you must love your brethren. I am Moses’


"Precious Child, this from Moses, as ordained of Me. Remember that you and he go back even before the foundations. Now, be blessed this day, be lifted up and made whole. Yea, Child, the cancer in your breast is quickly becoming nothing. It is evaporating from your body. You shall be healed of this, as I have told you. I am the Great Physician. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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