From the Mountain, Book III

The Moses Papers, Part VI

"Child, indeed, you are blessed mightily among women that you might do My work in the latter days. Yea, you come under the control of My Spirit to the top of My most radiant mountain. The door to My Inner Sanctum is open to you; come in, Child, and partake of the Tree of Life that you might be kept strong spiritually from day to day."

"My Lord Jesus, I enter Your Upper Room on the wings of Your Spirit, aware of the white of my prophet’s robe fluttering in the wind. On the lower part of this robe is a faded spot of blood, which stands as a testimony that You loved us enough to suffer a horrible death to bring us a Higher Way. The horrors of what You went through for us make my heart heavy; it brings tears to my eyes. The evil, which was abound then and now is tearing apart the souls so many, who are lost in the darkness."

"Yea, Child, and the evil shall grow much worse in the approximate seven-and-one- half years until My return. As I have stressed to you before, truly you have seen none so severe as what the Antichrist shall bring upon you. It is important that all be aware of what ahead, lest you be so overcome that you submit to it, just to survive. Each of you must remember the example I laid before you and remember that I expect no less from those, who love Me. You must go in peace, not war. Do not kill, as you see killing about you. Nay, do not do this. If you choose a path of violence, you will be the same as those, who love violence. Have faith in Me and I will carry you until it is your time; this is the test. For, those, who are violent, will be violent. But, My Sheep shall not be violent. Nay, you must not raise a hand toward another in violence; but I shall cause many to die, who lay a hand on My Beloved. I am the Shepherd and you are My Sheep. The Shepherd watches over His Sheep and protects them in unknown ways; for the sheep do not have the full picture.

Precious Child, if you must give your life that the prophecies be fulfilled, go in peace and honor for My Words. I command this of you. Now, Precious One, sit beneath the Tree and eat of the fruit, that you may be strengthened."

"My Lord, this precious tree has lowered a branch before me, which is heavily laden with the pure, glistening fruit of heaven. My soul is hungry for this perfect nectar and I ravenously drink it. Its radiance bathes my soul and renews me in all ways. One after the other, this radiant fruit fills me and soothes my innermost parts; and a glorious white light builds in and around me. The smell of vanilla fills the air and myriad white butterflies flit hither and yon, filling the space around me. The gentle flapping of their wings tickles me as they pass around me in quick succession. One by one, they have landed on my arms and legs, making straight lines. Gently, they continue moving their delicate wings in quick succession, a mesmerizing beauty. My Lord, tell me about these butterflies."

"Child, remember the sparkling, energies of white light created by the fruit. At first, you were keenly aware of this, but now it is a usual thing and you do not notice it so."

"Yes, My Lord."

"You perceive these sparkling energies to be butterflies, yet they are not. These radiant energies dance around, coming to rest on your extremities, where you will absorb them."

"My Lord, my attention is drawn from this tree, as there is confusion below in the room around my body."

"Yes, Child, this is known. But, others should be more considerate of My Work through you. Continue, Child."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Pick up the Moses Papers and read Part VI."

"I have the paper and at the top it reads:

‘Condolences to the Lost’

Beloved Children, weakness in all things spiritual across much time can bring one’s soul to a state of utter devastation. As the dog chases its tail, the one, who loves the material, also chases his own tail into the eternities. The one, who loves the material, brings utter confusion into his life and into the lives of those around him.

Children, get your hearts right. Weed out selfishness, jealousy, disharmony, hate, malice and all negative feelings, because they drag you down into the Pits as fast as a stone dropped into a lake. You, who disrespect your parents and wreck havoc in your homes, steal not only the peace of your own soul; you steal it from the souls of others. Your behaviors are of the worst kind and you pay a mighty price.

Stop the disharmony by being obedient to God’s Laws. You have been given the Ten Commandments and the Laws of Love; yet, you flaunt your rebellion in the face of rules. This rebellion is an abomination to God, the Father and it, too, will carry you into the Pits as fast as a stone falls to the bottom of the water.

Cherish one another. Love one another. Be patient and suffer long in the face of obstacles. Reach out to the lost and the weary; and set up brotherhood among yourselves. Yea, you have become so self-reliant that you think you need no one else.

In the coming years, many shall perish for this self-reliant attitude. You shall not make it through these hard times without help from others. You must learn to give, to take, and to help the less fortunate; and, you shall survive and prosper in the face of adversity. I am Moses’.

"Precious Child, go in Me and My power this day and under the anointing of My Holy Spirit. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


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