From the Mountain, Book III

The Moses Papers VII & Warning for Preparation

"Precious Child, on the wings of My Spirit, you soar to the heights of My Mountain, where you are fortified in Me and My power. You bear My stripes of healing, for healing shall begin to play a greater role in your life. The door to My Upper Room is open to you; enter and write as seen and given."

"My Lord Jesus, the rushing sounds of Your Spirit fill my soul as I enter this Upper Room and I am greeted by Your precious Tree of Life. I am so thirsty for the healing nectar of this luscious fruit. May I sit and eat of it once more?"

"Child, partake. This fruit is given to you that you might be strengthened in your spiritual walk."

"My Lord, I reach out to the glistening tree and cradle a perfect fruit in my hands. Heavenly scents of purity bathe my soul as I sip the fruit’s healing nectars. Inside my head the stirring energies of the fruit makes gentle swirling noises, which let me know that I am communing with this fruit deep within and am taking on its pure life force. In short notice, these gentle noises settle down as they nurture my soul, bringing it up to higher levels of light, love and power. That, which is of the tree, is now in me. With each fruit, I am becoming sufficiently sated with purity of divine power, and love, as a completeness of beauty overcomes me. A gentle joy bathes my soul and my heart sings with ecstasy. I sit beneath the tree, consuming one fruit after the other until I have reached a space of pure light and beauty. Thank you, My Precious Lord, for allowing me this experience once more. You are truly my Life. Suddenly, a piece of paper drifts downward before me; and as I reach out to gather it up, I see that it is the seventh in the series of the Moses Papers. These are the words written on the paper:

‘Good Comes to those, who follow God’s Laws’

‘Beloved, hold tight to the laws of God and keep His Commands. Walk the straight and narrow; forsake your love of the material and come back into the obedience of His Laws. Honor the Lord, your God, and love Him above all. He will keep His promises to you and He will lift you up at the last day if you love and honor Him with all your that you are.

Make your path simple, that you be not confounded; and keep your way straight. Veer neither to the right nor to the left, but keep focused on the Lord and your God. Those, faithful to Him, shall see many miracles in these latter days; for, He is true to His Word that these times are like none other.

Feed your spirit with the Light of God that it does not darken and die. Feed it daily with the Holy Spirit, that you have the power to overcome. Be worthy to have this Spirit by nature of love, forgiveness and obedience to God’s Commands; and keep Jesus Christ at the front of your mind each and every day, that you not be tricked by Satan and his glamour. Beloved, keep your life simple and with all your heart, cling to Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Life. I am Moses’.


"Precious Child, this as ordained by Me. I realize that some will say degrading things about these messages from Moses and others gone on; but ignore all. Allow no negative a place in your mind. Now, Precious One, you have concerns about world events."

"Yes, My Lord, I have many concerns and the people have many. Please address these concerns."

"Child, many are worried about finances and how they will survive. These are some of my recommendations:

Sell and get out of the cities and at least 100 miles from any military facility, nuclear power plant or military storage depots;

Build shelters underground at least six feet, but preferably ten;

Store up at least one year’s food and water supply; but preferably two;

Store up medical supplies, including antibiotics, especially of the sulfur-bearing nature;

Store up vitamins, healing herbs, and green food supplies, such as dried barley leaves;

Store up dried food, which is held tightly in thick, water-proof containers;

Store up water purification products and agricultural supplies;

Have on hand a portable generator and short-wave radio with a generous supply of batteries;

Have a way to dispose of human waste under ground;

Keep plans secret and your location secret. Family will turn on family and friend upon friend. Bounties will be placed on the heads of many Christians;

Keep close to Me at all times, that you can hear My voice in time of need;

Ignore others, who tell you to do this or that. The devil has the minds of most;

Many, who are in debt, shall see some easing up in the next six months. Child, you ask if the stock market will fall within the next six months. Open the door before you. What do you see?"


"My Lord, this is a black door, which says, ‘Wall Street’ at the top. People are running around, some scratching their heads and others are stupefied. I see piles of the old timey ticker tapes all over the floor and machines continue spewing them out everywhere. Above the floor, I see lights in red, which read, ‘Stock Market crashing.’ My Lord, what will happen to these, who are in debt?"

"Child, the world over major companies will begin go fall, to shut their doors. Many average people will lose all. They will be unable to pay debts, almost overnight."

"Here comes another vision. I hear a loud banging noise. It is dark and I see huge waves crashing against a shoreline. Boats are loosed from their moorings and are banging one against another, crashing into shorelines, even light poles. The huge waves furiously override the seawalls on the beaches and pour into the city streets. I hear the words ‘Hong Kong.’"

"Yes, Child, you hear ‘Hong Kong.’ You see Hong Kong. For, a great crash there shall send the rest of the world into a tailspin."

"But, My Lord, why will there be a crash in Hong Kong?’

"Communist rule, Child. Communist rule. See the iron hand of communism put its stamp on capitalism. This is what happens. Companies around the world have great investments in Hong Kong, but not for long. The iron fist shall confiscate all. This kind of economy shall not stand in the face of communism."

"But, My Lord, You said that the Germans would feed the scare and contribute to the fall of the Stock Market in the USA."

"The evil Germans, who have your monetary system in a snare shall tighten this hold when Hong Kong falls. This grip shall put a mighty squeeze on you and those on Wall Street shall be in a frenzy. They shall be in a state of shock and they shall run from one to the other crying, ‘What shall we do, what shall we do?’ The extent of this shall be unexpected. You television shall shout. Your newspapers shall shout, ‘It is unexpected. This is unexpected.’ But, Child, not to those behind the scenes. Those, who serve Lucifer, know of this in advance. You are sitting ducks before the Red Tide. You are the blind giant.

Heed Me, Child, this is coming. Do not be wasteful at Christmas. Give others this survival message and tell them of what awaits you. Let this be a Christmas gift. It is time for each to wake up and be responsible for his own destiny. This business of adding more to one’s debt to give Christmas gifts, which may be a burden, or go unappreciated, must come to a halt. Give that, which is of Me. Give this, which I tell you, that others may prepare.

Know, Child, that I am with you. I shall see the two of you out of debt that you can prepare. This is My promise to you. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth. Be blessed, Child, for you are one of My Chosen. Many a miracle you shall see before it is your time."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of November, 1997
Linda Newkirk


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