From the Mountain, Book III

Oil In Israel

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. As asked, you have been given a double anointing of My Spirit this day. This anointing has made greater places for My Spirit to reside in you daily. You do not understand what I say, but accept that it is true. Now, Child, see that My Spirit has brought you to My Upper Room. And, yes the Tree of Life is available to you."

"My Lord, I find myself standing beneath this glorious, humming tree with myriad butterflies of white light all over me and around me. They are beautiful balls of white light, which sink into me. I slowly sip the nectar of this heavenly fruit and savor its sweetness. Reaching out, I gently hug this radiant tree, thankful, My Lord, for the joy and beauty it affords me. A most wondrous peace and joy bathe my soul. Little noises like exploding firecrackers fills my ears as I continue to hug this tree and I just keep on embracing it. My Lord, I love this tree; I love the spirit of this tree and its luscious fruit; but most of all, My Lord, I love you with all my heart."

"Child, this love is known, honored and cherished by me. Now, find yourself outside My Upper Room atop My Mountain on the wings of My Spirit. Child, you have a journey ahead of you this day. Be not concerned, for you are armed with My power and My Spirit."

"My Lord, Your Spirit lets me down gently in front of set of very tall cream-colored curtains. Stage lights bathe the curtains from below and give them a gold appearance. I look out in an opera house to see that no one is there, save someone sweeping with a wide broom. He wears a hat like a gas service attendant of old days. He even wears a green striped shirt, green pants and white socks. I believe he is an Oilman. I look on his left pocket, as there is writing. The writing says: ‘Israel, mopping up in oil.’ This Oilman stops for a minute, as he is whistling and does a little jig right there in the middle of the floor. He believes he is alone, but a very large, fat man with dark skin named ‘Saudi Arabia’ is jealous, smacks the Oilman in the jaw, and knocks him down. The fat Arab cowers over him and says: ‘Stop this now, or else.’

As the fat bully turns to walk off, Israel shoots a line of urine all up and down his back, which starts several fires; and the Arab walks away with a large, smoldering hole in his back.

Suddenly, some people appear in the small section of the balcony seating area; and Light shines on them as they applaud Israel for the move against the Arab. I see the names of some of those, who are applauding and they are several of the Baltic Countries. Toward the Oilman’s left and out in the auditorium, I hear rumbling in the dark. Then, I hear sounds like the firing of a pistol.

Upon the stage, a giant sheik emerges. He bears the garb of an ancient Arab warrior, carries a sword, and speaks a language unknown to me; but The Spirit of God translates his words:

‘No more pie, no more candy, no more cake!
What is ours is ours!
What is yours is not!
Stop the sale, or there will be a tale to tell!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha!’

Suddenly, the Oilman begins to grow exceedingly tall very quickly and he rises above everyone else, though the Arab has more mass. Soon, little dogs, like laughing heinas, begin to bite him in the rear end. Dogs named ‘Russia’ and ‘China’ come forth with heavy missiles on their backs. Another dog named ‘Germany’ hides behind a rock; and nearby is a large pack of dogs named ‘UN.’ The dogs charge at the Oilman. They bite and nip constantly at his heels and shoes and they tear at his pants; but every time they nip at the shoes, the shoes shock them in the teeth.

A black vulture, named ‘Rothschild to the Core’ flies around Israel, circling and waiting for the death of the Oilman. The vulture defecates on the left shoulder of the Oilman and the defecation begins to eat into his shoulder, exposing bones of steel.

The Oilman begins to kick up dust, which flies up from his heels, making huge clouds. The fat man coughs and holds his throat, and chunks of meat begin to fall from his leg. His left eye bursts open and falls from the socket, leaving a hole in his head.

A missile intended for the fat man misses and hits Saddam Hussein in the head. Although it bounces off, Hussein is very angry, and he begins to stir up dust and roar like a lion. In fact, he takes the shape of a lion, paces back and forth, and plans his assault on the Oilman. Hussein roars words, which are translated:

‘I can’t stand it anymore.
We have nipped.
We have tucked away our arsenal.
Now, it is time to move.
The whore must go.
She’s a danger to a free oil economy.’

And, he growls fiercely as fire shoots from his mouth and nose, blasting the Oilman. The fire is a blazing hot and it burns the pants off the Oilman, leaving only bones of steel in his legs.

‘Oh, phooey,’ says the Lion.

I can’t chew this!

So, I shall spit it out!

Then Hussein spits a huge wad upon the Oilman’s head, and it travels down his head and shoulders, all the way to his waist. This pile dissolves the hat of the Oilman and it melts the skin on his head and neck. It incinerates his shirt and skin to his waist and exposes the Oilman,s gold head, gold heart, steel shoulders and steel backbone.

The Oilman walks clumsily now, but when he walks the earth shakes. His huge, steel feet plow across Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Then, he walks over Syria and Lebanon and makes Lebanon like boiling water. The Oilman walks all over the desert and where he walks, he leaves huge potholes.

But, the desert came to the Oilman and pours an accelerant all the way around the Oilman’s boundaries and sets it afire. The black vulture continues to encircle the Oilman and to drop huge piles of vulture poop on him. Soon, the poor Oilman falls to his knees, as huge swarms of tiny sparrows come and peck him all over; and he must close his eyes to keep the sparrows from pecking them out.

Amidst the sparrows are tiny mosquitoes, sent to sting. Clouds of noxious fumes fell sent by the dogs fall on the Oilman; and the clouds are the most severe because they begin to dissolve the steel legs and feet, making waste of the gold head and heart, leaving huge pockmarks all over the remnants of the Oilman.

The Oilman falls, and he began to cough noxious clouds, which fall on the dogs and the desert rats as they scamper from their holes. Everywhere are huge numbers of dead rats, and maimed and dead packs of dogs as huge, nuclear clouds rumble across the desert.

The oilman is down with only pieces of his steel arms and legs were scattered hither and yon all over the desert floor; and in Israel, a great howling goes up, as the remaining dogs are ready to pounce. The black vulture flies into Israel and gobbles up every piece of the Oilman he can find; and the vulture grows quickly in statue as he sets up an office in the home of the Oilman. The evil, black vulture squawks:

‘The slut is down.
The whore is gone.
I shall rain a rain like no other.

I am he, who devised it all,
Who fed the stream of fire for you, hoo.

I am a schemer.
There is none no meaner.
Look at me.
Worship me.’

The poor Israelites are outraged by the greed of the evil buzzard, and they spit on him. They also spit on the UN, the Chinese, the Russians and the Arabs. It is a sad time in Israel as I look out across the Mount of Olives. There, atop the mountain in radiant, gold letters is a date: It is July 2001. A ball of light rolls from this mountain and starts a fire in the hearts of the people; and they shout:

‘Our Lord is coming!
He is coming!
He is coming!
For, it has been told!
It has been prophesied!’


Precious Child, we shall stop for today. This explains self. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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